Whacking Chandra Muzaffar’s Letter on 9/11 – Which to be Honest is an Exercise in Futility With Him

The usual (IMHO only of course) deranged worldview espoused by Chandra Muzaffar, from The Star 11 Sept 2011.

Revisiting the 9/11 tragedy
By Chandra Muzaffar

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps a couple of million, lives have been lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Afghan-Pakistan border and other places as a direct or indirect consequence of the so-called “war on terror” that followed 9/11.

And multitudes millions more saved, such as in Iraq.

Terror groups that resist occupation or are seeking to avenge the death of innocent children and women at the hands of the occupiers, or those who are embroiled in the tussle for power or enmeshed in inter-sectarian and inter-factional feuds-like Al-Qaeda, are also culpable.

Mainly culpable.

For example: 98 percent of al Qaeda victims are Muslims. In just May 2010, 715 died at the hands of jihadis – again, the vast majority of victims being Muslim.

But of course it is taboo to mention this fact.

It is estimated that at least US$3.7tril (RM11.12tril) have been poured into the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This colossal military expenditure has emasculated the US economy and is one of the major causes of the nation’s chronic debt crisis which in turn has serious implications for economies everywhere.

3.7 trillion divided by ten years = 370 billion a year.

By contrast, Obama spends quadruple that per year.

Real reason for economic crisis? See these charts.

(But in The Star, it is similarly taboo to more than gently criticize The One).

The terror war has spawned a new wave of Islamophobia. Fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims which is deeply embedded in the psyche of a segment of Western society has been thrust to the fore through the equation of the religion and its adherents with terrorism. Some politicians, religious leaders and a section of the mainstream media are responsible for this diabolical bigotry.

As I vented before about Marina, Azmi and Husni, anyone with eyes to see should ask…

Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?



In the last 10 years since 9/11, we have seen more deaths and destruction than the terrorism of those who act in retaliation.

What a disgusting man, living in a Bizarro fantasy world where the torture and slaughter of a Jewish family in Mumbai and monks and scholteachers in Pattani and schoolgirls in Indonesia are Bush’s fault.

A fanatical fringe within the Muslim ummah ( community) has reacted to this by venting anti-Christian and anti-Jewish bile in their sermons and their writings.

As if these fellas were not already regularly demonizing the ‘apes and swine’ before.

Scholars of repute in Europe and the US like Hans Kochler, David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott and James Fetzer have challenged the official version of 9/11. It is because the doubts about 9/11 are so widespread that JUST is of the view that the UN General assembly should establish a truly independent international panel to ascertain the truth once and for all.

It would be amusing, were it not simultaneously so obtuse, that people can call Bush an imbecelic moron on the one hand but credit him with a vast and complicated conspiracy on the other.

To wit:


Many people also doubt the Holocaust happened.

In fact, there are many who ‘conspiracy theorize’ very unflattering things about Islam and Mohammad. I dare Dr Chandra Muzaffar to publicly agitate to ‘ascertain the truth once and for all’ and still keep his empty head intact.

While Western governments and peoples have their roles to play vis-avis 9/11, the Muslim ummah as a whole has also got the responsibility to ensure that the militant fringe within the community renounces terrorism as a weapon to achieve its goals. Apart from the vile and vicious cruelty inherent in terrorism, it is a mode of operation that has tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims worldwide.

Probably the only sensible, non-lie thing he says in the whole piece.

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3 Responses to “Whacking Chandra Muzaffar’s Letter on 9/11 – Which to be Honest is an Exercise in Futility With Him”

  1. Whacking Chandra Muzaffar's Letter on 9/11 – Which to be Honest … | سایت اسلامی برای افغانها Says:

    […] the original: Whacking Chandra Muzaffar's Letter on 9/11 – Which to be Honest …موضوعات مرتبط2011/09/11 — List of Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil2011/09/11 — […]

  2. Fenway Nation Says:

    Ten years on, nothing irks me more than obtuse American progressives or apologists for radical Islam referring to the calculated act of mass murder on September 11 as a ‘tragedy’.

    Umm….F*CK NO

    The Twin Towers weren’t knocked down by a stiff breeze, the Pentagon didn’t get the gigantic gash due to a broken water main and flight 93 didn’t go down because of a bird sucked into one of its engines. This is murder pure and simple, murder that Muzaffar tacitly endorses while trying to hide behind convoluted ‘truther’ conspiracies. Anything to give the Islamists a Get out of atrocity Free card.

    Even though Islamists were calling for something like this to happen in the teas leading up to 9/11/2001 and then celebrating immediately afterwards, I guess it would be unfair to blame them.

    Oh gee…..the Americans are p*ssed for some reason. Who would’ve ever thought that killing them by the thousands would be one of their sore spots!? Quick- say you’re super sorry and that it was probably the Jews or the Pentagon that did this….

  3. Pär Larsson Says:

    Thanks. Bad day. Now I have a tiny little reason to believe in humanity again. Keep it up.

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