JB Robbers Gun Down Guard, Grab RM100k

I lived up the road from Holiday Plaza.

Excerpt from The Star 7 June 2012:

Guard survives hail of bullets

JOHOR BARU: A security guard survived being shot five times during a RM100,000 heist near a money-changer’s outlet here.

The drama unfolded when the guard, R. Paul, 50, was accompanying his money-changer employer out of the Holiday Plaza shopping mall towards the main road where their car was parked at around 8pm on Tuesday.

Paul said he noticed three men wearing ski masks walking towards them, adding that one was armed with a pistol.

“I knew that we were about to be robbed and I wanted to use my shotgun to defend ourselves. But I did not want to fire because there were two women with their children some 50m away from us.

“So, I ran towards the women and children and shouted at them to flee but before I knew it, I was shot in the right thigh.

“Before I could react, the robbers fired a few more shots at me and I collapsed,” Paul told reporters at the Hospital Sultanah Aminah here yesterday.

He was shot in the back of the neck, left waist and abdomen, his left arm and on his right thigh.

Paul said although the robbers fired six shots at him, a bullet hit his handphone in his right shirt pocket.

“Although I collapsed, I could still hear what was going on. I remember hearing my boss trying to negotiate with the robbers. Eventually, he told them to take the money and not hurt us,” he said, adding that he then blacked out.

Johor deputy police chief Datuk Ismail Yatim said the robbers managed to escape with the RM100,000 from the money-changer, who is in his 30s.

“We believe two men grabbed the bag with the money and escaped in a car driven by one of their accomplices, who was waiting nearby.

“We also found nine bullet shells at the scene and are investigating the CCTV footage from the mall,” he said.

One Response to “JB Robbers Gun Down Guard, Grab RM100k”

  1. Lord Thom Says:

    may the good LORD provide you with life.

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