Ace of Spades on: Why the WTC Collapse Looked Like a Controlled Demolition

From AoSHQ:

Let me get to the central stupidity of this proof, which is repeated over and over and over again — that the building looked like a building brought down by a controlled explosion.

There is a reason people say that. A simple reason, actually. I’m surprised these geniuses have never considered it.

The reason they liken it to a building brought down by controlled demolition is because they have never seen a building brought down in any other fashion. That is, their visual memory of buildings coming down is always a memory of big casino-hotels in Vegas being brought down that way. That’s what they all look like.

But have they ever seen a skyscraper that didn’t collapse due to a controlled explosion?

Here’s a possibility for the Truthers — 95% of all buildings which collapse will pancake down, one floor collapsing on to the next, just like the 9/11 buildings, whether brought down by controlled demolition or non-controlled unexpected demolition, because that is how these things tend to collapse.

They lack a contrary case — that is, in their stupid little minds they are thinking that most buildings brought down by uncontrolled explosions topple over like Lego towers, falling over to their sides (and knocking over the dinosaur toys right next to them). Thus, any building that pancakes must be brought down by controlled demolition.

That is what they are thinking. Their stupid little memories of knocking over Lego towers.

If 95% of all buildings will pancake down, no matter what brings them down, with just one in twenty falling to the side, then what kind of proof is it that the 9/11 buildings pancaked down? They would pancake down 95% of the time no matter what the cause of the demolition was.

Guys — gravity pulls down. Directly down. Unless there is a very serious force being applied to the side of a very heavy structure, 99-100% of its movement during a collapse will be directly down, not off to the side (gravity doesn’t pull to the side).

Update: Here’s One Building That Toppled Over. I said 95% because I was pretty confident this sort of fall-over was possible — but unlikely.

See also Bush Is Teh Roxxor Genius For Planning 9/11!!!.

Also, the same kind of people who think constructions can’t fall straight down, but usually topple over sideways, are often of the same bunch that pooh-poohs the idea that the walls of Jericho could topple over sideways so that people could just step over it.

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