What Rick Perry Should Run On to Win the GOP Nomination, US Presidency

See also 5 facts related to the above, this chart, and this wage chart. (Via The Transom daily newsletter).

Via AoSHQ, even without fossil fuels:

If you removed oil and gas from the Texas economy, the Lone Star state has still outpaced growth in California.

At time of writing, US unemployment is at 9.1% and 60% say their top concern is JOBS.

So Texas Governor Rick Perry should just hammer the above every chance he gets. By the way, while the US’s credit rating has just been downgraded by S & P, Texas’ was upgraded in 2009.

As the Rick Perry Fact goes:

What do Rick Perry and Obama have in common? They both inherited credit ratings from George W. Bush. Perry raised his, Obama lowered his.

For what Obama has been accomplishing by contrast, see DOOM graphs here.

Graphic via Gateway Pundit.

UPDATE: He’s doing just that.

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