80s Saturday Morning Cartoon Tributes/Satires/Parodies

I’m from that era, so I love this stuff.


Skyrim (obvious tribute to the opening of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, which you can watch the whole series of at this site):

Original production, Space Stallions (feels like a combination of Brave Star, Silverhawks, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, everything! And gotta love the music):

Mass Effect:

Dark Souls 2:


Angry Birds in a 80s-era Transformers spinoff:

And that super 80s-era music!

Toy Story’s Combat Carl:

Five Nights at Freddy’s done in Don Bluth style by by Kosperry:

StarFox done in Hanna-Barbera style by Jonasdrawsstuff:

Portal with anthromorphocized Cores, with Chell & Wheatley looking reminiscent of Disney’s Atlantis era but Glados making me feel like it’s one of the darker episodes of Steven Universe:

Dark Souls is getting a comic book by 90s Spawn creator Todd McFarlane (image from Twitter here):


Star Wars, particularly the PC game TIE Fighter series done in classic space opera anime style (reminiscent of Macross, and soooo much more attractive than the stylized blockiness of Star Wars Rebels):

See also Video Games Redrawn to Look Like Old Cartoons, examples below:

And via Wil Overton of former SuperPlay fame:

And here’s the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles intro redone in 3D.

Dota2’s short film contest 2016 has this quick gem:

And an Overwatch one:

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