Liberal Women Encouraged to Withold Sex for 1 Week – Snarky Comments Ensue

Via Melissa Clouthier who is spot on when she says that the comments at this report about ‘Don’t give men sex for 1 week’ are great stuff.

Excerpts of best comments follow:

their method of striking the method we’ve been suggesting to prevent pregnancy

Real women don’t use sex as a weapon, or their bodies as bartering tools. There’s a word for that.

When I was in college the Feminists I was around were very gay, so how does this hurt men again?

Could they move the date forward to coincide with the NCAA tournament?

Do they really think one week of po*n denial is enough to break the will of man and change the world? That must be some good, good stuff.

So is this strike only fortifying the views as ‘Women are only seen as sex objects?” If so great job feminists you really have progressed women with this.

If you believe sex is that important to men that they would give up or change their morals, then what is to stop men from giving up their morals to stay faithful and just sleep with women who disagree or unaware of this strike?

At first I thought this was some sort of sick joke. Then i saw it was a feminist protest…so i wasn’t too far off.

Sex strike will do nothing nowadays only because hands, porn, and lies.

So let me get this right. To get the people who arent on your side, on your side. Your going deprive the people who are presumably on your side (husbands and boyfriends) by not having sex? where does this make sense? “So this lady I dont know or care about isnt having sex with this guy i dont know or care about… better sign this bill.” This cant be true im being trolled

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