Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice – Zoey’s Tale

From Part 2 of the official Left 4 Dead comic, Zoey’s tragic introduction to the Infection is revisited.

Bare seconds after being attacked and bitten by a random Infected, the rapid-acting Infection turns Zoey’s mother into a violent, rabid monster herself. She savagely attacks Zoey’s father, and then launches herself at a shocked Zoey. Zoey’s father stops the attack with a gunshot to Infected mom’s head.

But Zoey’s dad has already been bitten by Infected mom…

The tragedy is compounded when weeks later, a doctor researching the outbreak reveals that resistance to the Infection is carried by the father, most likely meaning that immunity from becoming a crazed living zombie is recessive the way that colourblindness is.

Susceptibility to the Infection must be a dominant trait carried on the X chromosome.

Since Zoey is immune, that means both her X chromosomes must carry the recessive immunity. Therefore she inherited one X chromosome with the recessive immunity from her mother (whose other X chromosome has the dominant susceptibility, hence mom’s turning Infected)… And one from her father.

Which means her father wouldn’t have turned Infected.

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3 Responses to “Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice – Zoey’s Tale”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Just read the whole comic for The Sacrifice… Pretty cool… enjoyed the jokes…
    Enjoyed seeing the different Zombie Specials come into the picture…
    I’m shocked how Smoker can pummel someone til the brain spills out…\ I always see him as…. slapping… us.. to death…….. Yeah.. haha

    Hunter was cool…. Boomer was fun… Tanks were imba….. and the witch was awesome!! XD

  2. Nicole Maria Says:

    lallllllllallalalalalalalaalala zoey is a idkfi

  3. Nicole Maria Says:

    i like the comic! NICE!

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