Acts 17 – A Passage Used by Three of My Belief Systematics

vv26-27 are used by Molinism with regard to God (via Middle Knowledge) setting up the optimal conditions of the universe that would lead to the maximal number of people who freely accept Christ; and is also used for the related concept of Transworld Damnation, whereby those who are unsaved in the actual world would have freely rejected the Gospel no matter what time and place they could have lived in. and

v4 is used by Provisionism to show that persuasion is part of evangelizing (rather than a mysterious, irresistible working of God); and v27 is used to show that God wants everyone to seek and even find Him. and

vv26-31 are part of the Divine Council Worldview (DCW) popularized by Dr Michael Heiser, specifically how the nations are allotted to spiritual rulers – a view shared by both Jews (Deuteronomy 32:8, Psalm 82) and Greeks (Plato’s Critias). See the section from 20:40 of my video for this particular focus.

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