Obama Craves Love and Acceptance

This is what happens when your genetic father abandons your mother to go halfway around the world, then both your mother and adoptive father dump you with the grandparents on the other side of the world.

Yet another Black person’s life ruined by Liberal policies.

Excerpts from AoSHQ:

No, what he wants most – what he needs most – is to be loved.

A great many politicians cope or struggle with depression during their careers. One of the reasons so many successful politicians come from broken homes, and a surprising number with alcoholic or absent fathers, is the natural tendency for those who must learn to earn the affection and attention they receive from the earliest point in life to develop far more adept skills at such things later in life. But this also tends to warp your priorities as an individual – it tends to make you far more dependent on the loyal affection of those you care about, or those you don’t (when Ronnie talked about Nancy saving his soul, he wasn’t exaggerating).

In some cases, this turns men into thin-skinned lonely guys, divorced from reality. In others, it turns them into gaping maws of desire and designs, creatures equipped with abounding charm and endless appetites – see Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner or Marion Barry or any number of other politicians, and understand there are thousands more who’ve never been caught.

In the case of this president, the affection he craves goes even further. He doesn’t appear to be satisfied in close relationships at all. He needs the swelling masses. He never loved the music – he loved the groupies, the lines of people waiting to see him, cheering him as the Adonis who turns winter into spring, as I think Jonah Goldberg put it.

Pair the above with the results of not feeling the love, excerpted from The Wall Street Journal via the earlier AoSHQ link:

We caught flashes of the contempt during the campaign. There were those small-town Midwesterners who, as he put it at a San Francisco fund-raiser, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who are not like them.” There were those racist Republicans who, as he put it at a Jacksonville fund-raiser, would campaign against him by asking, “Did I mention he’s black?” There was the “you’re likable enough, Hillary,” line during a New Hampshire debate. But these were unscripted digressions and could be written off as such.

Only after Mr. Obama came to office did it start to become clear that contempt would be both a style and method of his governance. Take the “mess we have inherited” line, which became the administration’s ring tone for its first two years.

The gratuitous return of the Churchill bust to Britain. The slam of the Boston police officer who arrested Henry Louis Gates. The high-profile rebuke of the members of the Supreme Court at his 2010 State of the Union speech. The diplomatic snubs, petty as well as serious, of Gordon Brown, Benjamin Netanyahu and Nicolas Sarkozy. The verbal assaults on Wall Street “fat cats” who “caused the problem” of “10% unemployment.” The never-ending baiting of millionaires and billionaires and jet owners and everyone else who, as Black Entertainment Television’s Robert Johnson memorably put it on Sunday, “tried rich and tried poor and like rich better.”

Now we come to the last few days, in which Mr. Obama first admonished the Congressional Black Caucus to “stop complainin’, stop grumblin’, stop cryin’,” and later told a Florida TV station that America was losing its competitive edge because it “had gotten a little soft.” The first comment earned a rebuke from none other than Rep. Maxine Waters, while the second elicited instant comparisons to Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech. They tell us something about the president’s political IQ. They tell us more about his world view.

What is it that Mr. Obama doesn’t like about the United States—a country that sent him hurtling like an American Idol contestant from the obscurity of an Illinois Senate seat to the presidency in a mere four years?

When a good history of anti-Americanism is someday written, it will note that it’s mainly a story of disenchantment—of the obdurate and sometimes vulgar reality of the country falling short of the lover’s ideal. Listening to Mr. Obama, especially now as the country turns against him, one senses in him a similar disenchantment: America is lovable exactly in proportion to the love it gives him in return.

Hence his increasingly ill-concealed expressions of contempt. Hence the increasingly widespread counter-contempt.

One Response to “Obama Craves Love and Acceptance”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Hence, why he is so contemptible~

    I shudder to think what will become of this nation if he gets 4 more years. He lectures about America losing its competitive edge yet he would love to scrap that edge altogether with his Marxist ideals.

    OWS protestors sure are a fine example of our non-competitive public school to University education system. I don’t know if I half blame them for wanting the government to be their supply.

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