Ram and Rob in Johor Bahru

Via Malaysia Chronicle:

Nightmare in Johor for mugged S’pore couple

A midnight trip across the Causeway left a couple shaken when they were surrounded by five men.

The couple, who gave their names only as the Lees, had gone to Johor Baru to visit Mr Lee’s parents at about midnight on Monday.

Wanting to exchange currency, they turned into an alley near the Malaysian immigration checkpoints.

There, the couple claimed, a Malaysian-registered car crashed into the rear of their Suzuki Swift.

When they got out to inspect their car, the two men in the other car alighted as well.

Suddenly, three more men appeared from the shadows of the alley and surrounded the couple.

By the time they realised that something seemed fishy, the couple did not have enough time to get back into their car.

Mrs Lee, 29, a clerk, told Lianhe Wanbao: “One of the men who was holding a knife pressed it against my husband’s neck, and ordered us to hand over all our valuables.

“They drove our car away too.”

Handed over passports

Mr Lee, 35, a Malaysian holding a Singapore permanent resident status, handed over their passports and watches.

By a stroke of luck, Mrs Lee managed to keep her handbag with her, even though the robbers demanded that the couple hand over their bags.

Forgetting that the robbers had a knife, Mrs Lee said she pleaded with them to let her keep her bag. Surprisingly, the men left in the two cars without taking her handbag.

The couple said they made a police report and spent a day in Malaysia before returning to Singapore on Tuesday morning.

Back in Singapore, they made another police report, the couple told Lianhe Wanbao.

The couple, who often cross the Causeway to visit Mr Lee’s parents, said this was the first time they had been robbed in Malaysia.

But it wasn’t the first time they were involved in a traffic accident.

Last month, a blue car knocked into the right passenger door of their Suzuki just after they cleared Malaysian immigration.

A similar case of robbers using the same ploy in Malaysia to rob drivers was reported last month.

Then, a male driver lost his car and RM10,000 (S$4,100) to four men when he got out of his car after it was hit.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Singaporeans who are travelling out of the country to always keep with them a copy of their identity card and the passport’s personal information page as proof of citizenship.

In the event where a passport is lost, they should make a police report and request for a copy, or an acknowledgement of it. Otherwise, note down the name and location of the police station.

They should then take the police report, proof of citizenship, and passport-sized photographs to the nearest Singapore High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate.

A document will be issued for their return to Singapore.

-The New Paper

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