Marina Mahathir is Shamelessly Hacking Today

I’ve often prodded her in the past, especially for her (intentional) myopia and double standards, but a section in this article has just gone too far.

Between 1987 and 1993 and 2000 and 2005, the Palestinian people went through two uprisings against the Israeli government, known as the First and Second Intifadas, respectively. Both Intifadas involved demonstrations, protests and, yes, a certain amount of violent rioting.

They were met with an even more violent response from the Israelis that resulted in many deaths and the eventual blockade of Gaza, still in force today.

Emphasis mine.

I can’t give her the benefit of the doubt, the application of Hanlon’s Razor, that what she said above is due to sheer ignorance.

Any fool can find on Wikipedia – that most basic, layperson of information sites – First Intifada and Second Intifada and find that they included the following certain amount of ‘violent rioting’ by Palestinians:

– Molotov cocktail attacks
– Hand grenade attacks
– Gun shootings, including with small arms, automatics and heavy machine guns
– Kidnappings
– Lynchings leading to death
– Luring a teenager to be ambushed and murdered
Sniper shooting of a baby
Suicide bombings of clubs, restaurants and buses full of women and children – including in ambulances and by children strapped with explosives!
– Taking clergy hostage and desecrating the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem
– Launching mortars and Qassam rockets
– Killing Palestinians accidentally through inept bomb making
– Killing Palestinians intentionally through using children and women as human shields
– Encouraging children to grow up to attack or suicide bomb Israel through kids shows and sing along songs
– Organized violence by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, terrorist groups which have as their stated goals the non-negotiable total destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews
– Palestinian death squads killing a thousand plus other Palestinians for allegedly collaborating with Israel (motherly example here), approved by Palestinian Liberation Organization leader ‘father of Palestine’ Yasser Arafat… Which by the end of the First Intifada killed more Palestianians than the Israelis did

This is Marina’s certain amount of violent rioting by Palestinians and even more violent response from the Israelis.

Post Intifada, you can add launching 10 rockets a day at Israelduring a ceasefire – to the above.

And for the record, the Second Intifada was intentionally sparked and spurred on by the notoriously corrupt Yasser Arafat, who had just rejected an offer for a Palestinian state at the Camp David Middle East Peace Summit.

In fact, imagine how much more poignant Marina’s contrast would be had she accurately portrayed the Palestinian Intifadas:


The Palestinians were exceedingly violent in their First and Second Intifadas against Israel – including carrying out shootings, suicide bombings, and even the cold-blooded murder of over a thousand Palestinians suspected of aiding Israel – yet our government fully supported them in their ‘protests’ against Israel.

Is it too much, then, to ask that our government support its own citizens who are engaging in a peaceful and orderly protest with nary a stone thrown or a bottle flung?

So I can no longer hold back.

Whatever point she may have been making about Malaysia’s government which I agree with does not erase the fact that, regarding the Palestine-Israel issue, I must voice my opinion now that MARINA MAHATHIR IS A SHAMELESS HACK.

(But oh, hey, wait. This is Dr. M’s daughter we’re talking about here. Maybe she too believes that Jews Rule the World, including and especially the media – Wikipedia included. That is why the information about the Palestine-Israel conflict there is hopelessly biased, skewed, unobjective in favor of the surely irredeemably evil Juice. /sarc)


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