Abortion Technicalities Bullsh*t

So, Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor monster butcher

8 counts of murder for delivering living babies, then killing them.

33 counts of illegal late-term abortions for killing them in the womb.



Via Michelle Malkin, the National Review… Exactly!

The physical location of a human being conceived five months ago may mark the difference between whether he is considered a “fetus” or an “infant,” but it cannot mark a moral difference. Nor can it make a moral difference whether this being is partly inside the womb…What difference could it possibly make whether the fetus was partly out of the birth canal when its life was ended?


From Life Site News:

Why Grisly Abortion Practitioner Kermit Gosnell Should be Acquitted

There is nothing more disgusting about pulling a baby out and killing her than there is about sticking an instrument into the womb and killing her. Why is it worse if she’s a foot away? Is the difference location? Should a few feet of space be the difference between “perfectly legal” and “first degree murder?”

It’s preposterous. The whole trial is kind of a sham. Let him go. If it’s legal a few feet to the left inside the womb, then why not just let it be legal a few feet to the right outside the womb?

Let him go. You know what, drop the charges. If I were the prosecuting attorney I’d say, “We thought about it, and we decided, y’know, if it’s legal over here, then why not let it be legal over there? If it’s legal at 24.5 weeks, then what the hell is the difference at 25 weeks? Or 33 weeks? Or a couple days after birth?”

Maybe by putting a murderer back on the street we can make our point that there already are murderers walking the streets, legally. They’re called all the abortionists.

Do we condemn Kermit Gosnell for committing abortions in a filthy, slovenly, contaminated manner? If we do, are we saying it’s okay to kill babies if you use clean instruments and don’t accidentally perforate the uterus? Is it okay to abort lots of black babies if you’re just as nice to the black mothers as you are to the white? Is it okay to kill children as long as they’re not a certain size or a certain age?

This is what the pro-abortion people are saying when they condemn Kermit Gosnell. It’s not what he did that’s the problem; it’s how he did it. It makes them look bad. They hate looking bad.

Inevitably, the PCP ends up having to admit that there are only two logical criteria for the onset of personhood: conception or birth. Any argument for some designation between these two points is purely arbitrary. By this time they’re pretty committed to holding up their defense of abortion, so they go for birth, although you can tell they don’t really like it. At which point it’s easy to show them how the same arguments for late-term abortion can be made for infanticide. This makes them feel bad, so they either become pro-life or make friends with denial.

4 Responses to “Abortion Technicalities Bullsh*t”

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  2. Aaron Crouse Says:

    aboration isnt murder the real crutch is ur losing congrents, but how do you know the are christen maybe athesist or pagan. and dont tell preacher dont tell the criminal to go out kill the doctors ou know this happens. and what pisses me off the most the ancient jews aborted babies and in the ees of god this wasnt murfer. what even more pisses me off ur force our beliefs on the masses dont think so in us separition church state and no establish belief and freedom of religion but even preching is violating my freedom of religion

  3. Zack T Says:

    Aaron wrote, “but how do you know the are christen maybe athesist or pagan. and dont tell preacher dont tell the criminal to go out kill the doctors ou know this happens.”

    what in the world is Aaron reading??? not this post, surely.

  4. Simon Thong Says:

    He is running at the mouth, dripping saliva in big drops…eh, RABID? I think he was biting his hands as he was typing and that’s why he’s incoherent.

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