Examine the following three premises. Only any two of them can be simultaneously true at the same time. Trying to accept all three at the same time results in a contradiction. So as a Bibe believing Christian, which of the three premises do YOU reject?

A) God is sovereign over creaturely will, including making some rebel.
B) God has prepared eternal punishment for creatures who rebel.
C) God is good and just.

Again, here are another three premises where only any two of them can be simultaneously true. Which of the three premises do YOU reject?

A) God authors sin.
B) God is not evil.
C) Sin is evil.

Most of us would reject premise A) in both cases as a clear contradiction of a plain reading of the Bible. But because of the interpretative lens that Calvinists force themselves to wear, they are forced to affirm A) and would sooner reject C) in both cases.

NB: I am not being facetious.

“You just don’t understand Calvinism”? Well attached is a screenshot from John Calvin’s writings, where he states clearly on the first case his belief that God controls every decision people make – which would include rebelling.


And a link to various Calvinists on the subject: https://atheologyintension.com/2013/03/21/2376/?fbclid=IwAR3SABn8519-azX2vd4yr-zpVqO1nhnXQk-4mGImuofHOKKnWYf4haoWpiM

Here is John Piper trying very, very hard not to come to the conclusion of C) on the first case. You can almost feel his agony at the horrifying thought that his idea of God has a terrible and terrifying aspect. https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/where-did-satans-first-desire-for-evil-come-from

Here is a Calvinist responding to William Lane Craig on the second case, whereby he uses the (commendably creative, actually) method of arguing that God is exempt from C) because ‘God never commanded God not to cause people to sin’. I kid you not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://www.godcontention.org/christian/william-lane-craig-and-divine-determinism

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