Out of the Mouths of Liberals – The Craziest, Most Logic-Defying Things

From Ace of Spades HQ, commentors (the site’s most precious resource) provide the following excerpted lols. See also Dick Cheney Facts for excerpts of another thread.

And here we go:


“The main stream media are hopelessly biased in favour of the right – a result of the fact that they are owned by mega-corporations.”

A woman I met in a dog park in San Diego told me that she didn’t mind illegal immigration as long as it didn’t bring down her property values

My favorite: a liberal who opposed the construction of new power plants, when asked where we would get electricity, smugly answered, “From batteries!” as though I were a total dumbsh*t.

Ooh, another one. A liberal who was b*tching about a cell phone tower being constructed within sight of her house: “Why can’t they put those down in the canyons, where you can’t see them?”

The NAZIs weren’t really Socialists they just used that in their name to fool people into voting for them

Sitting at a dinner table (captive) and being asked snidely, “How is it possible for private citizens to be as generous and caring as the government?”

Libya is different from Iraq, because it has UN Approval.

I had a lefty at work say there was absolutely no evidence of voter fraud anywhere. He said the only purpose to voter ID laws was so Republicans could prevent blacks from voting. He was completely sincere.

From my days as an academic: students (even grad students) thinking that the way to improve the “plight of the poor” was to increase everyone’s pay by X%.

Recently moved to CA & just spoke with ANOTHER college grad – an otherwise smart guy – who is a Keynesian.
The actual quote:
“There are people who devote their lives to study this and if they say we need higher taxes and more spending, then that’s what we should do.”
Last week someone used the same logic to defend man made global warming.
My response?
“Yeah – let’s go with blind faith. That always turns out well.”

“There is just no reason for us to be drilling in ANWAR. It’s just unnecessary.”

Probably the single dumbest thing I ever had a liberal say to me–at an anti-Bush protest, where I was protesting the protestors (and getting threatened and spit on, for what it’s worth)–was that the tax rate should be 99%. The runner-up might be a completely different liberal, in a completely different context, who thought the tax rate should be “only” 85%. That’s flat-out Communist thinking, I realize, but I don’t see how anyone with even two brain cells to rub together could suggest such things and honestly believe they’re good ideas.

That the immediate impetus of the American Experiment isn’t Liberty, but Fairness. Just look at children; they know it’s wrong that one of them will have more toys than the others, so they share.
At that moment I summoned all my self-control in order to not inform him that I would be f*cking our wife that weekend.

Just a general comment about all the people who told me they were going to vote for obama because of his skin color. Time we had a black president, and all that.

Its not quite weapons grade stupid but one time I was going over our local propositions point by point with a liberal friend. We agreed on absolutely everything… until we got to how to fix the problem. About halfway through this, he looks up at me with this amazed expression and says, “wait, so its not that you hate poor people… its that you don’t think democrat ideas will actually help them!” It was a eureka moment. He had obviously never even considered that there was a way to help poor people except the usual liberal welfare state. This was a college educated guy working as a programmer in a big company whose name you’d recognize. It made me realize how closed minded and ignorant most liberals really are. They really have never even heard actual conservative ideas.

So many choices. Here’s one. We live in a fairly old section of town. The neighborhood was ‘founded’ in the 1920’s. Part of the plan was a smallish, but pleasant lake. Large enough for canoeing, fishing. For 85 years the homeowners have paid to keep the lake up, dredging, dam maintenance, spillway, grounds etc., etc.
Out of general good-will, we allow the public to use the lake and surrounding paths, etc. One day, while spending time at the lake, a 30-something (non-resident) woman and I were having a spontaneous conversation, she was complaining about something…., don’t recall what. Maybe the No Swimming rule. At any rate I pointed out that the lake was privately owned. Her response was, “Well…, that’s just criminal.”

“Westboro Baptist Church is a good example of Republicans if you take the leash off.”
(When I pointed out the Church leader was a registered democrat, and has even run for office as a democrat, I flat out was called a liar).

Ooh, another “excellent” one I just remembered. I was in a “debate” about illegal immigration, defending myself against being called a racist because I think the laws of the country should be followed. (For some reasons, liberals never tend to believe me when I say that I don’t care what color someone’s skin is, but I think they should enter the country through the proper channels.) This led to the mind-bogglingly stupid defense that, entering the country illegally “is only a crime because the government said so.” I swear to God I am not making up that quote.

My husband was lectured by an elderly neighbor about global warming — as he was shoveling a foot of snow from her sidewalk.

She got called a racist…for criticizing Biden after the VP debate.

If only we emote sufficiently we can fix the world!

When I referred to the Iraqis as Arabs, a liberal friend responded indignantly: “First of all, they are NOT Arabs – they are Sunnis and Shiites.”
The same liberal friend told me that she was voting to reelect Obama because “if Romney is elected, he will bankrupt this country.”

“Last time I checked, the economy was doing better.”
This was almost four years ago. Haven’t gotten any economic updates since.

Overheard on an overloaded filthy diesel powered WA state car ferry just last week “This ferry is really saving the environment.”

Recently a friend posted on facebook one of those instagram poster thingies – a picture of a Native American with the saying, “The worst genocide in human history didn’t happen in Nazi Germany. It happened on US soil when 100 million Native Americans were slaughtered.” I asked where the 100 million figure came from – did it include Native Americans who died of diseases for which they had no resistance, which was tragic, but not a slaughter? She responded that she had no clue how that would not be a slaughter. I responded that a slaughter is intentional, that the worst genocide was Mao’s allowing tens of millions of Chinese to starve to death during his Great Leap Forward, and that the 100 million number was total BS.
And then she unfriended me.

“The Koch brothers shouldn’t be allowed to buy the L.A. Times because everybody has a right to be heard.”

“why do you right wingerrz always say your for liberty? Liberal means liberty!”

Why do we have to kill animals when we can just go to the store and get meat?
From DUmbsh*t Underground.

Very old but a liberal co-worker after 9-11. I’m sure OBL didn’t expect to actually kill 3K people.

“I don’t use oil because I ride the bus.”

Last weekend.
An exact quote.
“There is more proof that Harry Potter is a real character, than proof that Jesus actually lived”.
So stupid on so many levels that I dropped immediately into a rare Raptor mode.

“I’m actually conservative on some issues. I think free speech should be limited”

Just a general comment about all the people who told me they were going to vote for obama because of his skin color. Time we had a black president, and all that.
Mike Tyson for President!

While in grad. school, one of my fellow grad students read an article trying to blame the 2000-01 California energy crisis on Ronald Reagan’s policies from when he was governor of the state (1967-75). I asked him “you mean to tell me this guy that liberals criticize as being not very smart was able to establish a regulatory system so devious that all the smart liberals running the state of California couldn’t undo it for a full 25 years?” That was the end of the conversation.

Just after the Sandy Hook school shooting I was speaking with the mother of one of my son’s classmates at a basketball game. She asked me what we were doing after the game and I told her that we were going to the range to shoot. She gasped and said that she couldn’t believe that I allow my 11 year old to shoot and that I have firearms in my house. I asked her what she would do if someone broke into her house and was holding a gun. She said she would hug him and shield her 3 kids. A 42 year old college educated speech therapist. weapons.grade.stupid.

The New York Times is Republican paper – coworker.

We’re kicking around a good one from Woody Harrelson over at Althouse right now: “Corporations like Grumman* are so powerful that—I don’t know, is this the kind of sh*t we want to talk about?”
* “Defunct 1994”.– Wikipedia

“why would someone want to be the boss of a company? Just to control other people? Its just a sick power trip” -from the Kos

I’m at a moonbat event, Jim Moran and Max Cleland are the speakers after 9/11. Some fat, old lady goes off right in front of me — ranting about a simple call out of respect for our soldiers in harms way — “we need to remember those who fought for peace, not for war” right into Max’s face. I thought Jim Moran was going to punch her. You’ve gotta be pretty far out to piss off Moran.

An animal-loving, person-hating lib oncetold methatI can’t possiblybe a republicanbecause I’m an artist and I volunteer for charity.

One of my professors (sociology) announced to the class that Walmart was evil and he couldn’t shop there because they used behavioral studies to trick poor people into buying more from them.

“George Bush drank so much it rotted his brain but Clinton smoking pot was no big deal”.
–family member

Conservatives are like Nazis because Nazis hated government too.

I asked where the 100 million figure came from – did it include Native Americans who died of diseases for which they had no resistance, which was tragic, but not a slaughter?
Best estimate for the number of Indians living in what became the U.S.: ca. 3 million.
So her math is a little off there. Besides which, if there had been 100 million Indians, where the hell did they live, and how could they possibly lose to the much smaller number of Europeans?

“It’s okay to abort babies because all babies go the Heaven.”

This isn’t quite as stupid but my father, who has a PhD in mechanical engineering so he’s no dummy, told me that Bush lied and the Republicans forced the authorization of force through the Senate. I told him that the Democrats controlled the senate in September 2001. He wouldn’t look at my phone when I pulled it up on the internet.

“Bill Clinton was a great president. He wouldn’t have been so popular if he wasn’t.” — liberal brother in law
“So according to you being great just means being liked? That explains your parenting method then.” — me

Something like consumers should control Apple because consumers have spent more money for Apple products than investors have invested.

“We can just print the money!”.

Same person also once gave me a wonderful Broken Window Fallacy comment about how the last Japanese tsunami ‘is good for the economy’.

My ultra-Leftist sister told me she could never vote Republican because of slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and the plight of the American Indian.
I informed my sister that the Republican Party was founded by fifty men determined to end slavery, that her Democrats tore America in two and went to war in defense of slavery, that her Democrats founded and controlled the Ku Klux Klan, and that the Trail of Tears was the direct result of a lawless Democrat president choosing to ignore the ruling of the Supreme Court.
She told me that “everyone knows that none of that is true.”
I offered her three history books. She refused to take them.

Once had a conversation with a liberal in which he kept saying “social engineers” have to do this and “social engineers” require us to do that, as if “social engineer” were a civil service classification.
I was stunned into silence at first but rallied to ask him to name any of these “social engineers” to whom he has delegated responsibility for his life and which of them was better able to pland and decide his life for his family and him than he was.
It was his turn to be stunned. He had honestly never thought of his own assumptions in those terms. He had seen the term “social engineer” somewhere and naturally assumed the social engineers were benevolent and wholesome; maybe part of AFSCME or something.
Nice guy, and at one time I loved him like a brother; but dumb as a brick.

“9/11 wasn’t that big a deal. As long as terrorists are just killing Americans, who cares, right?” He was driving, so it was not an opportune time to punch him in the head.

On Twitter, Wyatt’s Torch was talking about how he told someone the Nazis had gun control and the guy responded “At least Germany didn’t have mass shootings every other week.”
I think I would have cried.

A resident of the northeast was making a case for the academic superiority of her blue state upbringing compared to those hopeless rednecks in the South. She opened with, “I went to school in the liberal North where the Revolutionary War was actually fought.” and demolished her own argument before she ever got started.

Late in GWB’s presidency, a friend told me that the media got their marching orders from the WH.
When I asked him to name one, just one, positive news report about Bush in recent years and I would even accept “he wore a nice tie today”, a few moments of silence followed. But he quickly recovered and told me that if any positive articles were written, then everyone would know the WH was running the show so they’d been told to be critical so that no one would know about it.

“Keep your laws off of my body” from a chick in my freshman speech class when we were talking about controversial issues.
“Everybody has a right to free healthcare provided by the government” by the same chick and her friends at some kind of outdoor presentation the next year.

“B-b-but the NAZIS were against abortion!”

Both the lack of and current tornadoes ravaging the Mid-West are due to global warming; you deniers are killing the planet!

I had a kid at work (“kid” is anyone under 40) defend Occupy vandalism. He told me, “We HAVE to be radical! The regular solutions don’t work! We have to break things; interrupt things; burn things until they understand that we will not be stopped! Otherwise, we never really believed in our cause, did we?”
I asked, “So I can blow up a Planned Parenthood clinic?”
“Well, that’s totally different!”
“How so?”
He tells me, “Because your cause is wrong.”

I was in a recording session when Hawaii finally released Obumba-Clots’ birth certificate. This loony hard leftist dialogue director turned pronounced what she had just read on her laptop aloud to the room about the news and then said “There we have it, the most vetted president in the history of the United States!“. I turned back to the console and increased the level of the “Cowbell”.

Another one from the liberal workplace. “so and so takes oil company money” to dismiss their AGW skeptic work. Umm, like Shell, GE, Exxon etc. don’t make money on windmill and solar panel schemes as well as the real energy and like the government throwing several hundred billion dollars at scientists to write grants for science proposals to prove AGW or excuse me now CC doesn’t tend to bias what those scientists find?

Oh wait – not dumb but kinda hmmmm
“I didn’t get fired from the Post Office for attitude but because they couldn’t handle the truth about 9/11”

These women were not all liberal; they were just concerned for the safety of their husbands. After the Benghazi incident, when all of the media was focused on the film maker, several of my fellow military wives were calling for the imprisonment of the guy. I asked why they were so angry at him for exercising his first amendment rights? They said his actions put the troops in danger because of the reaction from the muslim world. I asked them if there was anything else we shouldn’t do that angers muslims? For instance, maybe we should stop sending our girls to school. It gave them all pause, and the subject hasn’t come up again.

A co-worker of mine, who was the president of a media related labor union, very simply said that the government should guarantee employment with a fair wage and housing to everyone for life.
Later, when I mentioned it to my Mom, she looked at me and said “he’s a communist.’

My own brother posted on Facebook on the eloquence of Joe Biden… and got “likes” on the post… sigh…

“I should be able to control what you eat because my taxes pay for your healthcare.”
“You shouldn’t be allowed to smoke outside because that infringes on my right to fresh air.”
“You do have access to private healthcare, nothing is stopping you from going to a clinic in the States.”

“Nobody who snorted cocaine should be President of the United States” — Democratic Brother-in-law in both 2000 and 2004.
Same guy had an Obama sign on his lawn in 2008 and 2012.

Tweet by Donna Brazile:
“… Just got off the phone with my health care provider
asking them to explain why my premium jumped up. No good answer!”

” I pointed out that the lake was privately owned. Her response was, ‘Well…, that’s just criminal.'”
That reminds me of the time we were at Natural Bridge (VA) and went to the show they have there at night. Nice classical music, gradual illumination of the site, and (gasp!) reading from the Book of Genesis.
Ran into a nice young couple from CT. They were absolutely outraged, I mean FURIOUS, about the Bible reading. Ready to man the barricades — or at least call their Congressman.
I informed them that, although NB is a designated Natl Landmark, it is actually private property. Didn’t matter to them. They admitted the public, therefore it was public, therefore all religion should be purged!
I asked them if churches, which admit the public, should be allowed to read from Genesis. Heh.

Had a black coworker in 2004 tell me that blacks in America were treated no better now than in the 50s. “Not much has changed” she said.
Of course she’s the same woman who, when I brought up the American Revolution in a conversation asked me what it was and then asked “America was once run by another country?”
She was a 50-something year old MSNBC fan with very strident political views.

When I worked for the State of Ohio, most (not all) of my coworkers were big-time, pro-union libs. This was when the union reforms were attempted by Gov Kasich (later voted down). We were talking about what was going on in Wis, with Walker’s reform efforts, my a**hole coworker – who I neither liked nor respected – described the union thuggery – defecating on and otherwise trashing their state capitol, death threats, state reps fleeing their voting respsonsibilities – as “democracy in action” …never mind that Walker was elected, the unions lost a Supreme Court election and Walker got reelected by a wider margin than his first election….No, union thuggery is “democracy in action”.

Discussing healthcare reform with my mother, among other things. Her general stance is that the government has to take care of most people because they are too stupid or lazy to care for themselves.
Not because people deserve things or because it’s compassionate. Because humanity is by and large too dumb to manage themselves. Not her, of course, the Others.
She may be the most honest democrat I’ve met.

A lib, prof, patient asked me how many children was that for me as I was obviously pregnant. I happily replied, “my third.”
She then admonished me, “aren’t you ashamed of yourself for overpopulating the planet?” Stupid scr*nt never found out the first was adopted. I was so shocked but I did reply, “aren’t you glad my mom had seven, you have a nurse today.

The libtard refrain that always slays me is when they talk about the “Social Security lockbox”. They seem to think that there’s a huge vault somewhere that’s filled with cash, like Scrooge McDuck’s cave, and Social Security overdrafts are pulled from that. I try to explain to them that Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system, that the only thing in the so-called lock box is a multi-trillion-dollar IOU – but no, nothing gets through: the stupid is as dense as the core of a neutron star. As Yeats wrote:
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Man, are they ever!

Liberal: I call the people who oppose gay marriage “The bad people.”
Me: Okay, did you know that lots of African-American churches are opponents of gay marriage?
Liberal (forced to choose between two victimized groups): Well I didn’t really mean bad people.

Here’s my final one. A fraternity brother is now a comedy writer. I asked him why no one writes any jokes about Obama. His response “there’s really nothing to make fun of. The guy is great”

Detroit failed because of capitalism and the Big 3 were exploiting the workers – friend

“Why do the states get to make their own laws?”
“The economy is good but the only thing keeping it afloat is govt spending”

One I saw on TV: An Occupy idiot (about 30-something; what we used to call “a grownup” way back when) was shouting about how “The government has to take over the banks! The banks are being run for profit and it’s destroying the world! Obama needs to just take them over!”
Interviewer asks, “What happens when the government controls the banks and a Republican administration gets in power?”
“Oh… um… yeah… I see what you’re saying. Uh… yeah… that would be bad.”

Talking to a raging Libtard friend of mine and pointed out to him that Obama’s brilliant healthcare plan, hundreds of thousands of people have had their hours cut to less than thirty and became “temp” workers.
His response?
That just proves we need real government health care.

Here’s some good ones:
“If you vote for Romney, abortion will be made illegal.”
“Bush is going to declare martial law, suspend elections and declare himself president for life.”
“Forcing a woman to endure an ultrasound when she wants to have an abortion is the same as rape because they put the equipment inside of her.”

me: i see you bought a new prius
lib (paraphrase): i didn’t want to pollute the earth by driving an suv
me: so you replaced your car so you wouldn’t be polluting the planet? almost any modern vehicle is very clean to operate
lib: well, i don’t want to promote global warming
me: oh, so you bought it to reduce green house gas emissions, not polluting particulates
lib: yeah, i don’t want to contribute to the global warming problem
me: but you didn’t need a new car. wouldn’t it have been better to simply keep your old car? there are green house gases emitted in the manufacturing process
lib: my old car didn’t get great gas mileage like this. especially in traffic
me: you do realize that you work from home, right (ie. never commuting or driving in traffic)?

I asked a gay marriage supporter what would stop polygamy then, as after all if they love each other, what’s the diff?
“Because that’s against the law!” she retorted and stomped away.
* sigh*

Anti-gun relative talking about how weird it was that people like to own guns and talk about guns and how dangerous guns are.
Me: You go for walks where there are bobcats, rattlesnakes and so on. I’d feel a lot better if had a gun with you because you’d be safer.
*stunned crickets”

I taught in a school that was 99% black in the deep south. Somehow it came up in a class that I voted Republican. The response, from a room full of already brainwashed 7th graders?
“But Republicans HATE blacks and poor people!!!”
My response? “If I hated blacks and poor people, would I be here?”

Lefty commenter in local rag: “The Harper government is filled with idiots.” “Private gun ownership should be outlawed!” (same comment)
My response of, “So you think the government is filled with idiots, but only government agents should have guns?” received no reply.

I support the ban on large soft drinks because people have shown that they have no self control
I think marijuana should be 100% legalized
same dude, same day (just not back to back)

The day after Obamacare passed a high school friend posted to Facebook “A lot more people have affordable health care today…”
After a few days of my trepanning him over that, and an utter inability to reply to anything with a fact, he de-friended me. I came out ahead though. Half dozen of HIS friends added me.

Around October of 2008, I was told by a friend that “as long as Ron Paul was dropping out of the presidential race, I’m switching my support to Barack Obama.” Nearly 5 years later, I finally figured it out – they both spoke in sound bites.

This is kind of a cheat but not really: I got to know the Democratic candidate for State Senate in a Republican leaning district in California (yes, some still exist). At one point, he accused conservatives of deliberately pushing businesses and municipalities into bankruptcy and stated that if it were up to the Republicans in Congress “Ford and GM would have been forced to file for bankruptcy.” I had more fun than you can imagine telling him that Ford and GM DID file for bankruptcy anyway, which was apparently news to him.

I’ve been told that I’m too nice to be a Republican.

“It’s not fair that college graduates are burdened with so much debt!!! It cripples their ability to buy a house & new car!!!”

I got into a argument with a rabid pro-choice person. I was told that no one had the right to occupy another person’s body. I’d like to hear her tell that to all the young mothers out there, that their babies were forcibly occupying their bodies.

MIL: ‘anyone who has a job is working for the government.’ and ‘the government is my favorite charity.’
Yep, she’s tuned into a Marxist before my very eyes.

Her general stance is that the government has to take care of most people because they are too stupid or lazy to care for themselves.
You just described the underlying, unifying belief that ties together all the collectivist philosophies (Progressivism, Marxism, etc.) – complete and utter contempt for “duh masses”

Couple of years back we were discussing in the office about the war on Christmas that O’Reilly was discussing the previous night to which the office lib screams out, “Since when does Christmas have anything to do with religion?!?”

Yesterday a Republican PA State Rep and a Dem PA State Senator were arguing on Twitter about Obama’s scandals. At one point Rep Bloom says
“So you’re OK with Obama using the IRS, DOJ, FBI to silence and intimidate law-abiding citizens.”
Sen Williams answers:
“Why don’t you use facts rather than creationism for an argument?”
Creationism?? LOL.
(BTW – You can follow the whole conversation on Twitchy.

This one is painful:
Niece says
Music majors are the bravest people she knows!!!! They follow their dream even though they will probably never prosper….

“Global warming makes forest fires burn hotter.” Neatly overlooking that fire is a chemical reaction, quite impervious to atmospheric ambient temperatures.
I often don’t know where to begin with something like this. I’d have to take them all the way back to high school and start over with them, because they surely learned nothing after about sixth grade.

Liberal sister in law: I believe health care is a right.
Me: A right? From where does this “right” to obtain the services, skills and resources of another come? When did it become a right?
Lib: Well…. uh ….
Me: Surely Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton were at least as knowledgeable on the subject of rights as are Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Was there some right to single payer bloodlettings and leeches in 1776 and 1787 that those guys just missed somehow?

They seem to think that there’s a huge vault somewhere that’s filled with cash, like Scrooge McDuck’s cave,
The whole lefty concept of what money is just boggles my mind. To wit:
If we just gave everyone more money it would be “fair”.
The rich are keeping all the money to themselves.
We can pay for it with government money.
Money paid in unemployment benefits multiplies itself by a factor of 2.3
They conceive of money as a magical commodity of some sort, rather than a medium of exchange or a common currency to denote value/worth.

“I should be able to control what you eat because my taxes pay for your healthcare.”
This is the central problem with socialized medicine, and why the Reds want to impose it: because if the government pays, the government has a say in what you do. I marvel at all those stupid chicks who bleat about “keep your laws off my body” who also want the government to pay for their contraception and other healthcare.
Sweethearts, whoever pays calls the shots.

“Margret Sanger was not a racist eugenicist!”
Upon showing him a website to the contrary (this was before Wikipedia) he declared it to be conservatively biased.
The website in question: Columbia University’s History Department.

I once got into an argument with Hillary Clinton staffers when she was in the Senate. We were discussing single-payer healthcare and they thought the system in Canada was great. The fact that I was from Canada, grew up under that system, and could tell all sorts of bad stories about it didn’t dissuade them.

I was out for dinner with Boy BFF, his wife (then fiancee) and one of her friends who is a huge envirotard. That girl was yammering on and on about how restaurants along the bay should be closed because of the damage to the environment. I asked her who was going to pay them to close and she said oh no they should just be closed and the land taken. I then asked for her car keys. She asked why and I said well hey your car is environmentally unfriendly and by your standard should just be taken so hand your keys over. She got really angry and started yelling about how that was completely different and I kept demanding that she explain how. Needless to say, she couldn’t. It got quite heated, not to mention loud. I finally stopped arguing with her when Boy BFF’s wife started to cry because what was supposed to be a nice night out now wasn’t.
I still say I was right to push her on it.

From a very far gone lefty: “We can’t possibly have too much Federal debt, because other countries are still willing to lend us money.”
Yeah, not like that tends to stop abruptly or anything.

Closely related: “Look at the epidemic of cancer since 1900! It’s those [fill in “corporations,” “food additives,” etc.] who are to blame!”
Never mind that the average lifespan in 1900 was 45, so people died (usually of bacterial infections) long before diseases primarily of the elderly (cancer, heart disease) were likely to arise.

Most recently: Angelina Jolie is a terrible person because shegotpreventative health care that some people can’t afford.
The woman should have just shut up andsuccumbed tobreast cancer to be “fair,” I guess.

From that great icon John Lennon “Nothing to kill or die for.”
Which is the same as ‘nothing to live or fight for.’ Wife got raped? No biggie. Someone pirated your music? Oh well. Someone pulled a gun and killed you? Hey, whatever.
Yeah, I know that this doesn’t count, but that song has always really p*ssed me off, and that it is so beloved by so many – I suspect without many of them ever realizing what it actually says.

this cognitive dissonance is so freaking obvious it’s appalling.
from above
I should be able to control what you eat because my taxes pay for your healthcare.
but…(pick a topic abortion, illegal drugs, gay marriage)
The government has no business telling me what I can do with my body…
i like to drop in questions like “if a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body, should she be able to abort a child based on the sex?…how about if she knew the child was gay?” always met with befuddled silence.

From that great icon John Lennon “Nothing to kill or die for.”
“No possessions, too.”
Of course, at the time Lennon was shot, he was in NYC … to avoid punitive UK taxes. No possessions, indeed.

One lib called in to a local radio show and insisted that the IRS targeting was no different that what we did to ACORN.
You know, the criminal enterprise ACORN.

At about 2 in the morning after drinks, a lib friend made the comment that ‘since the price of a loaf of bread is fixed we should be able to supply everyone in the world with one a day.

I’ve got a nephew–a true brain dead twit; he was in a community theatre production at age 7 and thought he would become a great actor; even his mother realized he was not as talented as he thought he was; off to NYU for a very expensive education in theatre arts. That merited him jobs as a bellhop,assistant night manager of acopy centeretc. He managed to marry in his late 20’s, but even his wife (whois a real piece of work herself) realized he was a dead bang loser and divorced him. He now sponges off his girlfriend(s) who tend to support, and then leave, him. Between girlfriends he sponges off his mother. He’s 44 and it’s been maybe 10 or 12 years since he last had a job of any kind. And it’s not that he’s an underemployed starving actor–last acting gig he had was when he was 12 years old.
But by God, he knows it’s “all that frat boy Bush’s fault”. Beyond that, not much seems to percolate between his ears. This 44 year old “kid” is truly weapons grade stupid–and that can’t be fixed.

I need to write up the full backstory on this to make it somewhat more understandable, but the short form version is:
Ran across someone who works in low wage retail. An Obama voter.
Her hours at work had been cut back and she was pissed off about it.
I asked why.
“It’s the goddamned ACA-something Act.”
“The Affordable Care Act?”
“Yeah, that.”
She _did not realize_ that the ACA ***IS*** OBAMACARE.
Although I am coming to suspect that this is deliberate obfuscation by liberals.
Did something happen with your health insurance you liked? That’s Obamacare.
Did something happen with your health insurance you didn’t like? That’s the ACA.

I used to leave the weekly edition of the Washington Times (1994ish) in the break room at work but someone kept trashing it. After a few weeks of this nonsense someone finally tipped me off and I confronted the culprit.
Of course, being an arch environmentalist leftist-progressive, he justified this censorship because the WaTim was simply an extremist publication financed by Sun Myung Moon.
I don’t recall the exact conversation but it was a pretty nasty affair.

“12 I had a lefty at work say there was absolutely no evidence of voter fraud anywhere. He said the only purpose to voter ID laws was so Republicans could prevent blacks from voting. He was completely sincere.”
My brother pulled that one on me during the last campaign. About a week later one of the Dems in his area made national news for being caught on tape explaining exactly how it’s done.
I went on to point out how ludicrous it was to suggest that our relatives in PA who were Dems would have any harder time registering to vote than those who were Republicans. Yeah, he didn’t want to go there. Apparently he realized that the only place it could lead was to suggest that black people have some sort of disability in this regard. These are the guys calling US racist over voter ID!
Oh, he also tried the idea that our Grandfather, who was born slightly before PA had vital records, would not have been allowed to vote. Well, not only would you have to be about 110 for this to apply to you, but from my genealogical pursuits I happen to know that they had something called a “delayed birth record”, which involves affidavits from people who have personal knowledge of your birth, to handle when people started to need official documentation for government stuff. Basically, there’s always a way, and it’s nonsense to say otherwise.
That was all spurred on from Jim Cramer’s nonsense where he said his father was going to have trouble voting. The PA authorities called him up and straightened him out. So it was a festival of jackasses.

When the doctors told us that the BFF had cancer, that it was terminal, that there was nothing that could be done and that she had, maybe, maybe three weeks at the outside more than one of her family members said but but this is Canada and not the US! We have free health care! Of course you can do something! Apparently, the biological processes of cancer differ depending on if you have single payer health care or not.
It’s a damn good thing that one of our other good friends was in the room with me when that stupidity started because she managed to slap her hand over my mouth and get me out of the room and down the hall before the epic profanity started.

In a mutual conversation both complaining about rising health insurance premiums, I was told “good thing obamacare will kick in and these things will drop” was said sincerely.

I’m working in my yard when a older neighbor I know from down the blk is walking his dogs stopped to talk. He moved to Texas from Maryland and is retired. He starts talking about yard work and mentioned I should switch from my gas mower to a electric one. I told him I was concerned about how viable they were and how long the batteries would last and what to do with the toxic batteries when they had to be replaced.
He became flustered and said they’d be recycled and admitted he was on his third electric/battery mower because of battery problems.. three different brands. He then made a comment about Bush/Hitler/Haliburton and the oil companies are all in on it and we need to stop buying their gasoline. There’s more, but I’ll stop there…

This exchange between a PA Rep and Sen is a beautiful glimpse of honesty (found it on Twitchy)
Rep. Stephen Bloom @RepBloom
Do you grasp the grave danger to liberty posed by Obama deploying federal law enforcement to disable his ideological rivals?
Anthony H. Williams @SenTonyWilliams
…No! nor do the majority of liberty loving Americans that re-elected him. Get over it.
Williams doesn’t deny or object to Bloom’s assertion. He just says it doesn’t matter.

I saw an interview with an OccuMaggot, who was dressed like Mao. He said he was “transgendered” (or whatever) and wanted a sex change operation, but couldn’t afford it. Said he was a Maoist, because they are all about “respecting people as individuals”.
Yep, that’s what the collectivists are all about, respecting people as individuals.

Did something happen with your health insurance you liked? That’s Obamacare.
Did something happen with your health insurance you didn’t like? That’s the ACA.
Yeah, the lefties are notorious for this kind of shell game.
FDR won WWII, gave us Social Security, ended the Depression!”
The US government interned the Nisei. Bastards.”

Some “friends” of mine (not really close, but friendly, known them 20+ years etc) – said that the BP oil spill was going to cause the extinction of the human race.

“Burning hydrocarbons generates CO2, and causes global warming! That’s why I go electric!” This said with the smokestack of the hydrocarbon-burning electricity plant visible in the background.

My wife said they started sending emails out at work last year noting that paychecks were going down because the Payroll Tax Holiday ended.
People couldn’t grasp this at all. They said “but the fiscal cliff was solved, no new taxes on the middle class” (amazing how the lawyer lied by using words.)

Just prior to the2012 election: A woman who emigrated here from Venezuela told me she really hoped Hugo Chavez would not getreelected because of the damage he did toher country. She then stated that Obamashould be reelectedso that he can have more time to fix the damage done to the United States. Apparently her business had really suffered during theprevious 4 years (of courseit wasn’t Obama’s fault).She wasn’t interested in hearing how Obama andChavezwere buddies andhad the same goals and policies.

Here’s one from college: “Taxes do not involve Government force. Our tax system is voluntary.”
It took 15 minutes to get her to admit that if you did not pay your voluntary taxes, men with guns would eventually show up at your house. After that, there was no more conversation.

Liberal friend: We need Obamacare because our health care system is not as good as Canada’s or Europe’s. Look at life expectancy and infant mortality.
Me: Those are not measures of the health care system outputs. For example, in the US life expectancy statistics are driven down by life style choices that are irrelevant to health care system quality — car accidents, drug overdoses, etc. Infant mortality numbers reflect different statistical gathering and reporting standards, not health care. Did you know that in some European countries an infant is not counted as even having been born alive for purposes of infant mortality statistics if it is born under a certain weight? In the US a live baby is a live baby no matter how much it weighs.
A better measure of health care system quality are things like diagnostic testing and five year cancer survival rates. Look at those and you will see Canada and Europe do not compete with our health care system.
Liberal: but …. but … but ….

What is the craziest, dumbest, most relentlessly idiotic, jaw-droppingly imbecilic thing ever said to you by a liberal?
This is not so much political as strange, but the guy did vote for Jimmy Carter. A black college dorm mate once told me “Whites know that blacks have an extra muscle in their legs and we are superior athletes. That’s why you guys spent years trying to keep us out of professional sports.” I tried telling him that if what he were saying were true, the evolution of an entirely new set of muscles would probably constitute blacks as a different species, and being that I was a pre-med and a biology major, I tried showing him anatomical charts etc. His reponse – “They don’t teach whites black medicine. Only black medical schools teach black medicine.” Truly, that was one of the strangest conversations that I’ve ever had.

My kid came home from school (4th grade) and announced that mankind is the enemy of the whale. Try to explain to a 10-year-old the difference between an enemy and a predator. Oh yes, the liberals start the indoctrination early.

Environmental lobbyist when I noted the millions of Africans dead due to DDT, fossil fuels, and GE crop opposition: “Millions of people have to die to save the planet.”

I have been surrounded by Liberals in my family and at work and in my dem run city. There are enough of examples that I could write a book and never repeat one. But some of my favorites.
“Democracy means everyone gets an equal share of everything.”
“The sun has nothing to do with climate.” That one after I pointed out the effect of sun spots.
“We don’t need the Army or the Marines since the Navy and Air Force can get to any place in the world.”
I was standing in line at the store and the woman ahead of me was spouting off about the “greedy and bigot” Koch brothers. I happily pointed out that the Quilted Northern bath tissue and Brawny paper towels in her cart were all made by Georgia Pacific and that the Kochs thank her for her support. She said she wouldn’t buy them again. I said that was okay since the clothes she was wearing probably had Lycra in the waist band or in her bra and her carpet and sofa were probably treated with Stainmaster, just a couple of Koch industries products. She shut up and the check -out girl was trying not to laugh. LOL

While having lunch overlooking the Gulf, one diner opined that he wouldn’t eat shrimp caught in the Gulf, cuz ‘of all the chemicals that are dumped into it. Barrels of chemicals.’
Since I didn’t want to upset my digestion, I just let his comment lay there like a turd in a punchbowl. But I was sorely tempted to point out that the business practices of the Asians that farm raise shrimp are not noted for their scrupulousness, and that the dilution factor on ‘barrels of chemicals’ on a body of water the size of the Gulf would make a homeopathic remedy look concentrated.

Regarding why Obama has fixed the economy yet: “Hey it takes time to turn around the Titanic”

When the Iraqi’s were retreating from Kuwait, they fired hundreds(?) of oil wells. The eco-nuts screamed that it would take years to put them out. The smoke would trigger global cooling. Catastrophic ecological damage.
Red Adair, and Boots and Coots (Texans) had the fires out in 6 months and were back home.
One supposes that the panicky left where thinking in terms of having ‘The Government’ do it.

Sitting at a dinner table (captive) and being asked snidely, “How is it possible for private citizens to be as generous and caring as the government?”
I would have said, “Mother Teresa vs. India. Now, go slit your throat for being too stupid to live & for stealing my oxygen.”

My family is full of union drones.
Grandpa was in a union, several of his grandkids are in a union. So politics is a sorta unavoidable thing at family functions.
But I’m winning. I’ve managed to get them to “you know unions were a lot different in the 1950s when Grandpa was working.” (I know they weren’t but it’s a start. The dynamics were different back then though in subtle but important ways.)
I think part of my winning though is because the unions are d*cking with my generation (the grandkids) by giving them just enough work to qualify for unemployment again, lather rinse repeat for a very long time.

You’ll have more fun trying to commit suicide by butterknife through eyesocket than having a healthcare conversation with probably 50% of Canadians. The Tard runs deep.
Fun facts! Abortions and vasectomies are pretty much totally covered by taxpayer funded ‘healthcare’. Medically required surgeries needed to fix a variety of sleep deprivation issues are often not.
Because, science!

First place:
The guy who flat out required me to not mention any Islamic decapitation videos because they are all fake. I invited him to watch one of the videos with me. He refused: there was no way he was going to watch a real live snuff film.
This is my winner, because he was able to keep in his head continually and simultaneously the thoughts that all decapitation videos were a fake, and that he wasn’t willing to see the evidence because he know it was all real.
Perfect doublethink.

There should be no laws about abortion at all, but that doesn’t mean abortion should be legal. It shouldn’t be legal or illegal; there should just be no laws about it.

Oh, another weapons-grade stupid comment that I didn’t hear, but our son told us about:
Our son was driving with them from upstate NY to Boston. Our daughter and son-in-law were discussing buying a home in Boston, but it’s so expensive there because of the corporations. When our son asked them to explain, they would only say that “corporations have taken over everything.”
Then our son said, “If youchoose to buy in Boston, it will cost you a lot of money.That’s a fact in any big city. Who’s preventing you frombuying a house in a cheaper area? Whynot look for a house in the suburbs?It’s your choice.”
He said they had no answer.
They did wind up buying a house in the city – we lent themsome $toward their down payment.
I (half-jokingly) asked them isn’t it nice that Mom and Dadare selfish capitalists?
Then my husband asked them, since they now have more room,why shouldn’t they share their wealth by giving their second bedroom to a deserving homeless person?
Again, no answers.
But I think we are making a bit of progress with our son-in-law. Nicest guyand loves ourdaughter,but comes from a devoutly leftist family who are truly lovely people – just very clueless.
Until recently, we thought he washopelessly liberal.
Ivisitedour daughter and son-in-lawa few weeks ago; we wereat a restaurant, and I mentionedTspeedbump.Our daughterreplied I shouldn’tspeak ill of the dead by making fun of his name. She went off to work, and while our son-in-law and I walked back to their house, I told him I was very disappointed with our daughter’sturnaround onvalues she once held dear. He said I must understand that, although itmay notseem like it,she mostly likes to yankmy chain.
We had a great conversation about the issues of the day. For example, they didn’t know about Gosnell; I told him to Google it, and after he read abut him,he was totally disgusted. He also said, “I’m not shedding any tears” over Tspeedbump and he realizes there is a real threat from Islam in this country.
I almost fell out of my chair.
Maybe there is some hope for them after all.

My brother-in-law, on a driving trip through Pebble Beach, said that no one should be allowed to buy a house with more bedrooms than people, and that all luxury goods, such as yachts, should be illegal. He thinks this will result in more jobs making “things people actually need.”

My buddy’s very liberal, God-and-Jesus hating girlfriend on pot legalization: “I don’t want it taxed and regulated, though. The government should just stay out of that stuff.”
I couldn’t speak.

SIL said the rabbits in Teletubbies show were genetically modified hormone fed mutant rabbits created by nefarious big Agra business
The RABBITS were the genetically modified mutants on that show???

Little Chrissy Matthews said that the GOP is the party of Jefferson Davis.
I guess it was that damn Lincoln who wanted slavery.

Several, mostly from the 70s:
“Mao has recreated human nature. In China, high ranking government officials will decide for themselves they want to go out and work in the paddies with the peasants.”
“Abortion should be legal. We eat eggs, don’t we?”
“Why are you buying books? You already have enough?”
“Yeats and Eliot were liberals, because they were poets.”
(I’m a native New Yorker, and didn’t get a car until I was over 40. This was from an argument when I was still a pedestrian.): “You pollute more than I do anyway, by voting Republican.”

Second place:
A long, long time ago… The most popular government in the world is the Khmer Rouge, followed by the Red Chinese. It’s true; they had a guy, he told us all about it.
That’s it: they have a guy to tell moron white Westerner tourists in Asia that all is well, and that was all be needed, to have total belief.
Even at that age, I was like: “Dude? Killing fields?”
No man. Imperialist lies.

“Some ‘friends’ of mine (not really close, but friendly, known them 20+
years etc) – said that the BP oil spill was going to cause the
extinction of the human race.”
I fortunately did not hear it from any friends, but while the BP oil spill was going on full force uncontrolled, I would read the articles about it at the Web site of my local fishwrap, the _Scam Scumfrisco Comical_.
Literally (not in the Joe Biden sense of “literally”, which is figuratively, but in the literal sense of “literally”) every third or fourth comment on these articles was from an ecoholic libtard screaming hysterically that the spill had made the entire Gulf of Mexico into a permanently lifeless toxic pond and that nothing would ever be able to live in that water until the end of time. Because, Boosh! Cheeeeney!
This same set of insane and utterly groundless assertions, on endless pages of comments, day after day, week after week.
I posted a few paltry responses here and there in which I pointed out that, gee, folks, there are bacteria in seawater which eat oil. Rather like the stuff in fact. Apparently have evolved to eat oil coming from naturally occurring oil seeps. And that few of history’s previous major oil spills have had any remotely measurable long term ecological effects. Largely due to such natural bioremediation.
I also pointed out, contra the various Boosh! nonsense, the long, long list of involvement of the Obama administration with BP. Stuff like Obama having selected someone straight out of the BP executive suite to run the safety department of MMS which oversaw the BP rig that blew up. And BP having submitted a hamfisted rig safety report cut and pasted from their Arctic ops which listed “walruses” as a species of concern (in the Gulf of F*cking Mexico!), and that the Obama administration had accepted this with no expression of concern over its glaring inaccuracy. And how Obama had given BP a “safety” award despite BP having more rig failures than any other oil major operating in American waters.
This went over like a turd in a punchbowl, as you might expect. Hell, like a TARD in a punchbowl. A dead decomposing tard.

My buddy’s very liberal, God-and-Jesus hating girlfriend on pot legalization: “I don’t want it taxed and regulated, though. The government should just stay out of that stuff.”
I couldn’t speak.
Posted by: Slapweasel at June 01, 2013 01:13 PM (7gwGw)
Did you ask her how she felt about alcohol and tobacco taxes?

“Chris Matthews is a very smart man.”
The TV at a former job was always on NBC, and a coworker would say this every time they mentioned Tingles.

I was teaching a hazmat class and a student came up afterwards and wanted to talk about Obama and how he was for “us.” I asked what “us” was and she said lesbians, of course. I showed her my wedding band/ring and then said sorry and asked why she thought so. We laughed about it and said that we could be friends since sheagreed with the stuffI said about government overregulation and that the government should stay out of the bedroom. I then told her I was a card-carrying conservative. Shetook a 180 andsaid we nowcouldn’t be friends since I hated her and her lifestyle. She told me how disappointed she was in me and then turned and left the room. So tolerant.

Rachel Maddow: “There’s no such thing as the Preamble to The Constitution”… live…, on TV.

I need to get my felony (for crack) expunged. Can you help me write a letter to the Ohio governor (Marcy Kaptur). To which I answered no, because it would be a waste of my time, and also the governor of Ohio is a republican (Kasich). “NO! It’s Marcy Kaptur! Uh, no is Kasich, let me show you right here on my laptop (you dumb cu*t). She wouldn’t look at the laptop.

315 the other side of 80% of the debates I’ve had on twitter? People have some seriously twisted beliefs.
Recently there was a woman who claimed that the Tea Party’s purpose was a nation with zero taxes. She wouldn’t accept argument, despite that what she suggested didn’t actually make any sense.
Zoos are needed because polar bears will disappear within 50 years without them.
The right wing is responsible for denying money to roads and bridges, then agreeing that he’d be willing to sacrifice any amount of the federal government to spend on social programs, even at the expense of roads and bridges.
Being complemented for being a civil debater by someone who flug insults like a monkey flings poo. You know what behavior is appropriate and recognize it yourself, but don’t seem capable of actually living up to it or recognizing your own insults?
That government money is responsible for more investment in research than private money, even when the government taxes a private firm the same amount that it invests in it’s research (which is to say, if government did nothing the money could still be used for research)

also insurance companies are excessively profitable, but they’ll never respond to an argument that involves their actual profit margins.

I use to have a facebook page with a picture of my white fluffy dog.
A liberal told me I was a racist because I chose a white dog.

Well I don’t know if this qualifies but it’s a constant question from my lefty sister. “Well what do you care about taxes on millionaires or the healthcare regulations on business”? “You’re not rich,it won’t effect you”.

Well what the hell do you think I’m working so hard for,trying to build my company up? I’d like to be one of those evil rich folks!!!!

You remind me of the CNN gushing over the Situation Room photo from the Bin Laden raid. They called it “diverse” because there were, maybe, one or two women there.
Everybody but the Prez was white as the proverbial sheet. I guess they “forgot” that if that had been a photo of the Bush team Powell and Rice would have been in it.
Oh, and they literally brought up a racial stereotype – of the black man as a threat to be feared – and how their Messiah stood in contrast to that “black man as the protector”. So, weapons grade racism, to show they’re not racist. Wow.

Once in a while I look at Occupooper videos just to see the vast stupidity that actually thinks it’s universal knowledge
Never forget the one where an occupooper is complaining about the rash of i-Toyz thefts in their little commune ..
“Aren’t you against private property? Isn’t private property theft?”
“Of course it is!”
“Then why is someone taking your laptop a theft?
“Because that’s PERSONAL PROPERTY!”

“Millions of jobs saved” by the GM bailout.
So, the 4 million people annually who bought GM cars would just stop buying cars? That demand would just evaporate? Poof!
They ridicule supply side economics, but don’t seem to have a grip on demand side economics, either.

Chrysler has paid the government back every cent it borrowed.

Not necessarily a lib, but, after a earthquake my manicurist wanted to know why “they” planned the quake at such an inconvenient time.
A Paul supporter informed me that the government puts pus and sugar in milk. I am in ag, some of my best friends are dairy farmers. I asked when in the process the pus and sugar is added. Does the farmer add it, at the pasteurization plant, or the bottling plant.
This same person also informed me that the Boston bombings were because it was Patriots day and Tax day.

A college-graduate nephew told me that Newport Beach, CA was going WILL drown from rising seas in his lifetime. When I pointed out that the seas are rising at an almost immeasurably slow rate that amounts to a few inches a century at best, and it’s not speeding up, I became an ignorant “denier”.

…also insurance companies are excessively profitable,
but they’ll never respond to an argument that involves their actual
profit margins.
Posted by: davem
Ceaseless rants about the profits of oil companies, but no discussion of actual profit margins, especially as compared to say…, Apple.

Rachel Maddow: “There’s no such thing as the Preamble to The Constitution”… live…, on TV.
Posted by: Mike Hammer at June 01, 2013 01:24 PM
Funnier is that you know she said it in that smug “I gotcha now, wingnuts” tone and smirk

During the Olympics, one of the commentators lamented that we might not see competitors from Micronesia in the future, because rising seas. I heard that almost tearfully repeated by libbie friends. The Micronesians have promoted the idea…, they are receiving UN money now to cope with their ‘certain’ destruction. They are using the money to build a new airport, and hotels….

One I forgot:
“You say you want a strong navy. That’s government spending, so that makes you a socialist.”

I’ve got a Libtarded friend who thinks that the government should shut down FOX news because its a propaganda machine. This guy, in a conversation with me last week, looked at me blankly when I mentioned Obama’s IRS scandal. He had no idea what I was talking about. I explained it all to him, and finished up with saying same thing along the lines that the reason he didn’t know about it is that he gets all his news from the biased MSM, who tried to bury the story. He of course denied their bias, to which I said something like ‘if GWB had done this, it would have news 24/7 for months’.
The weapons grade stupid was when he rejected this, saying, and I quote: “No, the media would have covered it up, just like they did *all* of Bush’s scandals.”

I have always been amused by the maxim that “property is theft,” by which they mean BAD.
The whole concept of theft and the entire rationale for it being bad presupposes that private property is just.
Whenever someone tosses that out, I ask “What’s wrong with theft?” If they try to explain it, they must end up defending property. If they say “nothing,” they must admit they believe that might makes right. And even though that is the essence of socialism, they do NOT want to face or admit it.

On the political thread on college sports board of a “Catholic” university, the topic was abortion. A poster [a self-identified MD and alum] suggested that we could get our moral guidance from the Supreme Court and so supported Roe, etc. I asked what he thought of the moral guidance implied in Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, Buck v. Bell and Korematsu. There was no response.

When leftists shun conservatives, they’re left with nothing but fellow leftists to hang around with. Then they discover that even though “Dylan” may share his politics, he’s a selfish douchebag who never pays back what he borrows and is a parasite. Others get sick of being guilt-tripped by gay or black friends and the friendship is always one way. Then the girls who find out that the lefty guys only apply the rules to other guys, they’re entitled to grab a t*t whenever they want
Most converts to conservatism do it not because conservatives were so persuasive but because other leftists became intolerable to be around

I’ve had conversations with libs about the debt and the deficit and it was obvious that they had no understanding of the difference. They were under the impression that, because Clinton supposedly left office with a budget surplus (he really didn’t, but let’s just let them have that point), then the entire national debt was wiped out and Clinton left us with money in the bank, which Bush then spent.

Surrounded as I am by musical type people, nearly all of them are LIV’s, I get to receive many talking points from the Left.
My fave was this harp player at a gig who started to rail against big government being in cahoots with evil big business. This was in 2010.
I looked at him and said, ” I couldn’t agree with you more. Ummm, you do mean Obama and General Electric, right?” The look on his face was priceless.

A Brit nitwit said the Bobbies should disarm, because then the criminals will disarm too. They only use weapons because the police do. I should have given her a paper cut and poured lemon juice in it.

359 In an on-line discussion, a liberal asserted that Huey Long was a Republican because he is considered a fascist politician. They did not believe me when I explained that he was a Democrat.
Wikipedia at the time did not include his party affiliation, which I found interesting. I added in that he was a Democrat. My good deed for the historical learning.

My sister (who pretends to be an R but voted for SCOAMF both times) told me that the reason we couldn’t have interstate purchase of health insurance policies is that without our state stepping in to stop us, we might buy a policy out of MS or AL or somewhere like that where the state government was totally incompetent and let just anyone sell anything and call it health insurance.
She’s from Boston and *loves* their state health care plan.

Another stupidity: “Medicine shouldn’t be a profit-making industry.” When I respond, “What about food? Isn’t food a necessity? Are farmers and grocers allowed to make a profit? What about housing? Isn’t housing a necessity? Are residential builders and apartment owners allowed to make a profit?”, I just hear crickets.

The government will never have any problems paying for Social Security because people are always paying into it. FDR set it up like that because he knew that the Republicans would try to take it away.

We were in CA for a wedding and went to a coffee shop for a snack. I ordered a “black and white” cookie only to be told by the pierced and tattooed barista of indeterminate gender that they were actually called “night and day” cookies to be more politically correct. I instantly lost my appetite.

Anything a liberal says that involves math.
Some troll a couple of weeks back stating Obama halved the debt by 300 billion.
Even though the debt is at 16.8 trillion.

When arguing with a (Canadian) liberal who thought that Canada should reduce trade with the U.S. in favour of trading with the Third World, I said “You do know that China uses SLAVE LABOUR to produce their export goods?” She muttered, “Yeah, well, I have some problems with America’s labour practices, too.”

Same sister also said that the high cost of living in Boston had nothing to do with liberal policies but was due to a land shortage. Everyone wants to live there and is willing to pay more to do so, driving up the prices of everything.

“The Leave It To Beaver America of the 1950s is the worst thing that has ever existed on earth.”
Dead serious, he was.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, my wife stated that “extreme Muslims are worse than extreme Christians because the Christians aren’t going around and blowing people up.”
The serious you guys response from our friend:: “But they are exploding people with their words.”

My daughter (out of work @ the time Master’s in Woman’s studies) posting to FB her support of boycotting Wal-mart to shut em down so the workers there could get better paying jobs. Dear God what did I do wrong while she was growing up?

Posted by: A Big Old Fat Guy at June 01, 2013 01:52 PM (Je/il)
372 Same sister also said that the high cost of living
in Boston had nothing to do with liberal policies but was due to a land
shortage. Everyone wants to live there and is willing to pay more to do
so, driving up the prices of everything.
Posted by: Miss Scarlett at June 01, 2013 01:50 PM (L7JQT)
She does realize that she’s saying that the law of supply and demand is true then, right?

My sister-in-law stated: “More people were killed in the Iraq War than in all of WWII if you didn’t count the Jews.” Later that day I emailed her the statistics which *duh* showed that she was off, by, oh, several million, even if you didn’t “count the Jews.” I was immediately told that “she didn’t care about the statistics, she was not supporting a war!”
I’m glad she doesn’t care about real numbers, because, oh, yeah, she’s an accountant; albeit in Seattle, so, I guess that works.
And I’m also thinking: Why NOT count the Jews?
But you can’t argue with stupid. *sigh*

Oh yeh, my all time favorite: the mere existance of an “anti-civilization” blog.

Closer to home and more recently, my brother who emigrated to Sweden says no one who’s anyone in Stockholm is worried about the Muslim riots because “they aren’t burning anything on the good side of the city.”

“You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.”
Liberals are so proud if this quote until you remind them that babies don’t have teeth and can’t bite apples.

Saw this bumper sticker on a dirty hippie VW van:
“Visualize Industrial Collapse”

After the OJ verdict, (yeah, this has not been topped since 1995), a liberal friend admitted that OJ was guilty, but he was glad OJ was acquitted because it made him understand how blacks felt when white people got away with lynchings. His exact quote: “Now, I know what it feels like to be a black man.”

My personal favorite, from a Minnesota 20-something bleeding-heart girl with an IQ about equal to today’s temperature: “I wish the government would just print up a bunch of new money every year and give every poor person $10,000. In that one simple act they could fix the poverty problem!”
My response (trying to think of something simple that she could relate to): “Uh, okay, so what happens when food and clothing prices skyrocket because there’s so much cash floating around, and suddenly $10,000 only buys you half what it bought before?”
Her quick retort, with a smirky “ugh, this is so EASY” look on her face: “Well then we’d just hand out another $5000!”
Hopeless. And she votes.
Though in her defense, she did correctly calculate that half of 10,000 is 5,000. So she’s got that going for her!

From September 2008:

Co-worker: I watched the first night of the Republican National Convention, and I never saw a minority anywhere in the audience. Not one. It was pure white.
Me: What channel’s coverage were you watching?
Co-worker: MSNBC.
[long, awkward pause]
Me: Do you think MSNBC might … just might … have chosen the audience shots in a particular way to convey a particular viewpoint?
Co-worker: Don’t be stupid, only Fox does stuff like that.
This was in Washington, DC. Less than a year later, I kid you not, my co-worker left the private sector to take a job at …. wait for it … the IRS

“We really need to conduct political affiliation tests before hiring
people [into the Mission Department]”. That’s the major problem.”
Some years back my wife’s boss said to her, “You’re a Republican, aren’t you?” When my wife said yes, her boss replied, “I’m glad I didn’t know know that because you are a really good worker and I would never have hired a Republican if I had known.”

“If it wasn’t for Dems, there never would have been a Civil Rights Act”…


Ever notice the number of leftists who say “wealth is evil” yet never shut up about all the fancy restaurants they eat at, the exotic places they visit, and the high priced sh*t they bought?
I guess their money is “pure and good” and you stole yours

I showed my liberal coworker a paper my first grader made at school. The question was, If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? He wrote that he would spread it out to all the poor people and if there was any left over he would buy an Xbox. She said, ’’Aw, he’ll be a good little Democrat some day!’’ I said, ”What? He said he was spreading out HIS money, not OTHER people’s money.” She responds, ‘”So he’ll be a Communist then. ” Whaaa???

I think the best one I’ve seen was attempting to turn Chesterton’s fence against me in an argument about gay marriage. When it was made legal in California, all of a sudden Prop 8 was violating Chesterton’s Fence. I’ve never heard a more fundamental misunderstanding of an argument.

In a fire fight with an aging libtard acquaintance, I was met with the retort, “Benghazi??? We left that in the dust long ago.” To which I replied, “You know what else was left in the dust? The desecrated corpse of Ambassador Chris Stevens.”

He feels a civil war would be no contest, because he thinks assault
rifles and RPGs (who in the NRA has RPGs?) would be no match for an
Abrams and a Raptor squadron.
Whenever a lefty makes this argument… that an armed insurrection could never stand up to the US Military… I have a two-word response:
Viet Cong

This was a while back on Facebook, in the early days of the Tea Party when Obama first started getting called a Fascist or Nazi.
Lib friend of mine: “It’s ridiculous that people are calling Obama a Nazi”
Some friend of his that I don’t know: “I know! It’s especially offensive to me because I’m Jewish”
Then, a few comments later, the liberal Jewish girl says without a hint of irony:
“We should just round up all the stupid people and just ship them off somewhere so they can’t bother the rest of us”

A liberal friend once justified affirmative action to mebecause he, himself, was racist.

Many liberals have told me that federal insurance mandates (like contraceptives) are necessary because employers shouldn’t be able to make health care decisions for their employees. When I ask them why they don’t have a problem with the government telling self-employed people that they have to pay for these same mandates for themselves, even if they object to them, I get a blank stare.

I had one libtard tell me that I was greedy because I was a conservative and he was generous because he was a liberal. I replied that I put in over 400 hrs per year volunteering for charities and donate a couple grand as well. He admitted that he did none of these things but that didn’t matter, he was still the more generous person.

Liberal, minute one: “We’ve got to tax cigarettes to discourage people from smoking.”
Same liberal, minute two: “We’ve got to tax business to stimulate the economy.”

Years ago working in the VA clinic as a resident during Hillary’s first attempt at Socialized Medicine, I went out to call a patient in from the lobby.
I was jumping ahead of the staff paid to call in patients and get their vitals because the staff in the VA was so very lazy and slow. Doing my job and doing their job.
The patient, furious with the long wait, got up in my face and yelled at me “Hillary is going to fix people like you! You just wait until there is socialized medicine!”
I just looked at him, speechless for a moment, then said “This is Hillary care. This is socialized medicine. We have no competition. It’s soon going to be this bad for EVERYONE, not just the VA.”
Now I’m hearing from the same types how wonderful Obama care is going to be, how wonderful the new electronic medical records that send make our private info accessible to the government is going to be.
There are no words.
But soon you can get your pap smear results with your tax return . . .so there’s that.

How could I forget – I must have a million of them! My libtard brother was making some defense of illegal aliens just yesterday, by invoking the memory of our Irish ancestors. The argument went something like, “People hated the Irish, too.”
Leave it to these guys to invoke the memory of people who immigrated LEGALLY, to defend people immigrating ILLEGALLY. Because it’s all about “feelings”, I guess, not about who’s violating our laws or not.

a couple of liberal kids comming out of the movie “Blackhawk Down”
Q: What was the movie about?
A: White guys killing a bunch of Black people.
And they call us racists
everything is about race to them
ever seen a liberal count the number of blacks or minorities in a REI or some other type of catalog?
they do that

“Republicans lost all credibility when they voted against the Civil Rights Act”

After an hour visit that seemed to hold possibilities of him getting it that conservatives are not what he assumes, he says the words that let me know just how very far apart we were:
CNN is far right!

“I hope the price of gas goes up to 13 dollars a gallon.”

Viet Cong
Just to be clear, the US military which has spent ten years unsuccessfully trying to quash an armed insurrection by 14th century shepherds in a mountainous desertthe size of Texas, is going to somehow be much more successful against an armed insurrection that includes doctors, engineers, scientists and plenty of former military all scattered across an area as large and geographically diverse as the United States.
Also, RPGs are plenty dangerous to tanks. They’re part of the reason why tankers hate urban areas. And if insurrectionists don’t have RPGs, then it won’t take much to fashion EFPs and the like.
And air power has never won a war. Ever. Especially not when you don’t have nice neat armored columns to target.

Another dumb comment from my daughter:
Herjob is important because she saves lives and makes people better (she’s an RN)
My job is merely helping people reduce their taxes and help them keep more of their money from the government, which is selfish (I’m a CPA)
The irony? Shealways asksme to prepare their taxes, and this year, becauseshe and her husband arenow making so much money, she wasasking me tofindevery possible deduction.
And yes, I did ask her why she didn’t pay every bit of tax she could. Answer? ***Crickets***

Of course, next time we have a lengthy talk, in light of the latest government scandals, I’m going to ask her what she thinks of my job now.

“Republicans use religious brainwashing to get people to vote against their own interests. After all, Christianity is more aligned with liberalism from an economic standpoint.”
– This is an exact cut and paste quote from a prog I was arguing with on Facebook. I tried to point out the stupendous contradictions within that statement, but to no avail.

A young tattooed blondie complained her Grandma didn’t believe in G.W.
Her being a tenant in an Apt I was working in, I had no time for lengthy engagement so I talked about solutions as I worked. I brought up that shiny metal roofs are extremely efficient at blocking the heat from entering your house and so you need less energy to cool your home…
“But what about all that heat reflected back into the atmosphere? That’s the problem!”

‘Democrats are unwavering in our support of equal opportunity for all Americans. That’s why WE’VE WORKED TO PASS EVERY ONE OF OUR NATION’S CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS, and every law that protects workers. Most recently, Democrats stood together to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act….ON EVERY CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE, DEMOCRATS HAVE LED THE FIGHT. We support vigorous enforcement of existing laws, and remain committed to protecting fundamental civil rights in America.’
– DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Democrats.org
Unfortunately for Debbie Dunce, history proves otherwise…
Progressivism, Propaganda Pretending: http://tinyurl.com/lkc93s3

‘Why did Christianity take such a radical turn after the birth of Christ?’
– ModMark, townhall.com poster
He wasn’t joking.

I got into an extended argument about two years ago with the hipster BF of a girl I had gone to college with years ago (in my first attempt at a degree). Argument was over TARP; he was totally for it while simultaneously denigrating the evils of corporate culture. If that wasn’t confusing enough, I found out later that he is employed by Morgan Stanley, a job secured for him by his highly successful physician father.

Liberal, minute one: “We’ve got to tax cigarettes to discourage people from smoking.”
Liberal, minute three: “You can’t cut funding for <> just because the revenue from the cigarette tax that funds it is down.”

Oh, yes, I have more classics from my daughter:
When I’ve sent her links to stories, she says she will not look at my “brainwashing right wing web sites” and that she will only read “reputable sources.”
When I asked her what those sources were, she said NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and . . . Huffington Post.
All righty, then!

I have a Liberal friend who still swears to this very day, contrary to all evidence, that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house.

I once heard a young woman on the radio assert that she was sure we could turn foxes vegetarian if we caught them young enough.

Actual post from a Prog on Craig’s List:
‘What Obamacare did for me:
I thought it would be great, free health insurance, then I got a job. Boss says 28 hours a week is all they are offering now because over 30 requires insurance. Great, 30% pay cut right off the bat. But it gets better. My 28 hour week gives me about $18,000 a year which is too much for any government insurance.
Thanks, Obama. I wonder how many people like me turn 27 and find out YOU SCREWED US?’

—Marybeth — One of my daughters told me that the reason “everyone she knows” supported Obama is because he is “aesthetically superior” to Romney. Yep. Romney lacks artistic and spiritual (!) value.
Well, at least she wasn’t even pretending that it’s based on rational judgment.

My favorite was my grandmother-in-law. “I’m not rich enough to be a Republican”

A liberal (with “Department of Peace” bumper sticker) expressed her repugnance at the military.
“Do you know what they do??” she said.
“Kill America’s enemies? Overseas ones, at any rate?”

After complaining about what Obama is doing to the country, a libtard friend corrected me, saying — about the guy whose slogan is “Change” — “HE’S NOT DOING ANYTHING!”

I love musicals, so I sit through a lot of left wing propaganda to get to the big dance numbers and young ladies in their scanties. At one particular leftist event, a very excited woman came up to me, and offered a ten dollar bill. I looked at it – it an evil President Bush masturbating over the destroyed World Trade Centers, while cackling insanely. I handed it back to her.
She shoved the bill back in my face. “No, no….look at it.”
“I saw the picture of George Bush. Please put it away.”
“You don’t understand. It’s making fun of Georgie Bushie.”
“I got it. Please put the bill away.”
Eventually, she began to understand. “Wait – are you, like, a Republican?”
“Not like a Republican……..”
She literally began to sputter. “But…but what are you doing here?”
“I’m here to see a musical. Why shouldn’t I be here?”
“That’s….awfully open-minded of you.”
“That makes one of us.”

I have a couple. One Lib friend from Europe could not understand the govs response to Katrina. When I explained the states had to request help before US troops could be deployed I was told, “the US government only does that to kill minorities”
Another one claimed Nazis were not socialist, and also claimed the US knew and supported what Pol Pot was doing.
One said Stalin and Pol Pot were not so bad, just misunderstood.
The last one was were yes people had died but Pol Pots and Stalin’s ideas were good and they would get them right the next time.

I had a conversation with a former coworker about a man who had converted to Christianity from Islam and was now working among Muslims in Africa. This guy wanted his name kept secret.
I allowed how that made perfect sense.
She responded to tell me that Christians aren’t always very nice to people who leave the faith. I responded by walking away. Funny how I had missed the beheadings of former Lutherans.

“The AIDS epidemic was caused by Ronald Reagan not talking about the AIDS epidemic.”

My former liberal boss lamented how global warming was responsible for the earthquake that hit Japan. I said back to him “I don’t think the earthquake was caused by AGW”. He replied…”but the tsunami was”. smh

My goddaughter is about to get her degree in education.
She is opposed to religious charity, because the churches use it to ‘create dependency’ and force people into being religious.
I asked her if she felt the same way about welfare, and she told me that was different because the government really wants to help people.

A previous comment has also reminded me of another conversation I had. Jimmy Carter was the best president ever, the economic issues of the time were because of Nixion and the economic success of the Reagan era was because of Jimmy Carters policies. Reagan was too stupid and he was just enjoying Carters success.
Full blown stupid.

In college, we were watching a memorial piece on TV for the Space Shuttle on the one year anniversary of it exploding. There were a bunch of people in our place since we… well, we were super cool don’t ya know… Anyway, the hippie chick who lived across the hall said she was “glad the shuttle blew up, because maybe now they’ll spend that money on homeless and the environment.” And was shocked when others challenged her.

From my mother-in-law (during the Iraq war):
“Why do you Republicans like wars?”
She also tried to play the chicken-hawk card on me because I wasn’t over there blowing up kite factories or whatever. At the time I was 38 years old, not exactly prime quality raw recruit material.

Here’s one circa 1992, although no one will see it this far down the thread:
It was around summer 1993 and I was having lunch with a friend at an Orthopaedic conference – we are both surgeons and did our residency together. He had taken a job in Washington DC and so we ended up discussing the Clintons. He said, and I quote, “I think we should just let them do everything they decide. I mean, they’re just so smart.”
I paused, mouth agape. Finally I said, “I disagree. Between the two of us, given where we’ve been and what we’ve done, I’ll bet we know 500 people as smart, or smarter.

Something else Uncle said during yet another conversation he insisted on having regarding taxes… those who have, should pay; to help those who don’t. I, being the pain in the butt rebel that I am, said, “oh, you mean, From each according to their ability to pay; To each according to their need?” Imagine the pissed off sour puss after he agreed and then I told him that was from good ol’ Karl Marxy boy.
I know that was cruel. but Uncle earned it.

The libtard said that a fetus is nothing but a clump of cells, it’s like a wart.
I asked if his warts have a different DNA than he does?
He then told me to commit an anatomically impossible act on myself. Silly libtard.

Real comment to me on Twitter from someone discussing the Muslims rioting in Sweden. You cannot make this level of stupid up:
@QuEeN_iSaBeLlA_ well it seems its legal for police to shoot people
but when someone else does it who don’t wear a badge they are a

Yeah. When confronted with millions of deaths from progressive/socialist/liberal actions they are a mistake. But “if we can just save one child” that’s different. What has always amazed me about liberals is their hypocrisy.

After working in healthcare in the inner city for 20 years, and I made a negative statement about how Obamacare wasn’t going to work I was asked by a dear friend ‘but don’t you care about people?” (in a tone that implied that I didn’t give a damn)
That one got ugly.

Yup. I have a son going through his stupid phase; saying that abortion was OK because “A host has more rights than the parasite.” I asked where. in the animal kingdom, a host and parasite were of the same species.

Wait, I have another one. I was on a parenting board during the Cheney/Lieberman debate and I said something like I used to respect Lieberman but he was seriously selling out politically during that thing and someone said that I said that only because I was an anti-semite.
Told her that would come as a horrible surprise to my Jewish husband.

“I just drove the electric car to work and saved the environment!”
Because electricity comes from unicorn farts, apparently.

I know a few people that could witness Owebama kill a puppy and it would be someone elses fault. A common thread with libs is that it’s always someone elses resposibility and also inherently someone elses problem to fix. That’s why they love the government. They get to feel all mighty and superior by pretending they care more by demanding that the faceless government take care of it. It requires no action or sacrifice on their part, that’s why they love it, it’s easy.

Oh, and the bar conversation back in 2007 with an older lady about the war in Iraq. She actually stopped replying in intelligible sentences after I rebutted numerous asinine theories and just started asking me “What about Halliburton? And Black Helicopters? And Agent Orange?” Literally, just babbling. Could of been the booze. Probably was the leftist-insanity oozing out.

Not exactly a political comment but one showing a great deal of ignorance by a liberal. As we were driving to Niagera Falls, NY and seeing to large smokestacks in the distance, “I think we are getting close to the falls, I can see the smokestacks from the hydroelectric plant.
OK. This person wants me to take her pronouncements on global warming seriously. She also believes that the moon landing was faked. I could write a book on this liberal’s ignorant comments because I have been told that I need to be nice to my relatives.

Had a FB discussion and was told how great Obama was to provide healthcare to young adults. I said why should I pay for your daughter’s healthcare. Answer: You’re not paying, Obama is making the insurance company pay. I then asked where she thought the insurance company got their money from. Her friend jumped into the thread and said leave the woman alone that she is a nice person who cares. Liberalism in a nutshell. No facts — just emotion. Liberals are correct because they care more. Facts be damned.

“The only reason conservatives support Israel is because they’reChristians who believe the existence of Israel is required to bring about the second coming of Christ and the Armageddon.” I’m not joking or exaggerating. Every liberal I’ve ever talked to about Israel says that. That’s why they hate the Joos. They see them as pawns of those Evil Right Wingers.

Been in an all morning Disqus debate about a local Iranian-American pastor who recently received a long prison term in Iran for alleged proselytizing. The vociferous local progs who comment thereon loudly proclaimed that the pastor got what he deserved, so I quoted from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on freedom of religion and conscience, and suggested that the progs were faced with a mind-numbingly difficult conundrum: advocate for the human rights of a hated Christian, or legitimize the action of a barbaric theocratic regime.
In the end, progs will always side with the savage barbarians.

Was in Canada for a conference not too long before Bush Jr.’s second term was up. Was hanging out at a picnic, getting to know some colleagues, when one of them said “isn’t it great how we can criticize Bush here without worrying about being killed?”
I said “Oh, do you mean like how we can do that anyway in the United States?”
A few of them stumbled over each other to explain to me how such a thing would get one prosecuted for treason. None of them specified how, though.

I’ve had 3 different well-educated liberals tell me that they think they individually don’t pay enough in taxes and should pay more. When I pointed out that its perfectly legal to pay more taxes and offered to send them a link to the IRS website explaining that option every single one demurred.
I guess what they meant is that I should pay more taxes.

Posted by: Mr. Feverhead at June 01, 2013 05:03 PM (SzAZ7)
540 I’m one of the few conservatives working for the federal govt, so you can imagine what I’ve heard for the last decade. But this is the most ridiculous. My lib boss, who’s retiring at the end of this yearandwho constantly complains about the sense of entitlement and the inability to write thathe sees in the utes of America, told me the other day “You know, I think every few decades there needs to be a revolution, like Ben Franklin once said. Like the Occupy Movement, I really had high hopes for it, but it just died out and nothing happened.” I said “wait, you correctly complain about entitlement, but the Occupy people are some of the most entitled people on the planet. They’re the ones who wanted student loan forgiveness because THEY chose to major in gender studies. THEY are the ones who can’t write and can’t get jobs in Obama’s America. And what about the multiple rapes, the guy crapping on the cop car, and the garbage they left out? I thought you libs believed in womens’ rights andprotecting the environment?” CRICKETS, and then he said, “well, I guess you’re right about them.” He’s aknee-jerk lib whohates Reagan because the Man tried to push a RIF (reduction in force) on the fed govt back in 81.

Garrett: 3,000%
What REALLY drove me nuts about his “You’ll save 3,000%” claim was that there was a whole crowd of people standing around him… and they smiled and clapped. NOT ONE of them went “…Huh?”

Not necessarily a stupid thing Liberals say but often leads to that: my favorite thing ever is when discussing president Obama with Democrats is to say “You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Sometimes if the mood is right I’ll also say. “He is light skinned and has no Negro dialect unless he wants to have one.” A majority of the time this leads to heads exploding and pointed accusations of my racism. It is incredible how many Democrats don’t know I’m quoting Slow Joe Biden and Dingy Harry Reid.

On Facebook, I posted a documentary of one Muslim man in America murdering her daughter as part of an “honor killing.” My friend from high school, a super liberal Korean girl majoring in Arabic at Williams College, replied “You know, not all Muslims are bad. You’re an a**hole.” She then unfriended me.

Shiv, I commented on Facebook that even if you disagreed with Rick Santorum, he should still be treated with civility and common decency. A gay lib told me I was an a**hole and unfriended me.

Shortly after Sara Palin gave her bust out speech at the RNC in 2008 I had a Yale educated coworker tell me what an idiot Palin was and then looked me in the eye and pronounced:“Joe Biden is a GENIUS!” She really meant it.
The same person told me that NYC’s insane street parking rules were good because if people were not forced to move their cars from one side of the street to the other on alternate days there would never be any free parking spaces.

I was sitting at a table after swim practice a week or so after Sandy Hook. As the token conservative of the group, I was remaining silent until one of the people with us (Both Brits) were going on about “banning assault weapons.”
After pointing out how assault weapons were already difficult if not outright impossible to get, explaining what an assault weapon really was and finishing up by mentioning my stint in the military surrounded by such things and feeling safe, this was the answer: “OK, the thing is you’re using logic and facts in your argument. But on the other hand, I can point at 20 dead children.”

I’m late to this but…
While on a long drive with my inlaws and sister-in-law, we were discussing her decision to take her freshly minted degree in social work, with a minor in Latin American studies, and move to Albamia on recommendation of a leftist professor who promised to get her a fellowship to cover her living expenses there. She couldn’t respond as to what she might do “for work” while there…it sounded like taking about 6 months to think of something to write a paper about and the 6 more to write said paper. She was very offended that her dad kept using the words like “work” and “make a living”, claiming he and I were incapable of understanding what she was trying to explain because we had raised and brainwashed in the Amaerican Protestant White Work Ethic, and just couldnt comprehend that in MOST of the world people only “worked” if they chose to, and MOST other governments had much better systems to care for their people with life’s necessities. My conservative father in law and I (who didnt really see myself as conservative in those days) argued with logic and reason and specific examples for about two hours about the reality of these statements as well as the history of the US (her father being a Vietnam war vet and 25 year history and social studies teacher and me with plenty of international travel and a Masters degree of my own in Architceture). She would not budge…just lost argument after argument while imagining she won by declaring over and over that we just couldn’t comprehend her arguments due to that Americam Protestant White Work Ethic her prof had told her about.
She had two ferrets, named Che (Gueverra) and Ceasar (Chavez). Married a trust fund liberal guy with what I call American Catholic Wealthy By No Fault Of His Own White Guilt whos father was CEO of one of the largest shoe companies in the world and live off that trust fund while “running” an NGO that purports to be eliminating poverty in Tibet by using foreign aid from western nations and western corporations to give micro loans to female-led Tibetian artisan communes. I can’t provide you any statistics on Tibetian poverty that’s been alleviated, but I could share a ton of photos and stories of their awesome journeys around China and Asia in general.

I can’t decide between these 3:
“Obama is going to fix the deficit”
Heard at a hemp rally on Boston Common:
“people should need a free-speech permit”
Heard on Bay Area talk radio after 9/11:
“I’d like to give Saddam and George Bush a candy bar”
(woman with a Scandinavian accent explaining how they were all just big babies)

Another otherwise bright co-worker was upset that Military Spending was more than the US GDP. When I pointed out that it was more around 5% or less of GDP he said I didn’t know what I was talking about. When I sent him a link to the government figures he responded “Everyone is entitled to their own facts.”
Yes, really. He said that.

Ok, I could not copy and paste, so let me share one from a few months ago. It was a FB discussion on my neices page, and one of her friends responded: “The Eurozone is the future – get a clue!”

I have had a liberal tell me that if homeowners would disarm, then criminals would no longer feel threatened and would not carry weapons. I felt the universe start to collapse on itself from the stupidity.

‘I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels…[and it] is cheap, abundant and clean
compared to fossil fuels.’
– Speaker of the House Maerose Prizzi, Meet the Press, 2008
If anyone is interested, I’ve collected a lot of the asinine statements of politicians. You can read them here:
‘Are You Smarter Than A Politician? Probably’:
And, here is a collection from one of the most idiotic Prog posters in the history of the internet. A couple of examples: ‘Well, a broken clock IS right once a day’ and ‘An African-American invented the light bulb; Edison merely invented light’):
The Definitive Anthology of Alliduncism:
The stupid, it burns.

I know this will get buried in the oodles of comments, but I think I have a good one to add. In 2002, I went to my 10th college reunion. One of my good friends, a super liberal, cornered me in a booth at a popular hangout and said, “Did you know that Bush is trying to get rid of all birth control?” When I asked her what she meant by that, she claimed the Bush was purposefully getting rid of the federal health plan with birth control included as part of the plan.
Having worked for the military for a few years and knowing how the federal government’s benefits work, I explained to her that the workers in the federal government get a list of many, many health plans to choose from. And that if Bush got rid of a few health plans on the list, it was probably b/c they were the more expensive plans.
I pointed out how ridiculous it would be to think of a President sitting down at a desk, looking through a huge list of health plans, and scrutinizing which ones had BC coverage and which ones did not. I mean, on the face of it, it made no sense whatsoever.
This friend eventually dropped the discussion, but I am very certain she didn’t go away with a changed opinion.
Liberals cannot use common sense when they hear this crap. They latch onto the craziest of claims and don’t bother thinking through the details themselves. It’s almost as if they are incapable of it.

But the worst I can remember off the top of my head…is my ex gf’s sister’s (Columbia law school lib) response to a question about which party was better for blacks, D or R. She said “Well, yeah, of course the Republicans and Lincoln were opposed to slavery, but then the parties switched.”

‘Let me tell you in World War II, [the Nazis] attacked Pearl Harbour.’
– Congressman Keith Ellison (D- MN)

‘I am clearly more popular than Reagan. I am in my third term. Where’s Reagan? Gone after two! Defeated by George Bush and Michael Dukakis no less.’
– Mayor Marion Barry

I have a liberal co-worker who is a genuinely nice guy and we’ve had many political discussions that have never gotten nasty. One of the few liberals I know who has never resorted to insults orname-calling and will sincerely listen to my point of view. Once he said, “I don’t understand how any poor person can vote Republican.” I said, “maybe because they all work for businesses that benefit from Republican policies and they want to stay employed.” He said, “Oh I never thought of it that way.” He really isn’t a dumb person either.

Asst Principal who suspended my son for 2 days and kicked him out of the AP Program for defending the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution….. in Government Class.
Her: “Nobody knows what the Constitution really means and you’re not old enough to understand it or the 2nd Amendment. You need stop questioning when your teacher tells you that it isn’t relevant today.”
18 year old son: “Ma’am, I’ve been able to quote the Constitution since I was 8 years old and are you really violating my 1st Amendment rights, too?”
(My son has been a competitive shooter since he was 8 years old and led our 4-H Club[‘s “Mock Congress” Delegation to Austin 2 of the last 4 years.)

Actual quote:
‘Homicide rates are down since the 90’s due almost in total to abortion. 20 years after abortion is legalized, homicides fall and keep falling. Because so many potential killers were never born, especially in urban areas.’

We don’t need to spend so much on military, did you know you can stop a russian tank by throwing mud at its front window.

I didn’t read them all, but surely, Rosie O’Donnell’s comment on the collapse of the Twin Towers that, “This was the first time fire ever melted steel.” is the most ignorant comment I ever heard a celebutard make in a public forum.

A liberal fb friend posted that she was going to go green by only filling her car half full with gas each time we went to the gas station!

I was at a historian’s conference in 04 smack during the election. One of the professors commenting on “Bush’s War On Terror” (which was ludicrous since historians shouldn’t be commenting on current events and predicting the war would end in disastersince they’re supposed to use documents) said “i’m sick of having to present my ID everywhere and that I can’t drive past the White House anymore and Pennsylvania Ave. because of George W. Bush.” I got up, said I worked for the government, and reminded her that the Secret Service closed Penn Ave and turned it into a pedestrian zone back in the 90s when Clinton was prez and some idiot tried to fly that glider into the White House. She’s a historian and left that out! One of the other panelists then dismissed me as “a Bush-Cheney appointee.” I also pointed out that historians are notoriously bad at making predictions and pointed out how the consensus amongst academics was that the Soviet Union was there to stay and that Reagan said no, that they were on the ash heap of history. After some in the crowd booed me I kept the mike and said “how many of you predicted that the Sandinistas would lose that election?” crickets. So many higher degrees, so much stupidity.

A sharp friend of mine runs a successful entertainment licensing firm. When asked why he’s voting for Obama, he answered (with reference to 0bamacare) “at least he’s trying to do something” without thinking he is doing grave harm by trying to solve a non-problem. His wife responded, “and Michelle Obama is really nice”.

A number of years ago I heard a greenie cultist call Rush and smugly tell him we shouldn’t drill in ANWR because they’d first have to clearcut. Uhhh… clearcut tundra? Unfortunately Rush blew a perfect opportunity to jump all over the stupidity.

My brother worked as a tour guide in Santa Fe, a hippy dippy New Age spot if there ever was one. He had a bus load of New Agers once who were voicing their concerns about global warming, Mother Earth, blah blah and how Santa Fe needed to be preserved from evil polluters.
Anyway, my brother is giving his talk about Santa Fe and he gets to part where he mentions that it is over 5,000 feet above sea level when one of the Earth Mothers pipes up and asks him: “Even in the summer?”
Think about it . . .

@ 60 Palerider
“Very old but a liberal co-worker after 9-11. I’m sure OBL didn’t expect to actually kill 3K people.”
That part is actually true. He washoping for a body count of 10k.

I don’t know that this comment by a liberal would be categorized as stupid although it’s that too but it’s also just unbelivably anti semetic and beyond callous
“Bomb Israel into glass. That would solve almost all the problems in the Mideast.”

I didn’t know who Tom Friedman was until after 9/11. Then I saw him on PBS or something and he was doing something that I absolutely, completely, totally, could never do. He was talking to a bunch of muslim twits about their views of why it was OK for someone to murder a lot of Americans just for the symbology of it all.
Anyway, I was intrigued enough by what he was saying to buy a copy of “Attitudes and Longitudes.” After I read it, I gave it to a liberal co-worker, who told me later that nothing in the book made any sense because Tom Friedman “is too conservative.” Tom. Friedman. is. too. conservative.
Nice guy. I still ask his opinion about how to solve some problems at work. But he is batsh*t f*cking crazy.

I ran into an old ex-girlfriend a couple of years ago and we sat around talking for about an hour. Sarah Palin came up and the first words out of her mouth? “She’s an idiot. She said she could see Russia from her house!” I kindly explained to her that no, that was Tina Fey on SNL who said that. I got her laughing when I said “Tina Fey is a comedian who bares some resemblance to Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is the former governor of Alaska. Tina Fey, comedian. Sarah Palin, someone completely different.” But the fact that was the first thing she had to say about Palin was telling.

These are all so good, and I’ve personally heard so many variants of these.
I guess the one that stands out to me is the Liberal woman who told me that “Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids”, which sounds like your typical nanny state hyperbole, until she kept talking and I realized that she was dead serious. I’m sure the look on my face showed my revulsion.
I asked her if she actually was for state mandated abortions. She said “yes”. I asked “How do you expect to enforce such an awful thing? The police?”
Then she leaned forward, while maintaining eye contact, and clearly said “Yeeeessss.”
I don’t hang out with them anymore.
She also calls this position “Pro-Abortion”.

I actually met a dumbsh*t in Alaska who told me that Sarah Palin actually said she could see Russia from her house. I told her that was Tina Fey. She called me a liar.

I said to a group of friends that surely even the most liberal among us could admit that Joe Biden was one of the dumbest VP’s in history. All that the ultra Liberal woman in the room could say was; “Joe Biden is hot!”

In a high school class discussion about feminism in Europe ( I had no choice), the discussion somehow turned to abortion. I told the sophomore who was trying to shout me down that I didn’t think people have the right to kill another human being because they were inconvenient.
Her response was: “Do you feel guilty when you step on a bug or slaughter a cow for meat?”

Something about Sarah Palin makes otherwise smart Liberals lose their minds. A woman who is a close family friend will often slip nasty Palin side comments into conversations, even if there’s no segue. She’s a big women’s lib type. I’ve heard her say the word “misogynist” no fewer than 4 times, so you’d figure she’d be all about successful women.
After one nasty comment, I figured I’d find out where her boundaries are, when it comes to Palin. I described Sandra Bernhard’s gang-rape speech, the multiple threats that Palin should be strung up by her neck, and how the fire at her church was officially arson. I asked if she considered behavior like that acceptable. Surely she could denounce threats of gang-rape, lynching, and church burnings, right?
She thought it about it for a moment and said “She brings it upon herself.”
My jaw hit the floor.
Then without prompting the next thing she says is “…and I speak on behalf of all women.”

“You just think the way you do because you’re an Aryan!”
“No, I’m not Persian…”

Oh and this one (previously repressed in my brain like some sort of protective mechanism against PTSD).
Spoken by a black/ lib neighbor in my lib neighborhood just before the 2012 election (his car, house, wazoo bristling with Obama signs):
“You know, Romney hasn’t disclosed his taxes for ten years. You just can’t elect a man to the Presidency with those kind of unanswered questions about his character…”

Toss up. I made the mistake of having a Facebook debate with a leftist “friend” named Chris after said leftist posted an al-Jazzera article about how ignorant jingoistic Islamaphobic Americans were blaming Chechens after the Boston Marathon bombing. When I challenged Chris to “try being gay in Tehran or Uganda to see how well those nations treat gays and minorities compared to the West” he no sh*t said that henceforth he would no longer argue with me after I “threatened” him with my rhetoric. Dumb a**
That or his dipsh*t friend who proudly commented in his support by pointing out that he recently became a citizen of a new country because “of the closemindedness in the States.”
Because I wouldn’t bet my life that Dipsh*t didn’t simply move to another Western country.

I was discussing gun control with a liberal and I had to keep correcting things that were just factually wrong. She finally just screamed at me. “I don’t want to know anything about guns, I hate guns!!

Sorry, a late entry. A liberal friend of mine, in response to my story of a grad student I had from Zimbabwe, referred to him as an “African-American.”
I corrected him: “No, he’s a no sh*t African-African, as he has never in his life set foot in the United States” (I was teaching overseas).

Clinton’s impeachment was “only about sex”… just like ~ 1/3rd of all issues in the criminal justice system at any given moment.

Lib in NYC: “I don’t think anybody should have more than a million dollars.”
Me: “I don’t think anybody should have more than $976,543.32”
Lib in NYC: “Where did you get that number?”
Me: “Same place you got yours.”
Lib in NYC: “Huh?”

Ok, so i live in the bluest neighborhood, of a blue county, in the bluest state. Doubt me? How many of your neighbors fly the UN flag on Flag Day?
Sitting on the porch with a neighbor, having a drink. He’s a real estate estate developer and was going on about his vision for repurposing an empty town building. He basically wanted to make it some sort of incubator for local businesses, who needed advantages and support. He took a drink, and not 15 seconds later asked me if by the way i knew of any cheap illegal immigrant contractors who could help him build his house. No irony, no shame,

My liberal roommate from college (years later) was going on about some right-winger being a Nazi or something. I said to him, “When I look at the Nazi political platform, it looks much more like something you would support than I or a typical right-winger would. So, why are right-wingers Nazis?”
He responded, “Because of the racism.”
Aside from the fact that he was essentially calling me a racist, according to this logic, someone could have views that align 99.99% with the left, but if they also hated some particular race of people, that would make them “right-wing”. And, this guy is actually pretty smart, except about politics.

Also, I remember traveling to another university when I was in college and seeing a bunch of left-wing bumper stickers posted on some dorm director’s door. Several of them were in support of abortion rights and quite a few others were in support of animal rights. One of the animal rights stickers actually said, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

I’ve heard the “KFC” urban legend this piece refers to, out of the mouth of a liberal with a graduate degree from London School of Economics. ” See, they changed the name, because they can’t legally call it “chicken” any more, ’cause it’s made from mutated chicken parts grown in labs! ”
I promptly pulled up a KFC online menu: See? Multiple references to “chicken”.
“Well… that’s ’cause this law (from what country, again?) only prohibits them from using “chicken” in their NAME; but they can lie their a**es off on the menu!”

Many discussions with a liberal acquaintance who insisted that Hitler was pro-life because he banned abortions for certified pure-blooded Aryan Germans.

When that son was born in 1995,, the Republicans had just taken over the House and he yelled at me in the hospital that the Republicans represent rich people who don’t want to pay their taxes. Then he looked at his watch and said he has an appointment to see his accountant to lower the rediculous amount of taxes he’s supposed to pay.

[Confronted by rabid liberal friend spouting talking points while I was extremely hungover…]
“What about Valerie Plame? Oh wait, let me give you a topic you can actually win an argument on.”
“You already lost that one – her civil suit was thrown out of court.”
“Yeah… Well… Halliburton!”

I have a dive buddy who is retired Navy and he and his wife raise and show dogs. He posted a statement on his FB page during the prez campaign about how Obamacare was already causing his family to see marked increases in medical costs (his wife is waging a many years long battle with cancer). The discussion was going along fairly civilly until one of the dog show buddies pipes up about Mitt Romney’s dog and the ride on the roof.
I replied that at least Seamus was still alive after the trip, which was more than could be said for the dog Obama ate. Unless they think Obama just had a leg cut off and cooked up. But that still seemed crueler to me.
I swear, not a single liberal dog lover had a CLUE what I was talking about and they swore I was lying even after I posted the clip of Obama reading the passage himself. Said it was an impersonator.

I was at a gathering one evening. There were a variety of thinkers. One an SAP consultant who became a legal US citizen, a dentist who told me he didn’t vote, and a guy who didn’t actually have a real job but claimed a DC lobbyist job in the past. I am usually respectful of people’s viewpoints that are different from mine. It was around 2004. SAP consultant from South Africa only watched CNN and Bush was “illiterate” but he believes in everything America is about. Dentist guy says I don’t really get a say because I didn’t vote…And when I challenged the “lobbyist” on something he said that about the War with fact, he SCREAMED, “Laura Bush is an alcoholic!!” I looked up right then after putting up with this kind of sh*t all night and I apologized to my hosts and said, “F*ck you, Lobbyist. I’ve put up with your whining all evening and I challenged you to come back with fact and source. None of which you have done. And since Laura Bush isn’t calling the shots, it matters not what you think of her and it absolutely has no bearing on the question you were asked.” The SAP consultant now wishes Bush were back in office, the dentist has two kids and now votes…the lobbyist is living in his mother’s basement because he bankrupted his baby Mama, and is not supporting his three children. (Surpise/sarc)

During the interminable run-up to the Iraq War, a liberal lawyer (but I. repeat myself) said to me that Saddam obviously had the support of the Iraqi people, because. he received 99 % of their votes.

At an event in Bay Area, CA a woman was holding forth on how great it was that Obama-care was coming and used all of her “knowledge” of Canadian health care as examples of how perfect “free” health is. I kept asking questions, which she answered in detail, then told her I disagreed. In a pissy voice she asked “how would you know anything about that?” My answer – I immigrated from Canada two years ago, and you’ve got it all wrong! Bonus? she still doesn’t speak to me!

I’m a little bummed you put the KFC one in the post. I was already planning to submit the variant of it I was gobsmacked by once about 10 years ago: That Kentucky Fried Chicken had to change its name because they can’t legally call their product chicken because they use (purposefully) genetically-modified birds with 6 legs (MOAR drumsticks!).
All I could do was look at her and ask, “Just how advanced do you think genetic modification is? And how advanced was it in 1991 when they changed their name?!?”

I’m not anti-Semitic, but it’s the Jews that are causing all the trouble in the Mideast.

From a co-worker, to the enthusiastic agreement of a number of other co-workers “I would have voted for McCain if he hadn’t picked that idiot Palin as his VP.” So they voted for the guy who picked Joe Biden to be a heartbeat away.

Here in the DC area, we get Chris Plante doing the 9:00 – 12:00 talk radio thing. At least once a day, he refers to “Al Gore’s amazing internet.”
I use that expression all the time now, especially when there’s a lib in the room. Occasionally, one will pipe up and (accurately) inform me that Gore never claimed to have invented the internet.
“As long as Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house, Al Gore invented the internet,” is my response.
Shuts them up every single time.

“Poverty is a Capitalist problem, which Communism doesn’t have to deal with.”
Further discussion proved that this individual had no idea what Communism actually was, but was totally All For Communism as some happen to be nowadays.

I once saw a car with two bumper stickers: one just had a Yin/Yang symbol and said “Martial Arts.” The other one said, “You can’t simultaneously prepare for and prevent war.”
I wish I could have pulled him over and asked himwhat martial arts were for?

Re: Stewart Colbert: I have lib friends who tell me THAT’S where they get their news. I tell them, “In order to tell a joke, the comedian has to control the information and leave out major chunks of info so that it’s a streamlined notion headed in one direction to make the punch line ridiculous.” They don’t understand. They think they’re getting all the info they need.

I recently had a discussion with someone who was droning on about western colonialism. He claimed that the Crusades were fought 2000 years ago by the Roman empire.

“Saddam never had WMDs”

So many, but here’s one from when I was in college.

I was forced to take a “race relations” class which was all about the professor calling the white man evil. I read everything he assigned, then read several additional books debunking all his indoctrination. I shared dissenting beliefs every single class.
One day, after a class where I shared some of the truth about Francis Fanon, a rich black girl with a former Black Panther father came up to me and said that it amazed her that I could feel so comfortable in class expressing all that hatred since I grew up with white male privilege. That I should look at things from the perspective of the poor and disenfranchised instead of being an ignorant white man. She was especially shocked that I expressed such views since no one in the class agreed with me.
I told her that I grew up poor in a minority majority neighborhood where my sister and myself were the only white kids in school. I told her that I had several fellow students come up to me after classes thanking me for speaking up because they didn’t know what to say. She just dismissed my remarks and told me that I just didn’t get it.

Class lefty and self-described socialist, denouncing economic inequality: It’s wrong for the top 20% to have so much wealth. They shouldn’t even have 20% of it!
We (including some reasonable liberals) try to explain to him that, questions of principle aside, this was mathematically impossible. If the “top” quintile has less than 20%, every other quintile must also have less than 20%, meaning that the total would be less than 100% of itself.
He never seemed to grasp this. Blind hatred trumps arithmetic. Or maybe he was inadvertentlyadmitting that his plan was equality through general immiseration.

The crazy video from Raul Grijalva against the Keystone pipeline is at the head of the line right now for me.
He disabled comments on that video. Probably couldn’t take the ridicule.

I can think of several comments that I think qualify. Here are two.
One was essentially the money you earn isn’t really ever yours. It belongs to the government and they let you have some of it. This one surprised me because I’ve known lots of lefties who agitate for this to be the case in the future. I’ve not met many who believe this to be the case now.
This one wasn’t unpredictable, but it stopped the conversation cold. I was talking with a co-worker about relatives. I mentioned my brother is an Air Force pilot. He says point-blank with no hint of irony or self-reflection, “So he threw his life away.” *blink*

I was taking a class in International Politics at the U. of Ga. I was loudly bashing Communism in a debate with another liberal. I kid you not, the Harvard-educated professor jumped in and asked “what’s WRONG with Communism?”
I said “I dunno, tens of millions of people dead, but HEY let’s give it another chance. Are you sure you’re up for teaching this class?”
B*stard gave me a “B”

I attended SUNYAlbany in 1990-91 for my library degree. That fall, during Iraq War Part 1, we had a student social, and got to discussing politics. A few said that they didn’t think we had any reason to be involved. I looked slightly incredulous and pointed out that we had treaty obligations, and anyway, if you give a dictator an inch, he’ll keep on taking, like Hitler and Czechoslovakia. One of the other students, working on becoming a school librarian, looked at me and sneered “We should never have been involved in WWII either!”
I was so stunned that I couldn’t even bring up Pearl Harbor, but only “What part of ‘Heute Europa, Morgan das Weld?’ do you not understand?”


Some additional from follow up post at AoSHQ:

10 >> Another otherwise bright co-worker was upset that Military Spending was more than the US GDP
That’s a neat trick, since government spending is a component of GDP.

My advice is to simply keep repeating the truth, and leave it to the idiot liberals to try to prove you wrong. In the process of looking up the information, some of them may realize you were right. They might not tell you, but a lot can be accomplished when you don’t worry about getting credit for it.

What they really want to be is back in High School and part of the cool kids. They never got over it. And now, they can be a member of the clique by saying and thinking the right things.

Another thing is that the left always engages in projection. They constantly accuse their opponents (or “enemies”, if you will) of doing precisely the things they themselves would do if they were in power.

No true devotee of the left is open to persuasion from arguments(events may effect them ie 9/11).The one’s who can be turned are the low information types who think they are leftists because the “cool” people are.

They probably think the same thing about us.
Posted by: Valiant at June 09, 2013 08:49 PM (aFxlY)
They do. A lot of people look at the world through confirmation bias.

College professor’s well educated, well spoken wife; We need to save the rainforests so we need to prevent people from cutting and burning.
Me- Yes the rainforests are important but the people cut and burn them so they can feed themselves.
Her- Well, they should just do something else.
Me- (aneurism)

To the hardcore leftist that ,”something else” is to die.

You can’t reason someone out of a position that they didn’t reason themselves into.
Yes, this. Much like my sister, who has never, ever read a newspaper or had a serious conversation, whose head is full of little sparkly cupcakes she mistakenly believes are the smart things to think. No amount of racist-y fact-talking is goi

Be careful when arguing with leftists. Some of them will have plenty of predigested factoids and “scientific” studies.
If you argue with them, you’d better have facts from sources they can’t dispute and be ready to present them.
If you are not an expert in the field, do not act like one (e.g. with “Global Warming”).
Be familiar with their arguments and have facts ready to counter them.
Do not get put into a position where you have the burden of proof, but where they do.
Bove all else, never quote Rush, or Foxnews, &c.

I missed the original thread; here are my two favorites:
Senator Ted Kennedy allegedly once saidhe wasappalledthat half of the American people earn less than the median income. I doubt the truth of the story, but then again, it’s TedKennedy.
During college, late 70s, a buddy and I (both of our dads worked in the oil business) were talking to a sociology prof about the energy crisis. Dr. K said he couldn’t understand how anyone could be in business solely to make money. My buddyand I were speechless.

Here’s a committed leftist.
Bob Zubrin, sometime PJM contributor and the author of Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism, writing at the NRO Corner, shares his thoughts on his recent debate with Colorado State’s Phil Cafaro:
Cafaro is a leading radical anti-humanist. A professor of philosophy at Colorado State University and president of the International Society for Environmental Ethics, he has published numerous articles and a book calling for shackling humanity with all sorts of chains, ranging from mandatory recycling, to limits on meat consumption, airplane travel, and the size of houses, to stiff carbon taxes, immigration restriction, and population control. He also urges the abandonment of Judaeo-Christian ethics and human rights. According to Cafaro, the world population needs to be reduced to 2 billion and the U.S. population to 100 million. “The last thing the world needs is more Americans,” he says.
On May 13, I got a chance to debate him. The debate was occasioned by a guest commentary that Cafaro penned in the February 11 Denver Post, in which he advanced the argument that immigration needs to be sharply cut, because otherwise people from Third World nations might come to the United States and become prosperous, and thereby add to global warming. “And make no mistake,” warned the philosopher. “Immigrants are not coming to the United States to remain poor. Those hundreds of millions of new citizens will want to live as well and consume energy at the same rates as other Americans. . . . What climate change mitigation measures . . . could possibly equal the increased greenhouse gas emissions we would lock in by adding 145 million more new citizens to our population?”
I rebutted this on NRO on February 21: “This is truly remarkable. Conservative immigration skeptics have voiced the concern that immigrants might not assimilate and achieve success, and even common xenophobes have never objected to would-be immigrants attaining prosperity elsewhere. But according to Cafaro’s liberal argument, the wretched of the Earth must be kept poor wherever they reside, because otherwise they would ruin the weather for the rest of us. Following this logic, the United States should adopt the role of the world’s oppressor, enforcing the continuation of poverty around the globe. But why stop there? We have millions of poor people right here in America who hope to rise into the middle class. Surely we must stop them from doing so.

There was a female poster here who told a story about being out somewhere and she was having a conversation with a black woman. Don’t remember the specifics but I remember her telling us that in the course of the conversation she said Lincoln was a Republican. The woman did not believe her.

Worst ignorance from a lefty I ever had to deal with was on 9/11. We’re watching the towers burn and this guy says “So what? We do things like this all the time in other countries.”
My boss had to calm me down and get me to step out for a bit.

Lincoln said “A man changed against his will, will be of the same opinion still”
Fact do not sway true believers.

Part of the absolute intransigence of people regarding the Democrat party is that to do something different, they have to admit they made a mistake.
Many people simply can’t cross that boundary without dire compulsion to do so.

Daily kos kids are petitioning the JEF to pardon Snowden. Inneresting
My twenty-something nephew says that his lib friends are beside themselves at the the notion of clandestine surveillance on the inter-webs. One of the very few times the ‘twain shall meet’.

I have a friend from elementary school who was screeching that all Republicans want to do is tell people how to live. She felt they behaved like fascists….all during the Bush 43 years.
I asked her the other day how she felt about the fact that her twelve year old daughter could get both Plan B or abortion without her knowledge. Also, how was she liking Big Momma’s push for “eating right”. Mind you, this is courtesy of her party. Yea…still waiting on that answer.

I’ve said it here before. I have a fair number of smart, educated, self employed, middle aged friends who are successful participants in capitalism, but vote blue every time. I don’t grasp it for a minute.

It’s always fun reminding the progs that but for the Republican Party, LBJ’s Civil Rights Act would’ve gone down in flames. It split the Democratic Party, leading to George Wallace and, , Richard Nixon.

Exactly right. Sometimes people believe weird things because people they associate with and who are their friends, also believe those weird things.
Cold harsh reality is often just a bummer that no one wants to face.

Like the poor Indians (dot, but also feather) who were forced to do their native dances for tourists to earn a living. Eating is demeaning, I guess.

No. Some of them are quite intelligent and even well informed. (About other things, of course.)
Deluded is a more accurate diagnosis. As Reagan said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant…. It’s that they know so much which isn’t so. ”

Lincoln was a very clever and brilliant man. I think that’s why he made such a hash of things.
It is my observation that “Brilliant” Presidents often do far worse than plain ole average Joes. (Calvin Coolidge was a far better President than was Woodrow Wilson.)

My favorite is when the liberal inevitably claims that Obamacare is a “conservative idea”. And, therefore, the only reason Republicans oppose it is because Obama. And racist. Of course they mean the individual mandate, not the entirety of Obamacare, but that point seems lost on them. I point out that when Republicans were in charge, they didn’t implement an individual mandate. I ask that if Republicans are so in love with the individual mandate, which rock-ribbed conservative red states decided to implement their own individual mandate? – no, only liberal blue Massachusetts did. None of that matters. They simply are incapable of critical thinking on this matter. Somewhere, Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews told them this, and they believe it without question.

Had an cousin’s wife give me her genius theory on how to stop cocaine smuggling. Just offer the relevant latin Americans substitute crops….like coffee. Apparently, this savant thinks a crop that fetches about $10 per kilo (retail) is an acceptable substitute for a product that brings about $1000 on the wholesale market.
She also didn’t seem to think Columbians and Peruvians were aware of coffee as a cash crop. She had some substitute crops for poppy growers, but I had tuned out by then and was concentrating on looking down the front of her dress.

I was a liberal when I was 14.
They have not moved past 14 politically.

It’s a simple as this: it’s a lot easier to FEEL than it is to THINK.
Intelectually, liberals are like a morbidly obese person who knows damn well the realities of caloric intake and exercise… but eats the donut anyway.
The donut feels good, and the treadmill feels bad.

I think what surprised me the most, although maybe it shouldn’t have, were the examples where the liberal simply refused to look at contrary evidence, even when the conservative held it up right in front of their face.
See, this is what I mean when I say that there is a difference between being stupid and being merely ignorant. Ignorance is predicated upon the absence of information. Once someone is informed of something, they are no longer ignorant of the topic and may proceed to form or re-form their opinion on the issue.
STUPIDITY is what you get when someone is in full possession of the facts and ignores them.
This is why I have absolutely no qualms about calling 95% of the leftists in this country monstrously, inexplicably, irreversibly STUPID. They are the kind of bone-chilling stupid that makes lobotomized goldfish pause in their pursuit of trying to headbutt their way out of their glass fishbowls and say, “Whoa, dude. That is some weapon’s grade stupid right there. Wow.”
Never accuse a leftist of being ignorant. They don’t deserve such dispensation. Call them stupid and know that you are simply telling them a truth they are too STUPID to believe anyway.

Oh, and they all seem to think that we are hypnotized by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on a daily basis. Now THAT is projection, since they are hypnotized by Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow on a daily basis.

And like many spoiled 14-year-olds, they will NEVER admit that Dad is right. They’d rather sulk and call him a racist nazi.

You can find much lefty obtuseness on this site. I thought I would post some gems when the first request came up, but I didn’t know where to start.

Regarding the leftists ignorance facts and data presented to them – it is why I think they should be ‘Low Intelligence Voters’ instead of ‘Information.’ They have a wealth of info at their disposal yet choose not to think about it critically.

The trouble with liberals is their assumption that involuntary collective action is less costly than voluntary collective action. From that one false assumption flow a million different stupid policies.

I just had a experience like that this week. A guy who works for me, one of the best scientists I’ve ever met and a really good guy, made some comment about the evils of capitalism. I pointed out that capitalism was the greatest force for lifting people out of misery and poverty in the history of mankind, well over a billion in the last 20 years alone. He responded that it was at the price of some guy in North Carolina getting rich by shipping textile jobs overseas. I told him I seriously doubted that the one billion cared about someone getting rich in NC because now they could feed their families. I also asked him if he was familiar with the concept of comparative advantage, or had read Wealth of Nations. His response: that’s a very old book.
I gave up.

Narcissism is basically at the root of liberalism. There is an overblown sense of self worth that tells them they know better than any fact, any argument, or anyone. Yeah, they are that retarded.

We informed types are dismissive of Sean Hannity but he actually ideal for capturing low info pseudo-leftists.Think of him as conservative kindergarten.

During my long drive through the bleak stretches of Illinois yesterday I actually pondered the difference between liberals and conservatives.
– think short-term
– are interested almost exclusively about results
– are interested almost exclusively about directly tangible outcomes
– think long-term
– are interested more about process than about results
– are interested both in the tangible outcomes but also in the non-tangible outcomes
So when it comes to something like welfare, liberals see a poor woman living in poverty and say “the government should give her money”. And that’s it. No consideration for the moral hazards, no consideration for how the money was obtained in the first place (extracted from wealth creators), no consideration for concerns about economic liberty or any of that.
In other words, liberal “philosophy” is just shallow means-justify-the-ends nonsense.

My liberal boss believes that Barack Obama comes to her in her dreams. They are TOTALLY hypnotized by their political figures, it is a cult.

107 – are interested almost exclusively about results
Sorry, Chemjeff, but I couldn’t disagree more. They’re about striking a pose, not results.

We informed types are dismissive of Sean Hannity but he actually ideal
for capturing low info pseudo-leftists.Think of him as conservative
So true! He speaks in a way that they can understand: talking point speak.

– think short-term
– are interested almost exclusively about results
I’d argue this one. Liberals couldn’t give a crap about results. Look at all their ‘feel good’ programs. Zero results…..or negative results. Yet, they ‘feel good’ about what they did.

Cleverness is essentially an agility in leaping from one point to the next. If you’re truly humble on your search for truth, those leaps are likely to be the chain of thinking that leads to being right. But if you allow your intelligence to be the servant of your ego — which happens all-too-often with smart people who are enthralled by their own smartness, who naturally congregate under the banner of a political banner that fetishizes “smartness” –then your ego is directing the direction of the leaping, and it becomes a circle-the-wagons path of self-defense. Alas the more clever you are, the better you are at persuading yourself that curved lines are actually straight…

Re: Hannity and a message to the masses.
If anyone here has ever read “Mere Christianity” by C.S Lewis, you know how powerful it is. Yet it is a compilation of radio addresses written for the masses.
Lewis lowers his altitude by about 10-20,000 feet for that material, and what a powerful thing he did.

Which is why we should have to pass a basic civics test to be able to vote. On the other hand…give this criminal regime enough time and all of those aforementioned ‘liberal beliefs’ will become ‘facts.’ Commie playbook #2.

Ya know, I have to wonder what they really think a “corporation” is. They must think that a corporate board meeting is akin to some sort of Satanic ritual. Do they even understand at all what a corporation actually is?
You know what will really freak them out? Tell them that all of the major unions are actually organized as…. *corporations*.

Some people *are* their opinions. If they don’t realize that all humans are flawed, and, therefore, they are flawed, they will react in the manner we see everyday. A short word for this: pride.

You can’t argue the truthfulness of a fact. A fact, by definition, is true. You can argue the truthfulness of a sentence, or a proposition. Not a fact.

Tami, the bottom tier foot soldiers of the socialist progressive FSA are kept in line by the lies told to them that they are doing good things by their actions.
And people talk about the Children’s Crusade as if its an aberration and abomination caused by the religious faithful without realizing we are seeing a similar one right now with the FSA/OWS bunch.

ok, this is too perfect, but I swear it’s true:
Her: nobody needs a gun.
Me: gun ownership actually saves more lives than it ‘costs,’ a lot more.
Her: don’t spout your statistics at me! I know how I FEEL !!

What I mean by this, is that they don’t really care how a particular result was obtained.
If a poor guy got a government welfare check and was now suddenly not as poor, the liberal would consider this to be a “success” without any consideration on how the money was obtained, how the money was distributed, and what the money was ultimately spent on.

This is another reason why they make me laugh with their stupidity. Leftists cannot form their own opinions. They have to be fed their opinions by other people. Their mental apparatus for analyzing information and drawing conclusions is so feeble and stunted that the act of trying to form an original thought causes a great deal of anxiety for your average leftist. This is why they spend their money on life coaches and therapists, and spend their evenings watching MSNBC to learn what they’re supposed to think.
Since leftists cannot form their own thoughts or opinions, they assume that those of us on the right are the same. I find it hilarious that they think we worship at the altar of the Koch brothers (who I’d never even HEARD of before the last election, and could give a shit about in general), or Hannity or Limbaugh or Beck. They don’t seem to realize that, even when we agree with these figures, we also DISAGREE with them. We actually have our own mindthoughts and don’t mind putting them into mouthwords.
They WILL NOT believe this. They won’t. Try to tell them that the Tea Party movemnt doesn’t have a leader and they will laugh in your face and tell you it’s Palin, or it’s Beck, or it’s Bachmann, or it’s the Kochs. They have no concept of a group of like-minded individuals coming together for a common goal. Everything on the left MUST be controlled from a central power, or it all falls apart.

I’ve noted that before. This is why, whatever your opinion about abortion, Roe v. Wade was a bad decision.
Conservatives believe that there are rules that must be followed. The Constitution says nothing about Federal government involvement in abortion. The 10th amendment says it should be left to the states.
Liberals focused entirely on their desired end, i.e. legal abortion. They didn’t care whether the rules had to be bent or broken to achieve their desired outcome.

The funny thing,the bigger the corporation the more they have to gain by getting cozy with the government.FDR understood this,as did Hitler.

You’re forgetting that the liberal would also not consider what use the money MIGHT have gone for. The unseen, baby. Bastiat. Hazlitt.
Liberal: “What? Who?”

I think it is a mistake to regard Libs as uniformly stupid. To be sure, the leadership relies in ignorant voters. But for a fact, they would not hold the Academy, the Presidency, the Senate, or the media if they really were dull, short term thinkers. Obamacare became the law of the land because of some strategic decisions as well as dumb luck.
Whatever they might not know is more than compensated by their ability to manipulate those who know the least.

My San Francisco cousins swear the Republicans wouldn’t give migrant workers water just to save money on portable toilets. Somehow this evil plot led to human fecal matter on lettuce and therefore food poisining.

Try reading Jonatham Haidt’s _The Righteous Mind_ for some useful insights.
His thesis is that Progs and Cons value some common core virtues differently. They also understand the nature of these virtues differently.

I went to church with a guy who was an abortion apologizing, anti death sentence activist catholic and gun control was one of his soap boxes. His sister broke down on the side of the highway and two guys raped her and cut her into ribbons.
Now he’s a conceal carry licensed guy who wants those bastards to get the needle. Changed how he feels about it I guess.

I had a discussion with a brain dead liberal, and at the end her comment is ‘I don’t care that is how I feel”
well I won, but sorta lost
they got to turn their own light bulb on

I told my brother “Corporations are just people, after all” and he scoffed loudly. “Well, who do you think runs them – robots?” That made him pause. I then went on “If sometimes they act greedily it’s because that the people are greedy, and being together aggrandizes the effect…” He asked me in all seriousness, “You think people are greedy?”

I’ve got one, too. When the payroll tax ended in January, my friend obviously blamed it on the Republicans. I said, well, it was President Obama’s tax holiday that was only supposed to last one or two years, and, after the election, Obama didn’t care if it got renewed. He said President Obama would never allow taxes to go up on the middle class and that those rascally Republicans must have snuck the tax increase in at the last minute without the President knowing.

You can’t argue the truthfulness of a fact.
For the left, truth, as we have come to know it, is a malleable and situationally variable quantity.

Lib sister says housing bubble was caused by rich people paying cash for houses and that’s how the prices got driven up.
It wasn’t the loans banks were forced to give to unqualified buyers.
She seems to think wealthy people sleep on stacks of cash like Scrooge Mc Duck.

Some people *are* their opinions. If they don’t realize that all humans are flawed, and, therefore, they are flawed, they will react in the manner we see everyday. A short word for this: pride.

I do remember one very bright, very talented lady going on about why should people complain about “just throwing money at a problem”, because isn’t that what money’s for?

I was recently told that fascism was corporate control of government. Flipped the actual definition on its ear.

What they really want to be is back in High School and part of the cool kids. They never got over it. And now, they can be a member of the clique by saying and thinking the right things.
That’s exactly what it is. Look at the prime motivator: Envy. Leftism just gave them a way to be cool with adolescents, which they perpetually remain. They never left high school. Same with the college graduates. They want to go back to high school and be the IN crowd.
Quite pathetic from people who claim such superior aires.

He said President Obama would never allow taxes to
go up on the middle class and that those rascally Republicans must have
snuck the tax increase in at the last minute without the President
Didn’t he feel all icky about saying someone slipped something past the smartest president EVAH?

Liberals also think that everyone is motivated by their appetites–because most liberals are. Because of this, they believe that no one should be responsible for the results of said appetites. See: abortion.

This, in my experience, is very close to the truth. The biggest narcissist I know (and I mean that he is textbook and would be diagnosed as such in a minute if he were to ever go to a shrink), who is also emotionally about 15, is a proud low-info liberal. Gets all his news from Jon Stewart and Bill Maher and thinks he has the most enlightened opinion on every topic, even those he knows absolutely nothing about (which, honestly, is most of them). When you really drill down to why he is a lefty, it’s basically that he feels like he is owed something for allowing us the privelege of breathing the same air as he does. So he picked the team that told him he was right. He’s a complete prick. Not the only narcissist I know that is a lefty but he is the worst one.

This is just the projection of “I want it to be so, therefore, it is so.” They really feel that returning to their animalistic urges will somehow fulfill them in a way that living a moral and ethical life will not. After all, once you abandon God, you have no rational reason to conform to any system other than “if it feels good, do it.”
They have the brains of infants in this regard.

For the left, truth is relative and based on subjective criteria (i.e., feelings). At least for the indians.
For the chiefs, relativism is just a tool to subvert objective truth and achieve their goals, which have nothing to do with truth, justice or the American way.

They want to turn us into slaves.
Posted by: Jack at June 09, 2013 09:47 PM (gWHwW)
Well, they ARE part of the DEMOCRAT party, aren’t they?

Narcissism is implicit in progressive’s world-view, since striving to be the benevolent world-changer predicates that a) you believe you’re smart enough to know how to fix the entire world and b) arrogant enough to think it can be done.

Liberals never believe they have the burden of proof. It will always be a demand for you to have encyclopedic knowledge and references for everything, they just spout off whatever BS that comes to mind and it’s up to you to disprove them.
It’s not even a movement, it’s just a flaw in human behavior that’s probably led to mass conflict for 40,000 years, and probably always will, unless we’re all brainwashed into being cogs in a machine.

Yup, they actually believe that we “hate the poor”, without irony or exaggeration.
Posted by: chemjeff at June 09, 2013 09:46 PM (5p18q)
I love to ask them, “What have you done today for a poor person, exactly?”
My other favorite is when I am attacked for my pro-life stance, and somebody says “Oh, yeah, like you are going to adopt all those babies nobody wants.” I get to tell them that I did, and would, and will. They really don’t see it and assume all conservatives hate women/poor/liberals. They might be right about that last one, but it’s more pity than hate at this point.

Leftists are interested in achieving their goals in their preconceived ways. How to fight poverty? Give people money. How to improve education? Give people money. How to provide housing to low income people? Give people money.
Still suffering with poverty? Give more money. Education outcomes getting worse? Give more money. Homes being foreclosed on in record numbers? Give more money.
The problem with leftists is they don’t adapt. They assume that the reason their actions didn’t lead to the desired result isn’t because it was the wrong action, but because it was implemented incorrectly. It’s the reason why they blame “bad messaging” any time one of their initiatives gets a poor reception from the public. It’s why they believe, despite the evidence of history, that communism and socialism WOULD work if the right people were doing it. “We’ll get it RIGHT this time! You’ll see!”
It’s a hopelessly naive, irredeemably STUPID way to view the world.
Conservatives have our own preconceived actions that we choose to take to combat different problems, but with a few key differences:
1) The evidence of history proves that our methods WORK.
2) If something isn’t working, we STOP DOING IT.
We’re far from perfect, but we’re much more interested in achieving our desired result than we are in the methods we use to achieve them.

Appetites and impulse.
That’s one of many reasons behind their push for more laws, regulations, etc.
“Let’s just get rid of all gun control and have blood in the street’ is a great example of this.
A law on paper doesn’t restrain me from murder – my morality and human decency does. Don’t know why that is so complicated.

About half the country thinks the crappy economy is all GW Bush’s fault, while simultaneously believing the economy is doing great and that is thanks to Barack Obama.
’nuff said.

And the radical eco-leftists believe the middle class should be driven into poverty as well.
Funny that Al Gore is hell-bent on taking himself the opposite direction.

“Ayn Rand is a tour de force of logic and reason. The problem is getting people to read her who aren’t interested or aren’t willing to do so. ”
The narcissist lefty I mentioned up thread read Atlas Shrugged about two years ago. Loved it. Thinks of himself as a real world of Hank Reardon. Still a retarded lefty. And I’m not kidding about his estimation of himself there, either. He said the thing about him being Hank Reardon at Thanksgiving dinner and I almost choked on my turkey.

Fact: I been called racist a few times by liberals in comment sections for criticizing an individual black person.
The most fun incident was a few years back at Hot Air when I said that then RNC chair Michael Steele should be fired for cause. One of their trolls claimed that I was saying that all black people were incompetent. I countered that unless Steele was all black people, I had said no such thing.
This went on for a bit with the other commenters keeping the secret and giggling. Finally, the troll wouldn’t be persuaded and repeated the accusation. Then, snidely, he added “I bet some of your best friends are black men.”
“Yes,” I said. “And they are quite competent. My father and my brothers are very competent too.” Even after that, it took the troll a few comments to figure out what I meant. After that, he started blowing smoke up my a**.

Well, you can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think.

What I’m enjoying during this NSA flap is how so many liberal obots are sounding like rightwingers. They’ve become what they despise. They are defending the NSA and deriding Snowden, calling him a traitor. So many put party over principles (not that their priniciples were honestly held to begin with.)

Out here in the People’s Soviet Socialist Republic of Commiefornia, the typical liberal talking point is that “military spending is 50% of the budget”.
I come back with the actual figure, and they say “But you’re not counting the cost of Bush’s wars”.
(Note that although my liberal Democratic representative in the House, and one of my two liberal Democratic senators, both voted for both of the wars in question, the wars are always “Bush’s wars” here, and always will be.)
I point out that I am in fact counting the cost of the wars to the penny.
They then say “You’re not counting veterans’ programs.”
I point out that I am.
They start to get panicky. “You’re not counting the CIA.”
No, I’m not. Because that’s not military spending. But let’s add in CIA, NSA and various other three-letter agencies. Still not anywhere even remotely close to 50% of the budget.
(Liberal eyes shifting rapidly.) “You aren’t counting nuclear weapons support costs at the Department of Energy.”
Fair enough. Let’s put that in. (Those costs are basically a rounding error.)
They insist on adding anything and everything even remotely related to defense and still don’t get their cherished “50%” of the budget. Even wanting to add present-day interest on defense-related components of prior years’ budgets.
What’s the final fallback?
“Secret black programs that nobody knows about.”
When you cock your head and say, “So we’re down to undisprovable assertions now?”, their response is to say smugly, “See, you don’t have all the answers.”
Rational discourse across the left-right divide really is no longer possible. The only solution is to shut down the USA, and split up the country as amicably as we can all manage.

And the radical eco-leftists believe the middle class should be driven into poverty as well.
But that’s not how they think about it. To the eco-leftists, it’s not about “driving the middle class into poverty.” It’s about bringing mankind into harmony with nature. They don’t perceive the loss of wealth and health and stability as a negative; they view it as evidence that people are returning to a pristine state of nature.

split up the country as amicably as we can all manage.
Posted by: torquewrench at June 09, 2013 10:11 PM (gqT4g)
And a generation later?
I don’t know what the answer to the age-old problem of learning disorders, but I do know that trying to wall them off won’t work.
It’s in our DNA.
I think it’s treatable in a culture that values honesty, and there was a time when the majority of Americans did that, even if they had different opinions.
But there is a subculture that *hates* honesty, and that subculture deliberately sought positions of influence and power.
A *lot* of sunlight and a *lot* of hard work is the only answer to that.

Rational discourse across the left-right divide really is no longer possible. The only solution is to shut down the USA, and split up the country as amicably as we can all manage.
Posted by: torquewrench at June 09, 2013 10:11 PM (gqT4g)
We’ll get the real estate back later anyway after they abort themselves into extinction.

Remember back during the election when the trolls talked about how much more intelligent their candidates were than ours? Our side in 2012 had PhDs (Gingrich), MDs (Paul), and a mathematician (Cain), amongst others, while their candidates are almost universally lawyers.

“Facts don’t matter. It’s the Narrative that matters.”
Evan Thomas

We’ll get the real estate back later anyway after they abort themselves into extinction.
Posted by: eman at June 09, 2013 10:15 PM (cQ4xo
They’ll crash their economies before that happens.

I missed the original post so I have to share this one here. i was in the Peace Corps around 12 years ago and got used to hearing all sort of iditic statments by young, dumb libs but one just really stood out;
The whole world should be able to vote in American elections because we are so powerful and have so much influence and control it isn’t fair to the other contries , who are all pretty much oppressed by us.
No sh*t. Some hippie chick actually said that to me in almost those exact words with full sincerity. They have forever since been etched into my mind.

It’s simple,blacks who don’t follow the approved political line are not black.Blacks on the left are not only complicit in this , they lead the charge.

We’ll get the real estate back later anyway after they abort themselves into extinction.
Posted by: eman at June 09, 2013 10:15 PM (cQ4xo)
Not if they pass amnesty we won’t.

They don’t perceive the loss of wealth and
health and stability as a negative; they view it as evidence that
people are returning to a pristine state of nature.
Posted by: MWR
They haven’t experienced smallpox…, or rotted teeth…, or tetanus…, or typhus…, bubonic plague, etc.

“You know what will really freak them out? Tell them that all of the major unions are actually organized as…. *corporations*. ”

Won’t bother them at all. They know that anybody who disagrees with them, like you, is a liar. They know because they are good people and really care, so anybody who disagrees with them obviously is a bad person who DOESN’T care. Obvious, right?
I wish that wasn’t exactly how many actual American voting adults think, but it is.

I think the ones who change from liberal to conservative are those who respect the truth. In order to be a liberal, you have to live in a cognitive vacume and believe that your policies help people. Which is why they always try to silence opposing viewpoints, because they initiate cognitive dissonance when faced with facts or with reality.
They are three times more likely than either a conservative or moderate to try and shun or shut down conversations with people online when opinions are antithetical to their internal belief. Many of them are not payed for their beliefs and so form an internal set of rules and views that are much harder to wrangle with than someone who is bribed/forced to think a certain way. Which is why congresspeople change their views to suit what is popular since they will get their affirmations from external sources of either punishment:voters or rewards: donors.
When a lowly liberal faces facts and reality, the cognitive dissonance is incredibly uncomfortable for them and it is easier for them to just shut down the conversation or call the facts/ person arguing with them liars. I know, that is exactly how I was.

The Left likes to blurt out “The USA has 5% of the world’s population, but consumes 30% of the world’s resources! That’s wrong!”
The USA does not consume any resources. The USA, just like every other country, transforms resources. Resources really are pretty much useless unless you transform them. Oh, and BTW, that 5/30 ratio is something to be proud of, you ignorant myopic hypocrites.
Most Lefty/Liberal rants and sayings and slogans are derived from Soviet propaganda.
It’s all there to undermine the West. What, you thought the Cold War was over?

256 242 It’s simple,blacks who don’t follow the approved political line are not black.Blacks on the left are not only complicit in this , they lead the charge.
Posted by: steevy at June 09, 2013 10:20 PM (9XBK2)
Basically, such people are buying into white supremacist “thinking”: that black people have a special black way of thinking and that we need someone to take care of us because we are unable to take care of ourselves.
Liberals and white supremacists think black people need masters.

I like the one where some try to make you feel guilty about not living the life of a 14th Century peasant that goes something like this:
“Americans are x% of the world’s population and use xx% (some very high percentage) of the world’s—-
My response goes along the lines of “Yeah, we’re depriving the Muslim world of their fair share of bacon with all our greed..”
The idea of how much of the world’s — is produced by Americans or what other cultures might actually desire never enters their heads, it’s all about how we should feel guilty and greedy.

Reading this thread I’ve seen these attributes ascribed to leftists:
Hmmm, the list seems familiar somehow…

274 233 #31 Regarding that prof who is an anti-humanist enviro-freak–someone needs to ask him why he doesn’t off himself as an example. Why does he allow himself to remain alive, consuming resources?
Posted by: BubbaLou at June 09, 2013 10:17 PM (qKpun)
That, my friend, is where the narcissism comes in. I am sure this gentleman believes himself just too important a voice to be silenced for the greater good.

Regarding Snowden,
I’m looking forward to a Barack Obama administration prosecuting a guy for having more balls than Barack Obama to stop something Barack Obama said in 2007 was unacceptable.
I am also looking forward to libs rallying around St. Barack at the end of the day.
Moral–if Barack is right in 2013, then he and his supporters were absolutely wrong before. What else do they have no clue about? And what kind of ethical man can write a jeremiad against a sitting President for doing something, and then not just do the same thing after being elected, but do it in a bigger style?
Besides a egocentric self-righteous narcissist, that is.

100% of any liberal/Democrat’s opinion on anything is a product of how they respond to the issue emotionally. Facts, logic and reason can never dissuade someone from how they feel.
All one can do now is maximize their cognitive dissonance and enjoy. Or, just annoy them:
Liberal: We need comprehensive immigration reform.
Me: Why?
Liberal: We cannot deport 11 million people.
Me: How many can we deport? Let’s start with that and build on it.

I’m reminded of when I mentioned to a co-worker, some years ago, about how the top few percent pay half of the income tax. They acted like they had never heard that before, and did not believe me. Yeah, I’m guessing it was a liberal.
The way I see it, the top few percent of tax payerspay the first half, the next50 percent pay the second half – and the third half is borrowed!

I’ve said it many times, liberals believe weird shit about their Party. They believe that it was Republicans who started slavery. They believe the KKK was created by Republicans. They have no idea who gave women and black people the right to vote. You tell them Democrats took women’s right away to vote so Republicans had to give it back a second time and they’ll say you’re making shit up.
They’ve never heard any of this.

The Left likes to blurt out “The USA has 5% of the world’s population, but consumes 30% of the world’s resources! That’s wrong!”
When a lefty told me this, I replied:
“You’re right. I take your point. We should vaporize the other 95% of the world’s population. Then we would be 100% of the world’s population, but consume 30% of the world’s resources, and we’d be cool, right?”

“He would burst out of the front door in a bathrobe wielding a broom in
the middle of the night to go swatting at the bushes where the
nightbirds would sing.”
In the neighborhood where I grew up there was a mockingbird that, every spring for a number of years, would perform its repertoire at 2AM in the morning almost on a nightly basis in a tree two houses down. The only good thing was that the cursed bird was easily silenced with a closely located shot from a BB pistol.

This is a farm. (courtesy of reddit) Fits right in with this thread.

things like this are the reason why I think the term ‘Low Information Voters’ is inaccurate.
Many of these ‘LIV’s are actually comfortable with the status quo… and will automatically discard any information which doesn’t conform to their already pre-determined worldview.
There are none so blind as those who refuse to see… and then there are none who have so little information as those who refuse to learn the truth.

There is a Forbes article today regarding the 80% increase in individual insurance premiums for Ohio residents due to Obamacare.
One of the first comments is from a lib who, besides complaining that the article is cherry picking stats(you know, from I think ten different insurers in Ohio who have reported their estimates…etc.)was this gem.
” Only a tiny percentage of people will have a rate increase, that will be those young males who have only bought bare bones insurance plans.”
Subsequent commenters have lit into him tooth and nail.

I mean, how dare anyone simply buy a policy that covers what they need covered….when that young male should be paying for ob/gyn services, gay mental health services, and transgender surgery.

313 http://twitpic.com/7ins90
the tinyurl link used to go to breitbart’s listing of everyone who got arrested under the Occupy Whatever flag. When confronted with facts, shoot the messenger, put your hands over your ears, and start chanting “Not listening, not listening!”

I love, love, LOVE when liberals use the excuse of “Bush did it first!!”
I just turn it back on them and say “oh, so you’re a supporter of Bush’s policies, then?”
Spastic little vein poppage usually ensues.


And from where AoSHQ got its inspiration for the thread, discussion on Ricochet.com:

A liberal/hippie/atheist girl once told me that Warren Buffet was right that the ‘rich’ (loosely defined as everybody making $1 more than her) had to pay more taxes to fund welfare because Jesus Christ said it was Christian’s duty to take care of the poor and not get rich and that the government had to make sure Christians were doing the job.

I was once told by a liberal guy (can’t call him a man) that while he deeply regretted cheating on his wife, once they split up, he didn’t feel at all bad about continuing the affair with a married woman because then he wasn’t doing anything wrong (the married woman was). Nope, no moral gray area there!
I actually thought I hadn’t heard him correctly, or maybe had suffered a small stroke, because I couldn’t comprehend that an adult could believe such a thing.

I was discussing abortion with a Lib and I suggested that perhaps we could at least pass a law requiring that the fetuses be given anesthesia before they are cut apart inside their mother’s womb. He was opposed because he said that fetuses could not feel.
I pushed back, arguing that if he were right the worst that could happen is that a few chemicals would be wasted. If he were wrong, he would be sentencing babies to unimaginable pain. After reflecting on this he admitted that to concede that a fetus could feel pain would be to concede its humanity and that would make him uncomfortable with his support for abortion.
In other words, he was willing to put millions of babies through terrible pain rather than feel bad about himself.
Much of what passes for liberalism these days is not about care for others; it’s about feeling good about oneself for the least effort.

An activist once spoke at our church advocating that we boycott companies that manufactured goods in third-world countries but didn’t pay first-world wages. I asked whether the workers would be better off after we shut the factories down. He shrugged off the question, saying “I don’t know, I’m not an economist.” How can people act without considering the impact on the people they claim to be helping?
Edited on May 15, 2013 at 4:52pm

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”

We should hunt and kill Palin because she killed a wolf. Haven’t told the lady yet that I’m planning to try such a thing on the land sharks myself.

I think my first real jaw dropper was first quarter freshman year when I was having a conversation in a history class about POW camps. I said during the Second World War the Germans and Japanese treated their POWs much worse than the Americans and that we didn’t torture our POWs while the Japanese and Germans did almost routinely. I can still see the liberal girl I was talking to bristle, it was the first time I had heard the term “ethnocentrism”. I was shocked. I tried to tell her about beatings, beheading, the Bhutan Death March, cannibalism, and the list goes on…….. but that was just “jingoism”.

I was in a discussion where I was defending my belief in God and his role in the creation of the universe, earth, life, etc. The person I was arguing with was very condescending with the basic attitude that anybody that believes in God, has faith or any sort of religion is delusional, stupid, etc. At one point I asked that since he did not believe in God how he thought life started on earth. At first he start with the evolution argument but as I told him evolution explains how we got the way we are but does not explain how life started, where that first living thing that we all evolved from came from. He got quiet for a second then said that he was not really sure but thought the most plausible explanation was that we were visited in ancient times by aliens that left life on the planet. I started to laugh before I realized that he was serious, ancient space aliens seeding life throughout the universe was a reasonable explanation to him, but God, now that was a step to far.

Um, how did the alien life get started? · 15 minutes ago
Other aliens, duh. · 5 minutes ago
Actually that was his answer when I asked the same question. I guess he thought they all started each other in a fit of diversity. I gather that he saw a show on PBS that gave him the original concept.

I think it’s a tie between
“If women ran the world, there would be no war”
the one who looked at a biological argument with citations from neutral sources for call claims and accused me of being an anti-science bigot who is really a dried up lesbian that’s never had sex. Under the post about my first daughter’s birth. (my imagination isn’t good enough to make that up; I’m using the excuse that said person was insane rather than just liberal to justify sharing two crazy things)

@Johnny Dubya: Park Slope – wonderful!! That brings to mind the great Park Slope “boy’s hat” e-mail controversy of 2006! See:
and this whole page is hilarious:
Talk about crazy things libs say!

Reminds me of the story of an anthropologist talking to someone who believed that the world sits on the back of a turtle. He asked the man what the turtle stood on. The reply was, another turtle. And what does that turtle stand on? The reply: It’s turtles all the way down.
FJG’s liberal friend placed his theory of creation on the back of an alien and it’s aliens all the way down.

A coworker stated something to the effect of “government is far more efficient than the private sector.” When I challenged him to provide an example, he didn’t hesitate to say “The post office is a great example of how well the government works”
I about swallowed my tongue when I realized he wasn’t kidding.

A Chicago progressive: “Libertarianism means that it’s okay to kill and eat your neighbors.”

Greetings – I’m a new member of Ricochet. I have a long list, but wanted to share one that occurred just this afternoon. I work in a company that has many conservative employees, but there are a few liberals lurking. Not far from my desk is a break room, with a TV that is always tuned to Fox News. A co-worker was in the break room; I usually avoid her because she’s a condescending know-it-all about any topic. Charles Krauthammer was on Fox News. She asked me what was wrong with him (he was breathing hard as he talked). She also didn’t know who he was (!). I told her that Krauthammer is a highly regarded conservative journalist who is paralyzed. She snidely noted this and said that she is not a conservative; I replied that I am hopeful that the current scandals will wake people up about what is going on. She said “What scandals? Oh, deary, if you get your news from Faux News you are hearing lies.” She refused to acknowledge any of the latest news and stood there smirking at me when I tried to talk about Benghazi, the IRS, AP, etc. It is a cult…

I was told once that the reason communism has failed is because that it has never really been tried.
I’d read that excuse previously- but to have someone actually say it to my face and actually believe it shocked me then and shocks me now.

Although it does remind me of when I confronted one guy who used the same line by pointing out that I hadn’t had cable in a decade, and the only reason I’d linked a Fox station is because they had the only coverage of the story that I’d heard on the radio, who explained that– essentially– any news story he didn’t believe became “Fox reported X.” Even if it was MSNBC.

On boxing day last year in the company of several ivy league professors:
“The main stream media are hopelessly biased in favour of the right – a result of the fact that they are owned by mega-corporations.”
I was the sole dissenter.

“Why doesn’t the government just print money and give it to poor people?”

Ooooh, great question! I’ll have to think about this one (I lived in SF since the Bush years, so the idiocy just becomes a blur).
But back in college I was debating an econ professor about anti-trust laws. I had been a libertarian for only a few months, but had her completely flustered. Her argument that free markets (as opposed to government meddling) lead to problematic monopolies was based on what happens in the board game Monopoly. “The whole point is to buy up all the squares!!!” She just kept on repeating that as if it had any relevance to the real world.
Finally, I ended the argument and told her: “Sorry, but I think Milton Friedman is a more credible economist than Milton Bradley.”

A liberal/hippie/atheist girl once told me that Warren Buffet was right that the ‘rich’ (loosely defined as everybody making $1 more than her) had to pay more taxes to fund welfare because Jesus Christ said it was Christian’s duty to take care of the poor and not get rich and that the government had to make sure Christians were doing the job. · 16 hours ago
ah yes, the classic rub-the-Bible-in-a-Christian’s-face by a person who doesn’t otherwise believe in it or care about it in any other context, or even understand it or even know what it says.

I was silly enough to take cultural anthropology at community college, not realizing that in doing so i was going to have to suffer a full on commie teacher with his agenda weaving its way through practically every topic in the class. I remember i didn’t even bother to come to class on the day we were scheduled to talk about economic systems.
one of my favorites: the discovery of agriculture was the biggest mistake in man’s history. cause, of course, among other things, it led to inequality.
it actually stuck me as sad that this man was 40 years older than me, a mere 19 year old, and could hardly be said to have had any more wisdom about the world and human nature.

Aborgurs. Slaughtering cattle is immoral, yet humans love meat. The compromise? Use aborted cow fetuses!
That’s just wrong.

Xennady: I was told once that the reason communism has failed is because that it has never really been tried.
I’d readthat excuse previously- but to have someone actually say it to my face and actually believe it shocked me then and shocks me now.
the only worthy response to this is to ask what planet they are from.

Stephen Hall: On boxing day last year in the company of several ivy league professors:
“The main stream media are hopelessly biased in favour of the right – a result of the fact that they are owned by mega-corporations.”
I was the sole dissenter.
you hear that sometimes. the “logic” seems to go something like this:
conservatives are corrupt, corporations are corrupt and supported by conservatives. the media is owned by corporations, therefore the media is conservative.

it must be a real mystery to someone like that why Obama has been elected twice.

Joseph Eagar: Aborgurs. Slaughtering cattle is immoral, yet humans love meat. The compromise? Use aborted cow fetuses!
That’s just wrong. · 1 hour ago
gross! but at least it is consistent, they don’t value the life of an unborn cow.

“Volunteer work should be illegal because it takes jobs away from those who need them.”

After Mass one Sunday, I headed to the parish hall to join others for coffee and donuts. I started to join an elderly woman at an otherwise empty table (it soon became apparent why) when she angrily (I mean, gritted teeth) expressed her contempt for George Bush because he just didn’t care about all those dead polar bears.
I made my excuses and cautiously backed away. Clearly, though, she was just crazed and her liberalism may have been only incidental to that.
I also had a smart guy — former HP engineer, now self-employed — explain to me how we had to carpet the interior of the US with wind turbines. It’s the only solution to the energy/climate crisis. And he was serious. Oof.

it must be a real mystery to someone like that why Obama has been elected twice. · 5 hours ago
He’s a right-leaning moderate.
No, really, I was told that by a former shipmate…..

During an email exchange with an old high school friend, he told me that the media was more biased to the right than the left. Reeling off examples, he wrote, “The Boston Globe – conservative. The Washington Post – pretty conservative,” and then finished off with, “The New York Times – VERY conservative.”
My gast was pretty much flabbered.

I was in a heated argument in law school regarding sports with my law professor. He made the assertion that segregating sports based on gender was akin to racial segregation in the United States. I went through the physiological differences between men and women (hormones, muscle mass, relative height and weight differences) and he responded that early-twentieth century racists had theories about the inherent differences between the races too.
My jaw dropped. I conceded that, yes, there were fallacious racial theories at one point but that does not undermine the scientific and, well, obvious physical differences between men and women. If you want to allow women to compete athletically, with a extremely narrow exception, most women will not be able to compete at a professional or high collegiate level with men at the same age. I had to literally explain that there was a difference between men and women to a liberal.
It finally took a former all-american basketball player and WNBA draftee to explain that she practices and competes with men who were varsity-level high school players to satisfy the professor.

I once had a (former) friend respond to Scott Brown’s election by wishing that the people of Massachusetts would all get fatal diseases they couldn’t afford to get treated.
Another one responded to my reference to the famous Chesterton quote about how people shouldn’t change things without first understanding why they are the way they are in the first place by asking me if I thought women should be allowed to wear pants.

We only teach Keynesianism because the other schools are irrelevant and outdated.

My question to a liberal, because I’d really like to know: “Why do you like Obama?”
His actual answer: “Because everyone in the world is smarter than Bush.”

That Warren Buffet made his billions making furniture and had nothing to do with Wall Street.

Annegeles: My question to a liberal, because I’d really like to know: “Why do you like Obama?”
His actual answer: “Because everyone in the world is smarter than Bush.” · 17 minutes ago
The ideal liberal response, they managed to dodge the question and insult our previous President simultaneously. Efficient.

Another one: A friend told me that even though Bill Clinton was a womanizer she still really liked him. In the next sentence she said she couldn’t believe that Clarence Thomas was on the Supreme Court because of Anita Hill.

I was sitting next to a woman on an airplane and, as we flew over an affluent part of town, she railed against all those people down their making their vile profits. Later in the flight she showed me a photo of a South American woman standing by a beautiful rug that she had made by hand. My fellow passenger remarked that she purchased rugs from the woman for a few hundred dollars, then resold them for several thousand.

When Bill Clinton was in office, I just could not understand how liberal after liberal would keep exclaiming, that Bill Clinton, a middle aged, white, good ole boy from Arkansas, was in fact America’s first Black President and that I was just too dumb to see it.
After a while I did run across a liberal or two that stated that yes they knew he was white but that he was being treated the same as a black man would be if he was President. Now that we really do have a man in office that has black ancestry, I wonder if they ever look back and realize how wrong they were.

I usually don’t bother getting in political arguments, but I do recall one time at a bar where I was talking with another regular and he was bemoaning how we’re destroying the environment and, more specifically, how we’re tearing down all the trees. When I pointed out the simple fact that there are more trees in North America now than there were in 1900, since they’re a renewable resource, and — go figure — companies that sell you tree products want to make sure they have more trees around to sell you later, he said something to the effect of, “Well that all depends on what a fact really is.” I thought that an appropriate signal that any attempt at serious conversation was over.

Along similar lines, I was at a bar once, and the middle-aged man started going off on how awful the US was.
I pointed out that if it was so bad, why do we have 10 million people here illegally?

My wife and I are friends with a couple. She is a rabid liberal who deeply loves Obama. I suspect he’s actually a conservative but is unwilling to face her wrath, so he says little.
I don’t talk politics with her (on other subjects, she’s perfectly normal), except that whenever I see her name on the Caller ID of the family phone, I answer “Dick Cheney residence. Dick speaking.” After she splutters for 10-20 seconds, I go get Mrs. Tabula.
When Obama was elected, she made her husband take her to Washington for Obama’s inauguration. After she came back she insisted on telling us at length just how deeply spiritual the experience was for her. (I think it was just the cold). Her description of him is roughly equivalent to how I could imagine myself describing the Second Coming. She saw (and still sees) Obama as god-like.
It was this description of her rapture that taught me that this whole “cult of personality” thing is very real for some people. It was very, very creepy. And kind of crazy.
I’m a Reagan fan, but he wasn’t a god.

On a message board I encountered a European (natch) who, in a single thread
pronounced confidently that we could achieve world peace if people would just stop joining the military
accused all militaries of training their recruits to be “mindless killing machines”
claimed that spanking children (I don’t even remember how that subject came up) was the “hooting baboon” in a parent taking over and
also claimed that spanking a child taught him that he had no worth as a human being
Being a veteran who was spanked regularly, I chimed in: “So according to you, I am a mindless killing machine who was raised by hooting baboons who taught me that I have no worth as a human being?”

A former neighbor and friend, a beneficiary of your tax dollars for his solar start-up company – left this message on my answering machine after 9-11.
“Was Samson a terrorist?”

The day after 9/11 I met this girl on the train who is a friend of one of my cousins, she told me that the whole thing was pretty bad but overall she was happy because it “hurted” Bush (as in making him feel bad). I was so shocked I just did not know what to say.
Another day, I was wearing a T-shirt with a US-flag and this Professor (from another Spanish University that was visiting our Department) told me: “how do you dare wearing that after all the US has done in the World”. This was just a few months after the invasion of Iraq.
A Lecturer at the University where I did my PhD told us one day, almost in shock, that she saw a documentary the night before where they said that Stalin have not been the great leader she thought it had been….
Another Lecturer (same University) told me months after the war in Iraq started that she felt quite relieved, since she thought the invasion was going to degenerate into a full World War that was going to destroy the planet…

To balance all the previous idiocy I will share the best remark about Communism I have ever heard.
I was working as a volunteer at the National Museum of the USAF, when this “NASCAR family” came into the Cold War gallery. The boy looks at the Berlin Wall exhibit were they had this Eastern German car (the real thing) that looks like a shoebox, and then, turns around and asks his dad: “dad, what’s that?”. The father replies: “that? That’s what happens when you let the goverment build cars”.

“I enjoy Critical Mass events because I get pleasure from harassing and bullying drivers. Privately owned cars are bad. Everybody should bike, walk, or take public transit.”
The spirit of Mussolini is strong in this one.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told that “Christians,” or “the Church” taught/believed that the earth was flat–until Columbus proved them wrong.
When, in fact, every literate person in Europe, and every single seaman, literate or not, knew perfectly well the earth was round. The question was the circumference.
And Columbus was wrong–it was Amerigo Vespucci who correctly concluded that the earth was as large as Euclid predicted, which is why we live in America, not Colombia.
Inevitably, the lib simply can’t get that through their head–because independent, critical thought is just too hard….

In summer of 2000: “I think if Bush were elected, he would have to be assassinated.” Even I, seriously considering voting for Nader, was shocked.

When I was an undergrad at UCLA I had several progressive classmates tell me that the government must subsidize poor women’s right to choose an abortion otherwise the government was violating their Consitutional rights.
Furthermore they asserted that to not provide funding for the arts, like putting crucifixes in urine, was violating people’s free speech rights and the 1st Amendment.
I then asked then if they believed if poor people should be given vouchers for buying guns and they emphatically said “No!”. I then accused them of violating poor women their Second Amendment right to bear arms and relegating the poor to buying cheap Saturday Night Specials from back alley gun dealers.
All hell broke loose.

J. D. Fitzpatrick: In summer of 2000: “I think if Bush were elected, he would have to be assassinated.” Even I, seriously considering voting for Nader, was shocked. · 7 hours ago
a reminder of the hatred towards him that was already common well before Iraq, and even his election.

When I was an undergrad at UCLA I had several progressive classmates tell me that the government must subsidize poor women’s right to choose an abortion otherwise the government was violating their Consitutional rights.
Furthermore they asserted that to not provide funding for the arts, like putting crucifixes in urine, was violating people’s free speech rights and the 1st Amendment.
I then asked then if they believed if poor people should be given vouchers for buying guns and they emphatically said “No!”. I then accused them of violating poor women their Second Amendment right to bear arms and relegating the poor to buying cheap Saturday Night Specials from back alley gun dealers.
All hell broke loose.
the best way to make points with liberals is on their own terms following their own logic.

One of my best friends from high school and I were discussing politics, a rare thing because we know we disagree so completely, when I said I was mainly for the Republicans because of their closer proximity to the smaller government idea, and lower taxes. He replied that lower taxes were bad for the economy. I asked how that could be, and he explained that taxes were a necessary brake on income, and without them income would rise too quickly and cause hyperinflation. I was incredulous because I thought he was such an intelligent person, but how could he believe something so absurd. He apparently had no inkling of free market capitalism and how it self regulates. No government control just equals runaway prices and bedlam. The weirdest part is that he often tells me that he is practically libertarian.

One lefty told me we went into Afghanistan for the oil.

The most outrageous statement I’ve heard is “I’m an Intelligent, open-minded person”. Usually stated just prior to their making one of numerous unintelligent and close-minded statements or conclusions.

One lefty told me we went into Afghanistan for the oil.
We were after the rugs!

Boots on the Table: The most outrageous statement I’ve heard is “I’m an Intelligent, open-minded person”. Usually stated just prior to their making one of numerous unintelligent and close-minded statements or conclusions.
Immediately after that tendentious prologue, interrupt them with “But …. “.

At dinner in DC with a bunch of Dem legislative aides on the evening of President Clinton’s first inauguration. (I was new in town and didn’t have many friends.) Castro had just been “re-elected” president of Cuba. I made joking reference to the ridiculousness of his 90% plus vote margin, never imagining that anyone could take issue with such an obvious observation. But a guy across the table from me narrowed his eyes, looked at me with pure hatred, and called me a c*nt. Seriously. I got up and left; three other people called me the next day to apologize for his behavior.
Side note, my boss was the chairman of the California Club, and this same guy kept trying to join. Gee, I wonder what happened to his numerous applications?

At a party in college (a lot of beer and other stuff going around) a guy no one had ever seen before told me I was conservative because I hadn’t been properly breast fed.
Afterwards, my liberal friends (campus newspaper staff) thought it was just as crazy as I did.
When I told my mother, she said she had tried to nurse me but hadn’t done well and had had to stop.
I hate it when that happens.

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