Kota Tinggi is Main Entry Point for Illegal Immigrants in Johor

I posted before that Johor is a gateway for illegal immigrants who are likely involved in criminal activities.

Here’s more on that from The Star June 4 2011:

More cops to patrol Kota Tinggi

JOHOR BARU: The marine police unit will increase its presence in Kota Tinggi which has been regularly used as the landing point of illegal immigrants.

The district has nine of the 27 routes – locally known as laluan tikus (rat trail) – in the state which are used by human trafficking syndicates to bring in or take out illegal immigrants. The most popular spots are in Tanjung Ayam and Penawar.

Up to June this year, the unit has arrested 299 illegal immigrants of which 230 landed in Kota Tinggi.

The new Marine Police Region 2 commander Asst Comm Zainul Abidin Hasan said that the syndicates’ modus operandi was to constantly change their landing spots.

“The syndicates, which are usually headed by Malaysians, will use rivers or coastal areas along these routes,” he said at a press conference.

ACP Zainul said that apart from illegal immigrants, the syndicates also smuggled contraband cigarettes and liquor.

One Response to “Kota Tinggi is Main Entry Point for Illegal Immigrants in Johor”

  1. khan Says:

    NAME: Nalla Thambi Srinivasan

    DATE OF BIRTH:17/5/1980


    PASS PORT NO:B5871806

    DATE OF ISSUE:27/8/2001

    DATE OF EXPIRY:26/8/2011

    81900,KOTA TINGGI
    H/P NO:

    Dear sir,
    Nalla thambi srinivasan nationality india.past 7years working in malaysia.now he is stay kota tinggi working at BEYONICS TECHNOLOGY(FLAIRIS).He is dont have pass port and work permit.stay in illigal.Basically nalla thambi uneducated person.Dont have any certificate school and collage is also…..

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