No Snark This Time: Royal Malaysian Navy Stops Somali Pirates

In contrast to the embarassing non-action back in 2008, the Royal Malaysian Navy actually engaged in combat and won a proud victory!

Excerpt from The Star 22 Jan 2011:

Paskal commandos foil hijack attempt in Gulf of Aden

“MISC Emergency Reporting Centre (ERC) received a security emergency indication at about 11.37pm from MT Bunga Laurel. MISC called Bunga Laurel by phone but there were no response from the vessel,” said Adm Abdul Aziz.

“At exactly 11.40pm, Bunga Mas 5 called MISC ERC to report that Bunga Laurel had been attacked and pirates were attempting to board the ship by using skiffs. A suspected mothership was also reported in the vicinity.

“The 23 crewmen managed to assemble in the citadel (engine room). All lights were switched off and the main engines disabled,” he said, adding that the pirates’ attempt to barge into the citadel failed.

The commando team in two boats, led by Lt-Komander Maznan Said and Lt Noor Asri Roslan, were dispatched from Bunga Mas 5, located 14 nautical miles (25.9km) away, at 1.20am.

At the same time, the navy’s Fennec attack helicopter piloted by Lt Jason Solomon John provided reconnaissance and aerial cover.

Gunshots were exchanged between the pirates from the Bunga Laurel and snipers from the Bunga Mas 5 and helicopter. The pirates’ mothership attempted to move closer to Bunga Laurel but was thwarted.

Eventually, after taking heavy fire from Bunga Mas 5 and the helicopter, the pirates decided to surrender via radio.

All the pirates were captured. Three pirates suffered injuries from gunshots or splinters and given first aid, but no Malaysians were injured.

Meanwhile however, the case of a a born-again former drug addict saving his pastor edged out the above pirate-defeat for most viewed news:

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