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Separated at Birth? Ctopus O. and Michelle O.

May 24, 11

In the best, long-running tradition of and Michelle‘s Frighteningly Bad Fashion :

Click for larger.

Moonbattery puts it best:

Considering the way the creatures in the White House are always reaching with more hands than you can keep track of to snatch away our money and our liberties, no one should be surprised to learn that the Bitter Half is twin sister to an octopus

First Lady of Fashion? Mo’ like Worst Lady of Fashion, zing!

Michelle on the right spotted at The Jawa Report, original from Daily Mail UK.

Wholly innocent octopus on the left from The Marine Life Index.

Chrono Tigger

May 24, 11

Chrono Tigger

Click the image above to view the full size at Halolz.

I’m sure I’ve seen the original Chrono Trigger artwork with that same same pose. If anyone has it or knows the link, tip me please!

Ash and Brock, Bros 4EVA!!!

May 24, 11

Ash and Brock Pokemon best bros friends forever

Click the image above to view the original full comic.

Mario & Sonic Go Swimming

May 24, 11

Mario & Sonic Go Swimming

Click the image above to view the full original comic.

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