Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

UPDATE 29 August 2011: A follow up letter to this has been published, Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics.


Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Free Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky



Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Text from the my original, with added links:

Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

Ordinary Malaysians are getting fed up of neverending sex allegations against Anwar Ibrahim. This strikes a chord with me – it reminds me of a parallel situation that has been unfolding in the USA over the past three years.

The Big Government article ‘MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her’ describes how the liberal-dominated mainstream media in America constantly shines a sickly spotlight on Sarah Palin.

The MSM parades, mocks and lambasts every minute detail that is even remotely connected to Palin, including the personal lives of her children.

The reason for this constant noise, according to the article, is that U.S. Democrats and their allies fear the impact she has on the political scene – even as they belittle her as wholly inconsequential and not worth a second thought.

After all, Palin turned Obama’s 2008 impending landslide against McCain into a mere majority of votes.

Until Palin, 45, burst onto the scene, Obama was headed for a Nixon/McGovern landslide. Palin may not have changed the election result, but she killed what otherwise would have been a rout… The biggest red flag proving her popularity with normal Americans is that liberals won’t shut up about her. The 2009 TIME 100, Heroes & Icons: Sarah Palin, TIME Magazine 30 April 2009

She has made Senators, Congresspersons and Governors out of underdogs by endorsing them in the 2010 U.S. elections.

Sarah Palin seems to have the magic touch when it comes to her endorsements. According to the NYT her record so far is 24-5 which is an amazing achievement… Her endorsement alone seems enough to get people to take a second look at candidates and reconsider their votes. So she’s building up a lot of good will and political IOUs – all of which would be very helpful for a 2012 run. Sarah Palin – Political Kingmaker, Ace of Spades HQ, 30 July 2010

The year of the “Mama Grizzlies”, Michelle Malkin, 8 July 2010

With just a Facebook posting criticizing Obama’s policies, she has gotten the U.S. President and Robert Gibbs leaping to respond – on national TV, no less.

His voice dripping with exasperation, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said to me one July afternoon in his office: “If I would have told you that I could open up a Facebook account or a Twitter account, simply post quotes, and have the White House asked about those, and to have the entire White House press corps focused on your quote of the day on Facebook — that’s Sarah Palin. She tweets one thing, and all of a sudden you’ve got a room full of people that want to know…” The New York Times, 17 Nov 2010

If you thought the exact opposite of Sarah Palin, then Congratulations! You’ve been dutifully following the MSM. According to them, Palin is just a retro-hairstyled bimbo who sees Russia from her house and thinks North and South Korea are the same. (Recently, some our own local MSM pundits have not been innocent of this either – you know who you are.)

And then there is Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate in 2008. Besides her retro hairdo and family issues, her main claim to stardom has been her self-proclaimed experience in foreign policy for supposedly being able to see Russia from her Alaskan backyard.

Unfortunately, the Korean peninsula seemed just a little out of reach. She could not tell the difference between North and South Korea.

She was roundly credited for helping candidate Barack Obama win the presidency. In hoping to run for the presidency herself, the Republican Party’s stab at the presidency could self-destruct upon her nomination.

Only re-election on Obama’s mind now by BUNN NAGARA, The Star 15 May 2011

Surround her with as much triviality as possible, and the American public will grow sick of even the mention of her name. They will think of her only as a joke. “Sarah Palin? That airhead? You can’t be serious!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about her.

This strikes me as exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim.

There are those who fear Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of Pakatan Rakyat – if not the de facto leader – even as they portray him as a sidelined, has-been, depraved lackey of America and Israel.

Surround him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public will grow sick of even the mention of his name. They will equate him only with dirty jokes. “Anwar Ibrahim? Maybe he can still win the next election if he suddenly comes from behind, ha ha ha! Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about him.

Just try this experiment out: Ask the next armchair pundit you meet if they know what Anwar Ibrahim’s economic, social and governance recommendations for the country are. The sex allegations have so permeated the atmosphere around Anwar that they have crowded out any serious discussion about him as a real political leader.

That is why sex videos featuring men who look nothing like Anwar are being bandied about. Who cares if no one is convinced it is really him caught on tape, as long as they keep talking about it and nothing else! Tomorrow another ‘whistleblowing insider’ could even release a sex tape featuring only women, and still claim it features Anwar Ibrahim!

The late community organizer Saul Alinsky is a major influence on Barack Obama’s philosophy. In Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals, Rule 12 describes how to delegitimize an opponent: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

[[Note: I left out the last line originally.]]

You tell me if this does not describe exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim now.

Malaysia has truly ‘matured’ politically if we are using underhanded tactics on par with the experienced Americans. Sadly, this is not something to be proud of.


Check out the comments at the sites. Apparently many of the commentors totally fail to see the irony of their bashing Sarah Palin based on what they read from the MSM, in the comments section of a letter explaining how the MSM’s coverage of Sarah Palin is misguided.

The Malaysiakini letter referred to in the Malaysiakini version is here. It was the final spur that got me to writing the letter. The first was a certain OMY who casually mentioned Sarah Palin (mixing her up with former Miss Universe’s goof), the second was the aforelinked Bunn Nagara hit piece.

UPDATE: And here Sarah sticks it back at the liberal MSM during her bus tour!

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14 Responses to “Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky”

  1. Ron Says:

    REPENT!!! Your nation is a cesspool of sin and has been damned by God Almighty!!

  2. Ron Says:


  3. Ron Says:

    Why we laugh at Sarah Palin:

  4. wits0 Says:

    (even I know how to pronounce the 2 words!)

  5. Ronson Says:

    “Death Camp of Tolerance” episode of South Park.

    This is the one where class teacher Mr. Garrison attempts to get himself fired for being gay by shoving the class gerbil Lemmiwinks into Mr. Slave’s “tight a$$.” When the schoolchildren complain about this they are sent to a “Tolerance camp” where screaming SS-type guards force them to draw pictures of “people of all colors and creeds holding hands beneath a rainbow.”
    Meanwhile, back at school, Mr. Garrison wins a Courageous Teacher Award for overcoming adversity.
    Why don’t liberals laugh very much at that episode.

  6. Ronson Says:

    “Why we laugh at Sarah Palin” – Ron

    Liberals would laugh at Sarah for anything, and many should be in straitjackets.
    Sarah`s perspective is quite right when today`s liberals themselves do not understand nuances. If Paul Revere was going around shouting “The British Are Coming”, surely the Brits would have heard it also. And if Paul Revere did not shout, there were many informers.
    Ron must learn more on American history to note that many then Americans sided with the Brits and even fought for the Brits.
    Of course, just as the freedom fighters then were warned, so too were the Brits informed.

  7. Et Tu Bono Says:

    ‘Bono claims to care about the developing world, but U2 greedily indulges in the very kind of tax avoidance that is crippling poor nations.

    ‘We will be showing the very real impact of U2’s tax avoidance on hospitals and schools in Ireland. Anyone watching will be made very aware that Bono needs to pay up.’–avoiding-tax.html#ixzz1OSV5F3m4

  8. ticonderoga Says:

    “Of course, just as the freedom fighters then were warned, so too were the Brits informed.” – Ronson

    Ron has historical evidence only deaf british soldiers fought in the American War of Independance. This was the main reason why they lost it, if they could hear it would have been a different story.

  9. wits0 Says:

    U2’s Sony Bono should have used a better name rather than confuse us with Sonny Bono of the Cher’s sixties era.

    David Copperfield the illusionist could have refrained from taking that name from Charles Dickens too.

    Maybe the common Ammies of today are too poorly educated in history and literature.

  10. wits0 Says:

    Correction, that U2’s nut didn’t have “Sony” to his name.

    Cher’s husband, Sonny Bono was murdered.

  11. wits0 Says:

    ” Less known, obviously, is the rest of the evening’s events in which Revere was captured by said redcoats and did indeed defiantly warn them of the awakened militia awaiting their arrival ahead and of the American Revolution’s inevitable victory. ”

    Another source:

    “Paul Revere was taken prisoner and during his interrogation deliberately provided greatly inflated numbers of militiamen awaiting the British at Concord. ”


    How is it that we foreigners have to tell ya about American history?!

  12. Ron Says:

    He who warned, uh, the British that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms uh by ringing those bells and making sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be secure and we were going to be free and we were going to be armed. Sarah Palin

    In Revere’s own words:

    In the fall of 1774 and the winter of 1775, I was one of upwards of thirty, chiefly mechanics, who formed ourselves into a committee for the purpose of watching the movements if the British soldiers, and gaining every intelligence of the movements of the Tories. We held our meetings at the Green Dragon tavern. We were so careful that our meetings be kept secret that every time we met, every person swore upon the Bible that they would not discover any of our transactions but to Messrs. Hancock, Adams, Doctors Warren, Church and one or two more.

    …In the winter, towards the spring, we frequently took turns, two and two, to watch the soldiers by patrolling the streets all night. The Saturday night preceding the 19th of April, about 12 o’clock at night, the boats belonging to the transports were all launched and carried under the sterns of the men-of-war. (They had been previously hauled up and repaired.) We likewise found that the grenadiers and light infantry were all taken off duty.

    From these movements we expected something serious was to be transacted. On Tuesday evening, the 18th, it was observed that a number of soldiers were marching towards the bottom of the Common. About 10 o’clock, Dr. Warren sent in great haste for me and begged that I immediately set off for Lexington, where Messrs. Hancock and Adams were, and acquaint them of the movement, and that it was thought they were the objects.

    When I got to Dr. Warren’s house, I found he had sent an express by land to Lexington–a Mr. William Daws. The Sunday before, by desire of Dr. Warren, I had been to Lexington, to Messrs. Hancock and Adams, who were at the Rev. Mr. Clark’s. I returned at night through Charlestown; there I agreed Colonel Conant and some other gentlemen that if the British went out by water, we would show two lanthorns in the north church steeple; and if by land, one, as a signal; for we were apprehensive it would be difficult to cross the Charles River or to get over Boston Neck. I left Dr. Warren, called upon a friend and desired him to make the signals.

    I then went home, took my boots and surtout, went to the north part of the town, where I had kept a boat; two friends rode me across the Charles River, a little to the eastward where the Somerset man-of-war lay. It was then young flood, the ship was winding, and the moon was rising. They landed me in the Charlestown side. When I got into town, I met Colonel Conant and several others; they said they had seen our signals. I told them what was acting, and went to get me a horse; I got a horse off Deacon Larkin. While the horse was preparing, Richard Devens, Esq., who was one of the Committee of Safety, came to me and told me that he came down the road from Lexington after sundown that evening; that he met ten British Officers, all well mounted, and armed, going up the road.

    I set off upon a very good horse; it was then about eleven o’clock and very pleasant. After I had passed Charlestown Neck, I saw two men on horse back under a tree. When I got near them, I discovered they were British Officers. One tried to get ahead of me, and the other to take me. I turned my horse very quick and galloped towards Charlestown Neck, and then pushed for the Medford road. The one who chased me, endeavoring to cut me off, got into a clay pond where Mr. Russell’s Tavern in now built. I got clear of him, and went through Medford, over the bridge and up to Menotomy. In Medford, I awaked the Captain of the minute men; and after that, I alarmed almost every house, till I got to Lexington. I found Messrs. Hancock and Adams at the Reverend Mr. Clarks; I told them my errand and enquired for Mr. Daws; they said he had not been there; I related the story of the two officers, and supposed that he must have been stopped, as he ought to have been there before me.

    After I had been there about a half an hour, Mr. Daws came; we refreshed ourselves, and set off for Concord. We were overtaken by a Dr. Prescott, whom we found to be a high Son of Liberty. I told of the ten officers that Mr. Devens met, and that it was probable we might be stopped before we got to Concord; for I suppose that after night they divided themselves, and that two of them fixed themselves in such passages as were most likely to stop any intelligence going to Concord. I likewise mentioned that had better alarm all the inhabitants till we got to Concord. The young doctor much approved of it and said he would stop with either of us, for the people between that and Concord knew him and would give the more credit to what we said.

    We had got nearly half way. Mr. Daws and the doctor stopped to alarm the people of a house. I was about one hundred rods ahead when I saw two men in nearly the same situation as those officers were near Charlestown. I called for the doctor and Mr.Daws to come up. In an instant I was surrounded by four. They had placed themselves in a straight road that inclined each way; they had taken down a pair of bars on the north side of the road, and two of them were under a tree in the pasture. The doctor being foremost, he came up and we tried to get past them; but they being armed with pistols and swords, they forced us into the pasture. The doctor jumped his horse over a low stone wall and got to Concord.

    I observed a wood at a small distance and made for that. When I got there, out started six officers on horseback and ordered me to dismount. One of them, who appeared to have the command, examined me, where I came from and what my name was. I told him. He asked me if I was an express. I answered in the affirmative. He demanded what time I left Boston. I told him, and added that their troops had catched aground in passing the river, and that there would be five hundred Americans there in a short time, for I had alarmed the country all the way up. He immediately rode towards those who stopped us, when all five of them came down upon a full gallop. One of them, whom I afterwards found to be a Major Mitchel, of the 5th Regiment, clapped his pistol to my head, called me by name and told me he was going to ask me some questions, and if I did not give him true answers, he would blow my brains out. He then asked me similar questions to those above. He then ordered me to mount my horse, after searching me for arms. He then ordered them to advance and to lead me in front. When we had got about one mile, the major rode up to the officer that was leading me, and told him to give me to the sergeant. As soon as he took me, the major ordered him, if I attempted to run, or anybody insulted them, to blow my brains out.

    We rode till we got near Lexington meeting-house, when the militia fired a volley of guns, which appeared to alarm them very much. The major inquired of me how far it was to Cambridge, and if there were any other road. After some consultation, the major rode up to the sergeant and asked if his horse was tired. He answered him he was- he was a sergeant of grenadiers and had a small horse. “Then,” said he, “take that man’s horse.” I dismounted, and the sergeant mounted my horse, when they all rode towards Lexington meeting-house.

    I went across the burying-ground and some pastures and came to the Rev. Mr. Clark’s house, where I found Messrs. Hancock and Adams. I told them of my treatment, and they concluded to go from that house towards Woburn. I went with them and a Mr. Lowell, who was a clerk to Mr. Hancock.

    When we got to the house where they intended to stop, Mr. Lowell and myself returned to Mr. Clark’s, to find what was going on. When we got there, an elderly man came in; he said he had just come from the tavern, that a man had come from Boston who said there were no British troops coming. Mr. Lowell and myself went towards the tavern, when we met a man on a full gallop, who told us the troops were coming up the rocks. We afterwards met another, who said they were close by. Mr. Lowell asked me to go to the tavern with him, to get a trunk of papers belonging to Mr. Hancock. We went up chamber, and while we were getting the trunk, we saw the British very near, upon a full march. We hurried towards Mr. Clark’s house. In our way we passed through the militia. There were about fifty. When we had got about one hundred yards from the meeting-house, the British troops appeared on both sides of the meeting-house. In their front was an officer on horseback. They made a short halt; when I saw, and heard, a gun fired, which appeared to be a pistol. Then I could distinguish two guns, and then a continual roar of musketry; when we made off with the trunk.

    Not one mention of sending out warning shots or ringing of bells as he rode through the towns. Nor did he ride to “warn the British” — he rode to alert the Patriot forces of advancing British troops. And overstating the number of militiamen after capture wasn’t a warning, so much as a calculated strategy to reduce the regiment’s morale.

  13. slam dunk Says:

    I am laughing at Ron.
    Liberal Guru Michael More said “White Men Are Stupid”.
    This white man is not only stupid, but a lying idiot:

    “Rep. Weiner admits lies, won’t resign After initial denials, the congressman admits he posted lewd photos of himself online.
    Call for ethics probe.”

  14. The Mystery of the Delay in the Investigation of the Defamation case involving Lim Guan Eng’s son… | weehingthong Says:

    […] First letter: Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky […]

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