Spot the Misleading, 180 Degrees Twisted MSM Description

First, read the introductory paragraph:

Members of local band Bunkface were upset that an opposition politician had politicised their song Panik, which was recently banned over Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) stations.

Those evil Pakatan Rakyat slimeballs at it again! When will they stop bringing petty, vindictive politics into everything?!!

And then read the next lines:

Malay daily Kosmo! reported that the band members were taken aback when the politician tweeted that the Government had decided to ban the song owing to “fear of the lyrics”.

RTM had banned the song due to the usage of the word “Reformasi”, a well-known opposition slogan.

Oh… So actually RTM, which is run by the Government – i.e. Barisan Nasional – banned the song.

But it’s Pakatan Rakyat’s fault for ‘politicizing’ the song.

Even though ‘Reformasi’ has been a theme of the Opposition since 1998, and the song Panik is a new release this year.

Totally Pakatan Rakyat’s fault.

For the actual story, see RTM: ‘Panik’ off airwaves not due to reformasi.

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