Loltastic Videos by faradyable

Great stuff by our own local snarktastic faradyable, in the best tradition of Youtube Poop and The Abridged Series! And due to the mockery dubbing, Kung Pow! too. (hat tip to J)

The WWE aggro-conversation ones are only a bit less silly and pointless than the actual thing. (I’m a fan btw)

Best picks with my laconic but apt descriptions under each:

skill2 undertaker

Membaling orang / Membaling orang / Membaling dua orang / Membaling orang

kertas warna

Ayah! Ayah! Ayah! Ayah!


Oh my “dada”! My f****** “dada”! (Ultra lame but made me laugh the most, gotta love the ultra-genuine echo effect)

louis armstrong – berus gigi

Hari ini saya perlu hilangkan kuman, bakteria-bakteria di gigi

suicide silence – sombong

AMBOIH Mari kita berjoget sama sama, ewah! ewah! amboih amboih amboih amboih AMBOIH

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