Ace-Bizarro For Prez!

Lololol! Ace the comic genius is on a roll once again, goofing on this backfire and with references to DC Comics as bonus injokes for those in the know.

Via AosHQ via Twitchy and with the rest direct from AoSHQ Twitter feed:

.@davidaxelrod, when you go around claiming a 4.7% unemployment rate is bad but an 11% rate is good, do you mean on Bizarro-Earth?

Me doing so well in Wisconsin, me probably lose by 9…

Me hate 4.7% unemployment rate. Me want 94% unemployment. Me consult strategist @davidaxelrod. He so smart he knows nothing.

Me foreign policy? It so simple no one can understand it. Me insult and alienate allies and kowtow to rivals. Me learned from the worst.

Eca, ecanomix… Jobz? Jobz simple. Me punish job creators until they destroyed. Then me say “Ha ha ha!” Then they make jobz.

Me hope to win Nobel Peace Prize before me even take office. Then me start a war without congressional approval as thank you.

Me promise 3 cut deficit in half in first term. How, me ask you? By borrowing sixteen trillion dollars. It so easy it impossible.

,b>Me will increase economie by putting your moneys into businesses that fail. Who getz the profits? You do!!

Me will reduce unemployment by making peoplez lose so much hope they stop looking 5 work. Then unemployment fallz, everyone sad!!!

Me have simple fix for health problems: Me call it “Death Panels.” Me health advisor Braniac says it very good.

Brainiac have some other good ideas, like reducing earth population to Cro-Magnon slave thralls, but me save this for State of Union.

Me promise to close Gitmo. This is Bizarro highest promise. Prisoners will be kept in Phantom Zone projector. Which will be kept at Gitmo.

Me promise to lead free world by asking French president what me should do.

Mitt Romney’z 4.7% unemployment rate no good. Me pretty sure me can double that.

Bizarro knows more about Judaizm than anyone because Bizarro has lots of Jewish enemiez. Like Solomon Grundy, me think. Sounds Jewish.

Me thought Vandal Savage was Jewish but one year me get Christmaz card from him, so me no know. Maybe he just being nice.

Elect Bizarro, and me promise to increase unemployment to 94%.

Obama Campaign: Voters Sent Strong Message to Walker | “Stop what you’re doing immediately or we’ll vote for you”

That is way 3 deal with job creators. You smash them into the ground, then you say “Ha ha ha, I have vanquished you, job creatorz.”

Amerika must invest in jobz of the future so we no lose to China. Jobz like kryptonite mining, and giant robots with kryptonite hearts.

If we no give $500 million to billionaire Lex Luthor, how he invest? We can’t lose Giant Kryptonite Robot race to China.

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