Walt Harrington Recounts the Real Person, George W. Bush

In Dubya and Me, Walt Harrington writes about some of his encounters with the real person of George W. Bush. (Via AoSHQ.)

A good read overall, and several quotes struck me…

George W. Bush: “One of the things you learn about great leaders is that they never project the burdens of responsibility on others.”

George W. Bush: “You’re not the only person that’s ever gone through hard things. In other words, can you imagine the signal I would have sent had I said, ‘Ah, why me? Why am I thrust in the middle of all this stuff?’”

His dad, Bush #41: “Tell them life for a president is not easy, yet I have never heard #43 whine about the loneliest job on earth, never seen him pose gazing out into the future to depict how tough his job is.”

Walt Harrington, on Bush #43: He said that compared with everyone around a president, the president had the easiest job.

Total opposite of a certain President today.

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