Robbers Fearless and Forward in JB

From The Star letters 10 Oct 2012, an occurence all too familiar for JB residents:

Armed robbers are becoming more brazen

THE report “Rela member in a group or not, woman falls victim to snatch theft” (The Star, Oct 9) illustrates yet again that the criminal acts are real and not “perceptions” as claimed by various quarters.

That the act could take place on a major street such as Jalan Ampang in the heart of Kuala Lumpur during the morning peak hour sends chills down the spine.

It is even more frightening to note that these robbers had the gall to dare the people chasing them to come forward.

A couple of weeks ago, in my housing estate in Johor Baru, four armed and masked robbers jumped over the fence and attempted to charge into a house at about 8.30pm.

They were trying to take advantage of the maid who was in the front porch collecting the laundry.

Luckily, the maid and owner managed to dash back into the house and bolt the door in time.

Even though the owner triggered the house and car alarms to alert the neighbourhood, the robbers ignored this and continued to try to force their way in.

Only after they failed to break in did they give up and go away.

This is the second such incident on this street.

Robbers now do not bother to break into a house in the middle of the night anymore. They just charge in when their intended victims are still awake.

These brazen acts beg the question why are the robbers so aggressive and show such disdain for the law nowadays?

Is this total disrespect for the law an indication that they think they will unlikely be caught?

Despite these robbery attempts, I have not seen any increase in police patrols in the area.


Johor Baru

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