Global Warming Rage Comics

A collection of slapped together Rage Comics by me, added as I make them. See Global Warming is Unfactual for the source of most of the references.

Kudos to Moonbattery for linkage here and here.

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Global Warming Rage Comic

Planet Erth, y u no believe in global warming!??




The Telegraph

Mail Online



Global Warming Rage Comic

With food prices the way they are today, Cereal Guy will want to sue Al Gore for some of those millions.


scienceline – Al Gore’s movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ says sea levels could rise up to 20 feet. Is this true?

Los Angeles Times – Al Gore, Tipper Gore snap up Montecito-area villa



Global Warming Rage Comic


2009 Pew Poll

2010 Pew Poll

2011 Pew Poll



Global Warming Rage Comic


2008: Carbon offsets selling at over $7

2010: Chicago Carbon Exchange closes

2011: Carbon offsets flat at 5 cents

Reuters: Carbon trading elsewhere not so hot either

Bloomberg: STEP 3 – PROFIT



Global Warming Rage Comic


Tricky graph: Climate Audit – Mike’s Nature trick

Trick exposed: C3 Headlines – The Fundamentals of The IPCC’s ‘Hockey Stick’ Created By Michael Mann: The Illusion

Just completed trick: Phil Jones exposed in Climategate



Global Warming Rage Comic


Scientists behaving badly – part II: Summary of Climategate 2

Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!: Roundup of revelations from the leaked emails as they are uncovered (via AoSHQ)

Climategate 2.0 emails – thread #2: Continuation of the above (via AoSHQ)

ClimateGate 2 Emails Show BBC Routinely Asking Global Warming Zealots To “Vet” Their Newscripts, Offer Advice on How To Better Evangelize for Global Warming: The whole article is loaded with new anecdotes about BBC hands “blocking” (in their own words) coverage of global warming sketpics — and bragging about this to Phil Jones and his cronies, and begging Jones’ forgiveness for the one or two skeptics they weren’t able to block.

The Steve Zwick Guide to Defending the Indefensible: Of course, if this were really a valid defense, then Jones wouldn’t constantly be trying to sneak around such laws. For example, Jones loudly complains that he’d been deleting emails all day in response to an FOI request that didn’t come with a fee. Of course, his friend Tim Osborn, realizing that Jones had incriminated himself, and that the emails would be stored for years in their system, gives him a *wink wink* and *nudge nudge* and suggests that what Phil really meant was that the FOI request merely spurred him into doing a regular cleanup of his email. He further suggest that they use other methods of communication that can’t be traced.

Climategates List



Global Warming Rage Comic


Global Warming Rage Comic

Global Warming Rage Comic

Global Warming Rage Comic

Global Warming Rage Comic

Global Warming Rage Comic

Lots of things get global warmists worked up… Just ask Phil Jones in Climategate2 emails.

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    You might want some free carbon offsets:

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    […] …Even though the globe didn’t warm in the past 15 years: […]

  5. Scott Thong, Leading Malaysian Neocon | weehingthong Says:

    […] …Even though the globe didn’t warm in the past 15 years: […]

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