Hunter x Hunter Coincidences With GOP Primaries 2012

So the latest in the 2012 Republican nominee race is that candidate Rick Perry is dropping out and endorsing Newt Gingrich. This follows shortly after Sarah Palin endorsed Newt.

With the backing of these two big names – Perry the Texas governor and jobs creator, and Sarah Palin the former Alaska governor, Vice Presidential candidate and always Tea Party darling – Newt suddenly has the boost he needs to reliably take on front-runner Mitt Romney.

By coincidence or freaky paranormal prediction by mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi, the current arc of Hunter x Hunter has some eerie similarities:

The smooth-talking, smart-suited, confident front-runner

Mitt Romney / Pariston Hill

The blunt-speaking hot-headed Unlikely getting a sudden wave of support upon his late entry

Newt Gingrich / Leorio Paladiknight

The reliable but otherwise unremarkable cowboy dude, (ultimately) passing on his votes to the Unlikely

Rick Perry / Mizaistom Nana

The classy-looking lady with the glasses, passing votes to the Unlikely

Sarah Palin / Cheadle Yorkshire

Front-runner will probably keep the country/organization along almost the same course, while Unlikely will most likely shake up the status quo.

And you know what’s the kicker? That chapter of Hunter x Hunter was published a few days before Rick Perry endorsed Newt Gingrich, and must have been planned, penciled, inked and submitted long before even Sarah Palin’s endorsement!

Like I said, Yoshihiro Togashi’s eerie powers! Not surprising coming from the author of creepy and often outright disturbing manga. ‘illness‘ nothing, he’s at home busy breaching the barriers between dimensions!


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3 Responses to “Hunter x Hunter Coincidences With GOP Primaries 2012”

  1. Zack T Says:

    Cool. I just started following the latest anime revamped of Hunter X Hunter.

    Pretty good so far.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    […] […]

  3. pariston hill Says:

    Don’t forget to vote for Pariston Hill!

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