After Relegating Homophobia to the Dustbin of History, Pedophobia Next

Via AoSHQ from The Guardian:

But there is a growing conviction, notably in Canada, that paedophilia should probably be classified as a distinct sexual orientation, like heterosexuality or homosexuality. Two eminent researchers testified to that effect to a Canadian parliamentary commission last year, and the Harvard Mental Health Letter of July 2010 stated baldly that paedophilia “is a sexual orientation” and therefore “unlikely to change”.

The reclassification of paedophilia as a sexual orientation would, however, play into what Goode calls “the sexual liberation discourse”, which has existed since the 1970s. “There are a lot of people,” she says, “who say: we outlawed homosexuality, and we were wrong. Perhaps we’re wrong about paedophilia.”

Slippery slope? What slippery slope?

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One Response to “After Relegating Homophobia to the Dustbin of History, Pedophobia Next”

  1. ross1948 Says:

    Nice to find another sound-thinking blog, as I haven’t come across this one before. Your readers might enjoy ours, which usually focuses on Indonesia, but often has a go at Western no-goods too!
    Here’s a sample from a while ago. Tho we try to post daily.

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