Funny, Cool and Other Left 4 Dead 2 Stories

The following are from my own experiences playing Left 4 Dead 2 (mostly Versus online), or those shared by others. Updated as I play more!

You can also get some stories of games at TV Tropes: Troper Tales.

LAST UPDATE: 20 March 2011


Above: Click for larger. Now this is cool. Pretty self-explanatory, but Charger grabbed one guy to somewhere lonely and around the same time, one more got incapped with two buddies near him – he and one standing guy were Boomer vomited whose horde caused the incap. I as Hunter then spawned and pounced in their general direction and managed to land on the non-Boomered, non-incapped one. Then Smoker snared the last guy. All without proper coordination or planning, for this gem of a screencap!

The same game but one stage prior, I Jockeyed Nick round a truck trailer and managed to keep it between him and Ellis. 13 second ride. When I got meleed off, I ran around the same trailer. Pounce cooldowned and I rode again. Then I got knocked off. Then I rode one more time with red health!

In Dead Center part 1: Hotel, we were doing okay as the Survivors. Then the player using Rochelle managed to run past and push two of us off the window ledge so we were left hanging! When the remaining two came back for us, Smoker pulled one to hang on the ledge and Charger sent Rochelle flying completely off the stage. gg!

In The Parish (I forget which stage), I patiently waited as Charger – aimed right for a crying Witch. Finally the Nick player came running out of the door from the narrow alley alone, and MOOOOOO! Charged him right into the barrier next to the Witch. She got startled and started ripping into him while my Charger did his smashing… And then someone Boomer vomited on him! I think both my Charger and the Witch got killed shortly after by the other Survivors, but Nick still ended up dead within ten seconds!

But I was outdone… In the same session, The Parish part 5: Bridge (notoriously deadly to Survivors!), I Smoked a Survivor while his two remaining buddies ran ahead. Suddenly I saw the outlines of Charger ramming into the two – one went flying off the bridge and the other got pounded. Two kills!

On The Parish part 5: Bridge again, I had the good fortune to get Charger at the start. Seeing as the starting sequence is quite long, I went for a quick visit to the toilet. When I got back, the game had already started and I was too far from the Survivors! (Press E.) I spawned behind a truck to their rear and just as I started moving to them, I saw their outlines turn purple from a Boomer attack. What luck! The blinded survivors were all together as I plowed through them, grabbed Ellis, and took us both flying into a hole in the bridge and down into the water. The rest died before I could respawn lol.

We were Survivors, I must have joined a long-running rematch since it was Dead Center first stage but my team was down hundreds of points. Anyway, I picked up the Grenade Launcher. At one point not even up to the gun store yet, two Survivors had been incapped by Specials and damage, and one just got Boomered and incapped by the summoned horde. I had the Launcher and a Katana, so what the heck… I lobbed a grenade at the mobbed guy. BOOM! Immediately got the Dismemberment Plan achievement – wow, there were 15+ zombies on him? One of the players responded “Great going, you finished us” lol! But since they were all incapped anyway, my grenade didn’t really hurt them in the long run. And then we actually made it all the way to the end of the map alive!

Playing on some weird server where the game would suddenly load a new campaign, and there was this annoying high-pitched little girl-like voice over someone’s mic mocking whenever an Infected hit (e.g. “Jockey Jockey haha kena Jockey”) who wouldn’t stop. Anyway, the map switched to Dead Center – Hotel, and I took an axe. Shortly into the game, I startled a Witch. With only a melee weapon, I decided to run for it – thru a room, close the door behind me, out onto a window ledge, thru another room, close the door, and I was back in the corridor. I didn’t want to be alone and a sitting duck in Versus, so I opened a door to a nearer room than the one I had just left and went to the window, and the same Witch ran in off the ledge and incapped me! Strangely, just a few shots from my Pistol took her down (maybe my allies had been shooting her), but I quit anyway because of the aforementioned oddness of the server.


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11 Responses to “Funny, Cool and Other Left 4 Dead 2 Stories”

  1. Vinsant Says:

    I love playing Bridge in cybercafes. Playing with friends and knowing they’ll just charge and leave all men behind, as a jockey I hid in between trucks at the start of the level. As the survivors surged forward Elliot lagged a little behind. When I got him, I managed to drag him all the way back to the starting area, and the survivors well and truly got slaughtered.

    My crowning achievement (and your normal commentator Zack can testify to this) is first map of Parish, where the survivors come off the docks? I waited patiently for the team of noobs to congregate there and plowed all three of them into the water while pummeling the unfortunate and helpless Nick into a pulp. Instant KO.

  2. Zack T Says:

    Hey, Vinsant!

    And yes, I testify to witnessing that… but I guess that has to do with my previously mentioning witnessing such an event when playing online myself.. haha..
    Instant KO at the beginning of the game before I even spawned…. haha.

    I love playing the Bridge stage in Parish too. Haha.

    I’ve had a few cool and victorious survivor moments…

    One in particular was when playing the map with the amusement park, where we have to activate the roller coaster.
    Four survivors (mostly in red or yellow, except me, still green).
    Roller coaster activated…. The moment the door opened, I rushed ahead, followed by one other. Other two got downed and killed almost immediately.
    Despite the swarming zombies and occasional specials in my path, I managed to reach the controls to turn off the noise… I stayed in the room while defending myself from the zombies, followed by a boomer puke, while hoping for the other limping survivor to catch up..
    But my second instinct warned me to go ahead before other specials catch up as well, so after clearing most of the swarm, I rushed ahead, life was yellow now and I’m limping, no time for healing.

    Then the sound of a hunter echoed…. but he caught the other limping survivor. I managed to free him from the other side through the wall and continued on, before a smoker or a jockey caught him again. This time, there was nothing I can do and I pushed forward..
    My friends on the Infected team seemed for a moment oblivious of my nearing end… and by the time they realized I was not to be seen, I cleared the last zombie in my path and entered the safe room and shut it.

    Epic victory moment.. hahaah!

  3. Scott Thong Says:

    4 for 1, boooootiful man. There should be an achievement for this!

    Yeah Zack, more than once the healthy Survivors have chosen to leave the incapped ones behind slowly bleeding to death while the Special and Tank players taunt them to come out of the end Safe Room.

  4. Zack T Says:

    In my case, I’m the only healthy Survivor… and others have been down repeatedly… haha.
    And I don’t remember whether I did have any medical supply (adrenaline or pills or medkit), but I do have the tendency to sacrifice my medkit for others (because amongst my group of friends, I’m the hardest for them to beat. =P )

    Another one, not done by me, but my friend.

    it’s the first campaign map, in the Hotel.
    You know how some corridors have open windows that reach from the floor to the ceilling, and are usually located directly opposite the doors of the hotel rooms (which usually have doors that are closed).
    My friend, with a Charger, hid in one of the rooms (ahead of the Survivors)… smashed opened the closed door, and waited for the survivors to get to where he was (they had to eventually).
    One came (Rochelle I believe, not sure) and out came Charger and out the window they both went.
    Instant kill. Hahaha.

  5. Scott Thong Says:

    Lol, I had that happen to me on the first long corridor that you step into from the ‘safe area’ door at the start. The window at the opposite end is big enough to fall out off, and a Charger knocked me out of it.

  6. goforit Says:

    Real life Subway food fight

  7. Simon Thong Says:

    Oh, I thought you meant a food fight at Subway, the No 1 fast food restaurant chain the world! I had a Subway sandwich, selection no 6 (turkey and beef)…no time to think about fighting, haha.

  8. Francisco Rodriquez Says:

    My mom pawned my xbox 360 and i was crying

  9. Francisco Rodriquez Says:


  10. Phil Pallot Says:

    Slightly unrelated, but still funny. Last night I was in the motel on the top floor. A hunter was waiting several feet from me and as it pounced I went to punch it, but as I was next to a door, I actually slammed the hunter in the face with the door, then again, then again, then left the door open and shot the hunter in the face through the hole in the door. Hahahahaha! Death by door!

  11. Scott Thong Says:

    lawl, great emergent behaviour!

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