Thunder Lolcats – And List of Memes Appearing

Kah kah kah kah kah!

I’m no great expert on all things meme, but I could recognize most of the references.

And love the closing line, I expect plenty of less Net-addicted viewers will have had basically the same reaction:

“I still don’t understand ANY of this.”


Since I couldn’t find any site doing it, here’s my best shot at listing the memes that appear in rough order with explaining links embedded (feel free to comment with any ones I missed out):

‘I can has cheezburger’ lolcats
Invisible stuff, in particular, invisible sandwich
Dog fort
Minecraft Creepers (with voice)
Angry Birds with arms
Colourful flying ponies
Trolling and Problem?
Lol guy
Nyan cat


And of course, Thundercats

I’ll put up some screen grabs of the most loltastic bits later.

Thanks to Zack T and Jamie for some meme suggestions.

See also much older If Meetings Were Like Blog Comments and some Global Warming Rage Comics I made too.

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6 Responses to “Thunder Lolcats – And List of Memes Appearing”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Here’s my shot at adding…

    1 – I am firing mah laser!!!1 – (I only know this from) The Impossible Quiz 1
    2 – Giant long-necked green thingie…. – (I’ve seen it somewhere… forgot where.. haha)
    3 – Pwned – Pwned/Owned pictures?
    4 – I think I saw a flying rainbow unicorn somewhere… dyed green….

  2. Jamie Says:

  3. Jamie Says:

    Giant long necked green thingy = Creepers

    Angry birds with arms

    Probably Weegee there, and I see Longcat and tacgnoL floating around in lolspace

  4. Jamie Says:

    Other comment disappeared?

    (Angry) Birds with arms
    Minecraft Creepers
    Longcat and tacgnoL

  5. stryker Says:

    that long necked green thing could also be “bunchies the llama”

  6. cj Says:

    double rainbow

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