Bomb Blast in Haadyai – Long Running Brutal Terror Campaign Now Hits Malaysians

Excerpt from The Star 2 April 2012:

Fears rise as tourism belt is hit by Thailand blasts

Saturday’s blast at the Lee Gardens Hotel has become the biggest talk up in the northern states because most of us would have stayed there at one time or another. Or worse, could have visited Haadyai over the weekend.

The Muslim insurgents have been blamed for the deadly coordinated attacks but there’s a huge difference this time.

In the past, the bombs were planted in small, isolated towns that are off the highway. They were mostly small scale with little damage caused.

Sometimes, monks were beheaded in gruesome manner to send powerful messages of discontent to the authorities in Bangkok.

But this is probably the first time that the Haadyai town centre has been hit. The bombing killed three people including a Malaysian.

By picking the 405-room Lee Gardens Hotel, a favourite of Malaysian and Singaporean tourists, the insurgents have now shifted their targets.

So I must ask moron apologists for terror again… How does whatever the eviiiiiiiiiiillllll Thai government do to Pattani Muslims justify the murder of Malaysians?

And such apologists please be warned… If you try and come at me with moral equivalence and/or justification for the above, I am more than prepared to smack your noob a$$es down.

The commentary also mentions beheaded monks. What exactly is it talking about?

Well, here are some of the photos:


A beheaded motorcyclist. A threatening warning note was found on the body.


The removed head left near the body. Gruesome…


A soldier after the terrorists had their way with him. I forget, which is the merciless, inhuman organization of oppression again? The Thai government?


Brutalized dead body, probably of a monk, found in a house in a very unnatural position.


A tiny censor box to blot out the gore from a victim left on the train tracks to be run over… But that doesn’t stop you from realizing “Oh **** where’s the rest of the body?!”


Worst of the lot – the viciously defiled body of a monk, so gory and heartless that basically the entire photo had to be censored to post it on my blog.

More, including links to the uncensored sources of the photos, at my original old posts here and here:

And a Malaysian was one of the dead, among plenty other Malaysian injured.

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3 Responses to “Bomb Blast in Haadyai – Long Running Brutal Terror Campaign Now Hits Malaysians”

  1. Ron Says:

    If you’re into Islamic snuff films here’s an (indirect) link to one of a young boy being initiated into the faith. {Warning: not for the squeamish!!}

  2. Scott Thong Says:

    Hey I remember this (no matter how much therapy I undergo).

  3. shoot Says:

    Avoid Malaysian pair of husband wife in e.g. business.. etc they are blood sucking buddy… until you go to hell

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