Lim Guan Eng Says Johor Unsafe?

Penang CM gets flak again for saying Johor unsafe

KUALA LUMPUR – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng faces fresh allegations of yet again portraying Johor as being unsafe.

TV3’s Bulletin Utama last night played an audio recording of Lim saying: “So you don’t have to worry about your safety when you come to Penang.

“In Johor, if you are Singaporean, you are likely to get kidnapped”.

The DAP secretary-general had been in the hot soup for allegedly saying in an interview, with an Australian radio station, that Johor was not a safe state where the chances of being kidnapped was high.

He had since denied uttering the remarks.

Lim’s remarks on Johor the first time around, however, drew the ire of many, including Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who had said Lim should not look down and sabotage other states.

Muhyiddin said Lim’s action in undermining Johor would give a bad image of Malaysia and would also affect other states.

– Asia One

Johor, unsafe?

Pure fable, surely.

On a tip from wits0.

7 Responses to “Lim Guan Eng Says Johor Unsafe?”

  1. Ling Says:

    These opposite leaders must be taught on not to bad mouth their countrymen for their own benefits.
    As a johorean, I am very offended with his remark. Hopefully he will not get kidnap when he step into johor one day after his comment.

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    As a Johorean, you should then know the true crime rate (especially violent crimes) in Johor, especially Johor Bahru… Right?

  3. wits0 Says:

    Johorean Ling is “offended” over the truth about Johore. Can he/she ever be able to understand how disgusted others are over his/her remonstration against the TRUTH of the matter? Go stuff it with your false pride!

  4. limkitsiang Says:

    lim guan eng should come to johor alone with a big briefcase in a proton car. then some dap goon should ‘kidnap’ him. that way, it will prove that lim guan eng is right. he can also say that proton cars are unsafe from kidnappers.

  5. menj Says:

    Hmmph, but then again I would question whether your highlight of Johor crimes is due to your altruism or there may be a hidden motive to your Christian missionary agenda. In any case, you are hardly the right person to comment on the issue.

  6. Scott Thong Says:

    Hello, menj! Been a while.

    By ‘you’, do you mean myself or Lim Guan Eng or one of the other commenters?

    I started the Johor Crimes category while living in Johor Bahru where I kept hearing first/second hand accounts of (often violent) crimes and seeing what seemed to be unusually frequent reports in the news (again, mostly of violent crimes).

    A short while after this, I myself got robbed – while inside a padlocked and bolted terrace house. (They just ripped the doors off the hinges with a crowbar or something.)

    So yeah, I do have some personal interest in the topic.

    But honestly, it seems like a far stretch to link Johor Crimes to evangelism… So I suppose you do mean me.


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