Conservative Blogs I Frequent

Out of all the blogs and sites available out there, I’ve been regularly following these few:

Moonbattery Daily updates on the most evil, conniving, and downright idiotic things liberals across the world have been up to. Daily Open Threads encourage reader news tips (which I contribute to as well). Occassional posts celebrating countermoonbattery pushback against the Left. Almost every post will have an image or video. Strong Christian worldview.

Gateway Pundit The usual Conservative issues. Close ties with St Louis Tea Party means coverage of Tea Party protests you won’t find elsewhere. Often adds reminders linking back to earlier posts related to current issues, such as in order to point out a liberal breaking his word or the many times Democrats have assailed industry. About eevry post will have an image. Strong Christian worldview.

The Jawa Report Heavy coverage on terrorism, including relatively unknown and localized cases. Strong campaigning to flag pro-terrorist videos and sites hosted in the USA for removal. Lots of highly amusing taunting and mocking of loser terrorist-wannabes. Anything remotely Star Wars related gets a post for teh lols. The usual coverage of other Conservative and Libertarian interests. Varied worldviews from multiple contributors.

Ace of Spades HQ The usual coverage of Conservative and Libertarian interests, most posts are sparse on images and videos. Semi-regular long posts where Ace puts mocking skillz to good use. Slightly heavier economics angle than others. The Net’s latest selection of fun, cool and memetic offerings from daily and weekend Open Threads, heavy on images and videos. Varied worldviews from multiple contributors.

Michelle Malkin Showcases her weekly published columns, with selection of posts on the usual Conservative interests (currently handled by guest blogger Doug Ross). Being a good-looking Filipino American woman, the amount of racist and sexist bile thrown at her is more than enough to fill the occassional Hate Mail post. Each post in the sidebar has a thumbnail image, but not every post itself will have an image. Strong Christian worldview, and a mother.

Ann Coulter The completely politically-incorrect queen of snarky sarcasm! (Seriously, some of her sarcasm will fly over your head unless you have some familiarity with the issues and persons she’s talking about.) Site showcases her weekly published columns. Sidebar has short news bites, links or tweets accompanied by her snarky remarks on whatever news catches her interest, usually on Conservative matters. Background in Law means the occassional insight into legal aspects of an issue. Almost purely text site. Strong Christian worldview.

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