349 Spams in One Night

I clear out all my spam almost daily, and did so yesterday.

So that means that 349 spam comments were caught by Akismet in one night instead of the usual five to ten!

What gives? And yes, I scanned through all of them – not one legitimate comment among them.

PS. As I am posting this, the spam has grown to 356 357 359 363 + 54 +20.

The previous line was from 13 May.

By 16 May, 678 more spams.

By 18 May, 519 more spams.

By 14 June, 3780 more spams (189 pages of comments in Admin)


3 Responses to “349 Spams in One Night”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Ya got struck by a spam bot somehow?

  2. wits0 Says:

    The right take gets a lotta spams, needless to say. đŸ˜€

  3. J Says:

    Yeah, some spambot hit OR someone of your friends / contacts may have had a virus hit THEM, pull your address out of their address books and then propagate it to spam lists.

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