Mohamad Azhar Hashim Should Occupy Some Non-Mainstream Media and Get His Facts Right

Yet another utter ignoramus in The Star.

This time it’s Mohamad Azhar Hashim in these excerpts from The Star 18 Oct 2011:

Warding off corporate bloodsuckers
Centre for Economics and Social Studies, IKIM

The voraciousness of a mere segment of the population has managed to sprout untold misery and poverty for the rest, as highlighted by the peaceful gatherings in the US eponymously called ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

So peaceful, that they have only resulted in more than 1500 arrests.

Claiming to represent an overwhelming 99% of the US population from the low and middle-income groups, the demonstration bands Americans of various walks of life to rally together on a common stand.

Actually, they are the 47%.

With a visible show of their strong number and placards, they say they will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the top 1% of the population – the rich and wealthy, symbolised by the great Wall Street.

The 99% of the American population are the ones who have been made homeless, forced to scrimp, denied basic healthcare yet suffer from environmental pollution and also work long hours for little pay, yet have no rights.

They have worked hard, long and diligently, yet are underpaid, and typically unappreciated.

For more insight into the layabouts, see this page.

It stems from the fact that the US government was so swift in using taxpayers’ money to bail out several major institutions, which collapsed during the financial crisis in 2008.

In contrast, we Malaysians are lucky to have a government that has embarked on various direct and indirect measures to solve the nagging socio-economic predicament.

Ooh ooh, you know who else repeatedly bailed out failed institutions using taxpayer money?

As with most of the liberal mob, he totally fails to comprehend that nobody forces you to buy corporate products. This is compared to mandatory government edicts and religious dictators.

You think they’re making obscene profits by charging unfair prices? Boycott them personally and buy from a competitor!

Oh but wait… Sometimes you can’t, because of like the Malaysian govt imposes on behalf of PROTON. So who is the ‘corporate bloodsucker’ here?

As the situation in the US exemplifies, the extent of the voraciousness of a mere segment of the population has managed to sprout untold misery and poverty for the rest.

Should similar circumstances inflict us, we may be hindered from achieving economic development with social justice.

This should be far from becoming a reality in Malaysia.

Neither should the emergence of “modern feudalism”, whereby our hard work and pains are just for the sake of fulfilling the insatiable lust of top corporate citizens.

I would very much like to imagine he’s penning a subtle attack on the crony politicians who live in mega mansions and buy multi-million price tag diamonds using the Rakyat’s money. But sadly, I know better.

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