Johor: Carjacker Speeds Off With 2-Year-Old

Excerpt from The Star 6 June 2012:

Mum recounts terror after thief drives away car with son in it

JOHOR BARU: …She had watched in horror as a thief drove off with her car with her two-year-old son still inside near a supermarket in Kangkar Pulai, near here, on Monday.

Khazlin said she had parked outside the supermarket to buy some groceries.

She left her three children in the car and locked it.

However, her eldest child, six-year-old Nor Sabrina Damiah, came out to hand a handphone the mother had left in the car.

“Within seconds, someone got into the driver’s seat,” she said, adding that her other daughter, four-year-old Nur Sofea Hadirah, screamed and quickly scrambled out of the car.

Unfortunately she was not able to pull little Mohd Ryan Azim out as the car sped away.

“I could not think straight and all the kidnap cases that have been reported in the media ran through my mind,” she said.

The frantic mother and other passers-by tried to give chase but the car sped off.

She then lodged a police report.

The child was found at a nearby restaurant in Taman Universiti about an hour after the incident.

The car was located at 11.30pm the same day and three men in it were arrested.

Khazlin said she felt relieved and overjoyed when a restaurant owner called to say the boy was safe.

Having learnt her lesson the hard way, she advised parents: “Never leave your children unattended in your car, even if it is locked.”

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Noor Hashim Mohamad said the three men arrested, all in their 30s, have previous drug-related records.

“With their arrests, we believe we have solved nine car theft cases in the Nusajaya and Johor Baru South areas,” he said.

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