Harassment by Syndicate Thugs in JB

Via The Star Opinion 20 Jun 2012:

Stop this criminal menace in JB

AS part of my duty as a citizen of Malaysia and a resident of Johor Baru city (Bandaraya), I must report the presence of swindling syndicates in town. Syndicate members plant themselves in the neighbourhood of City Square building and the immigration office (First Link).

They are usually young hooligans who station themselves in high traffic places such as the main Junction of City Square Johor Bahru and opposite Hong Leong Bank at Jalan Wong Ah Fook. They are there until the early hours of the morning.

Basically, their intention in basing themselves there is to get “signatures” randomly from pedestrians in the hope of engaging gullible people in their swindling schemes.

Their presence is not only a nuisance to the residents of the town, but also an eyesore to tourists from Singapore and other countries. They may even be endangering the safety of the public in general.

When these syndicate members fail to gain contact with their intended victims, they yell vulgarities and attempt to use body contact in threatening them. Regardless of the age of the passer-by targeted, they would not fail to cause some harm whenever they are ignored.

Many complaints have already been voiced as commentaries in various newspapers, but no action has been taken to secure the safety of residents in the city.

We hope the police will take appropriate action against these syndicate members for the city of Johor Baru to be safer.


Johor Baru

2 Responses to “Harassment by Syndicate Thugs in JB”

  1. John Says:

    Yes, I have to strongly agree with you. Police should step in and lock this buggers up. My family member has recently been a victim of this. How do i report a swindling incident as he is from Singapore?

  2. John Says:

    I urge everyone to remind their elderly relatives about NOT to even have eye contact with these scums. They are trash who con gullible people. May they rot in hell.

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