Those Who Have Joined the Great Cloud of Witnesses

Nabeel Qureshi, R.C. Sproul, Billy Graham, Norman Geisler, Larry Hurtado, Steve Hays of Triablogue, Ravi Zacharias, and now J.I. Packer. Many

God may have called them home because they had accomplished His purposes for them in this life:

For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep and was laid with his fathers – Acts 13:36

But, it could also be because God wants to spare them from bad things to come, and hence granted them the Bible’s Merdeka ’57:

The righteous man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; devout men are taken away, while no one understands. For the righteous man is taken away from calamity; he enters into peace; they rest in their beds who walk in their uprightness. – Isaiah 57:1-2

That leaves us with the question: What terrible sights are we going to witness that they were spared from witnessing firthand?

2 Responses to “Those Who Have Joined the Great Cloud of Witnesses”

  1. br.d Says:

    On the question of what percentage of babies who die go to heaven according to John Calvin – the answer would have to unequivocally be no.

    John Calvin’s view of god is that he specifically designs each and every human being for a very specific purpose.

    And Calvin’s god specifically designs the vast majority of human beings – for eternal torment in the lake of fire -quote “for his good pleasure”.

    So in TRUE Calvinism – (not the white-washed Calvinism most Calvinists today present) the vast majority of babies born (whether they die as infants or not) are specifically designed for eternal torment in the lake of fire – as part of those who service his -quote “good pleasure”.

  2. Scotttcast Says:

    Indeed, as the last quote on my post states specifically:

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