Utusan Melayu Completes Metastasizing Into Pharisees – Now Preaching at Us Like Shameless Hypocrites

Maclean Patrick of the Malaysian Chronicle points out the two-faced, schizophrenic, plain-old shamelessness that Spew-tusan is showing!

Excerpts from Malaysia Chronicle 7 June 2011:

The split personality of Utusan Malaysia
Written by Maclean Patrick, Malaysia Chronicle

Utusan Malaysia has proven itself as being the sorriest excuse for a newspaper – ever.

It is one inflicted with split-personality, a point proven by its editorial – “Reject groups stoking religious and racial issues”.

“No compromise should be given to these groups that play with racial and religious issues. If they still continue then stern action must be taken. Like it or not, preventive and corrective measures must be taken.

“It is true by closing one’s eyes and hoping for unity without any pro-active measures by the government and community leaders from each race will only promise tragedy,” Utusan sagely said in its editorial.

Coming from the very establishment that called on UMNO to spearhead a “1 Melayu, 1 Bumi” movement, this about-turn reeks of the terminal mental disease that DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang recently accused the paper of having.

This is the same organisation which propogated the lie that DAP along with Christian Pastors were bent on installing a Christian Prime Minister. An accusation denied by both DAP and the Pastors in question and a matter that has fallen into a state of perpetual investigation by the police.

If there is to be no compromise shown against any group for stoking racial and religious issues, then Utusan Malaysia and likes of Perkasa should be the first to kept under lock and key for their own good. Their mental instability will wreak havoc and destroy the very fabric of Malaysian society.

Was it not these two delinquents who singled out themselves as being the voice of the Malays?

Shameless in their actions to germinate the seed of xenophobia among peace loving Malaysians, Utusan Malaysia is now telling everyone else how to behave.

Utusan Malaysia clearly has no shame what so ever. A mirror of its owners who believe in constantly insulting the intelligence of Malaysians.

“If this issue continues to be played then Malaysia will be inherited by a generation that is divided because they will be constantly disputing issues involving race and religion,” Utusan further added.

On one hand it talks about championing the cause of the Malay community, yet on the other hand, it screams headlines aimed to scare the Malays into a perpetual state of “us against the world”. Can the Malays grow under such ‘tender, loving care’?

See also the cases in point:

It’s just like all the times that UMNO politicians tell us all to stop being racist.

(Count the number of links in that last line.)

One Response to “Utusan Melayu Completes Metastasizing Into Pharisees – Now Preaching at Us Like Shameless Hypocrites”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Utusan is the constant reminder to all regarding what true blue Umnoputraism means!

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