Marina Mahathir: Protesting Sneaky BN Good, Deposing Murderous Saddam Bad!

Excerpt from The Star 20 July 2011:

The polarised world of politics
By Marina Mahathir

The people who went to Bersih 2.0 are Malaysians who will forever feel united and bound to each other because of that experience. Some may have been politicians and NGOs but so many more were just people of every race, religion, age and creed.

Perhaps we should take another leaf from Sept 11. In the wake of the death and destruction wreaked by the US government to avenge the World Trade Centre deaths, some of the families of those who died, horrified by such violent vengeance, started an NGO called Not In Our Name.

I said it before about this Malaysiakini letter writer who similarly marched against the invasion of Iraq and then marched in Bersih, and I’ll say it again about Ms Marina:

You support demonstrations against the over-reactive Malaysian government who deploy tear gas and chemical-laced water cannon… Yet you consider morally deplorable the act of overthrowing the Iraqi dictator who far more brutally slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen?

No, really… You feel BN manipulates elections and deserves a protest, but you don’t agree that a real unprovoked warmonger who sponsored torture, rape and chemical attacks on civilians deserved to be ousted with any more force than the usual UN-stamped letter of complaint?

I mean, try imagining a What-If scenario where BN turns full-on despotic dictator tyrant and starts slaughtering protestors on the streets, then invades Singapore which causes the UN to impose life-strangling sanctions on all of us. Ten years of this later, would you hail President Sarah Palin’s ‘Operation Trash BN’ invasion force as oppressors, or liberators? And when some former UMNO Youth hotheads respond by blowing us up in hospitals, schools. markets and mosques so that they can be the new bosses once the Americans leave in disgust, would you support the US Marines who shield you from shrapnel with their very bodies, or the Khairy-hideen suicide squads?

That ‘warmonger’ Bush by the way, whose mental faculties you mockingly insult in the opening of your column, saved a net 750,000 Iraqi lives. Today that figure must surely be in the millions. (List of related posts at bottom of this post.)

Your double standards are showing, madame.

And like I said before too, the kind of people one has to put up with simply because they are allies on certain causes. Sigh.

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One Response to “Marina Mahathir: Protesting Sneaky BN Good, Deposing Murderous Saddam Bad!”

  1. wits0 Says:

    Toldja b4, she just wanna Attention!!

    Like Madonna sang, “Gals just wanna have Fun!

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