NST Letters: Good on NATO, America for Saving Libyan Lives


From NST Letters:

Libya: Action meant to save lives
HASSAN TALIB, Gombak, Selangor

Should the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation be blamed for the so-called interference in Libyan affairs to save innocent lives?

MUAMMAR Gaddafi says what is happening in Libya is an internal problem and outsiders have no business to interfere in the internal affairs of Libya.

The moral question before us is this: should the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) get embroiled in the Libyan crisis ?

Libya does not exist in isolation. No country lives in isolation.

In the global village where the United Nations is the umbrella to all countries, Libya has an obligation to observe the UN charter on human rights.

A big segment of the Libyan population decided to take up arms against Gaddafi after 42 years as their titular leader. Surely, the ordinary people must have a strong reason to rise up against their own leader.

Should the world just watch and become bystanders to see innocent people being slaughtered by their own government?

A peaceful demonstration to express their frustration was met with live bullets. We are not in the age of barbarians where the rule of the jungle is supreme over human lives?

By right, what happened in Libya should be handled by the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).

But OIC is just that: “Oh, I see!”

There is nothing much OIC can do because it is fragmented, save for the usual hard-hitting rhetoric.

Can we blame Nato for the so-called interference in Libyan affairs to save innocent lives?

Nato must have taken into account the sensitivities of Muslim countries. That is why Nato insists that Arab countries must be part of a UN-sanctioned international force against Libya.

On television, we see ordinary citizens, deemed to be rebels, displaying American flags to show gratitude to the Americans for saving their lives against the well-equipped military of Gaddafi.

Or is this American propaganda? Only those affected in Libya can tell the truth.

It is indeed sad to see Libyans fighting against Libyans. Who is to be blamed for this catastrophe?

The usual stunt is to blame external forces. Seldom does a weak leader blame himself for the mess he created. He would rather cling to power at all cost, even to the extent of seeing his country and people go down the drain.

Indeed nothing is too big a sacrifice in the name of freedom, human dignity and self-esteem. And that is what a big segment of the Libyan people are fighting for.

In Malaysia, we are blessed to have a good life although it may not be perfect.

Let us be grateful, for many people in other developing countries are not so fortunate, Libya being one of them.

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