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Dr M Double Standard in Practically the Same Breath

March 10, 11

Now I know that racism and hypocrisy run in UMNOputras’ blood, and this fellow is a king of sandiwara, but come on – this is just blatant.

On a tip from wits0, via Malaysia Chronicle, first he says:

I talked about this in response to certain people who claim that the Malays are as much immigrants as the Chinese and Indians.

And straight away after he says:

Some Malays are obviously descended from people who came to the Malay Peninsular from the Indonesian islands, India and the Arabian Peninsular.

Having come here they were assimilated after they identified themselves completely with the Malays by adopting the Malay language, their customs and traditions and by being Muslims.

This is a common phenomenon. In America, Australia, Latin America, the later immigrants accepted the languages of their adopted country as their mother tongue as well as the culture.

After doing this they no longer think of themselves as being of their original country. They are Americans, Australians and Argentinians period. We don’t hear them claiming to be German Americans, Portuguese Australians or Italian Argentinians, even though they or their ancestors came from these countries.

Malays are Malays and it is mischievous to suggest that when asked about their race they would say they are Bugis or Javanese. It is only if they are asked where their ancestors came from that they would say Celebes or Java. Otherwise they are just Malays.

If you ask me I would reply that I am a Malay. I would not say I am a Malay or Malaysian of ethnic Indian origin. My mother tongue and home language is Malay, my culture and tradition is Malay and I am a Muslim. The constitution defines a Malay as a person who habitually speaks Malay, practices Malay custom and tradition and is a Muslim.

Hello? Then why are not the Chinese and Indians who have been here for generations, born and bred, learning and speaking Malay from Primary school or even earlier. Why are they not similarly considered local Malaysians – bumiputera even?

In America and Europe, all immigrants – even diehard layabouts who want to transform the West into another Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Pakistan (then why bother emigrating in the first place?), by force if necessary – are treated as full citizens once they have been approved, regardless of how recently they set down their roots.

As even he himself states:

The constitution defines a Malay as a person who habitually speaks Malay, practices Malay custom and tradition and is a Muslim.

Being Malay has nothing to do with genetics!

So it doesn’t matter who one’s forefathers were.

And to close with his own words one more time:

We have read the fable of the thief who shouted “thief”! The racists are the same. They shout racist at others to distract from their own racism.

Physician, self, medicate.

You know where the Chinese are already considered ‘bumiputera’?

African Bumiputra

Uh huh, that’s right. Apartheid, where for art thou? (Rhetorical question, we all know exactly where.)


UPDATE: Even better! Now he claims that Orang Asli have no more rights than Malays! So the Chinese and Indians who came to this land slightly later are not as ‘indigenous’ as Malays, but Malays are every bit as indigenous as the Negrito and Senoi who have been here tens of thousands of years before anyone else!

Unmatchable genius thinking!!!1one!! /sarc

On a tip from hutchrun.

PS. In that article he says:

“If we consider that the Orang Asli have more rights to claim Malaysia as their own then we should acknowledge and respect the rights of the Red Indians, the Maoris, the Australian aborigines and all the other aborigines to be given back the land we now call America, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

So I wonder if he would agree with giving the land of Israel back to the Jews who lived there thousands of years before the 1946 War of Independence?

Or even if it’s taken the other way around:

Dr Mahathir, who was PM from 1981 to 2003, also said that while the Aztecs and Mayans had established governments in South America before Europeans settled in the region, their Spanish and Portuguese conquerors were now considered as natives of the land.

He said that Malaysia’s former colonial masters — the British, Portuguese and Dutch — recognised the Malay states and signed treaties with them.

Okay, so the Malays became dominant in this part of the world and the European colonials recognized them as the current rightful occupants.

So applying this to Israel, ‘might makes right’ and if the Jews defeat their enemies (as they have done over and over and over again), then they own the land now! Right, Dr M?

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