Scott’s PENDATANG Demotivational Poster on Youtube

Found on Youtube, Sam Hui – 天才與白痴@Geniuses & Retards(Eng Subs):

But wait, what was that I saw at 1 minute 28 seconds?

That looks familiar…

Is it?

Why yes, yes it is:

Ahmad Ismail Pendatang

On a related note, I also found my following Mahathir poster circulated via email together with a bunch of other comics, ‘shops and demotivational posters, but with my blog address removed from the corner.


I’ve stopped doing the Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters for a long time now, but it looks like some of them take on a memetic life of their own.

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3 Responses to “Scott’s PENDATANG Demotivational Poster on Youtube”

  1. codyGun Says:

    Hi there Scott ! Sorry for using your “pendatang” poster without asking your permission. I think its really really great so i decide to use it. but unlike others, i am not the type that likes to take all the credits for other ppls work. thats why i nvr erased your blog address. once again, sory but thank you ! 😉 cheers brother !

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Hey man, it’s all okay… As long as the greater good is achieved, namely mocking the hell out of those hypocrites!

    And much better than the guy who intentionally erased the link text on my MAHATHIR poster!

  3. Scott Thong, Leading Malaysian Neocon | weehingthong Says:

    […] Scott’s PENDATANG Demotivational Poster on Youtube […]

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