For non determinists, the reason for the ‘forced weighty decision’ is simple and also not arbitrary. God sovereignly chose to give each of us libertarian free will to accept or reject Him.

Further to this, one reason that might be given j
is that some must be damned to show God’s justice.

But wouldn’t even ONE SINGLE DAMNED SINNER be enough to serve as an example and object lesson? Why Reprobate billions of souls? This seems like another abitrary decision.

I agree that on the Reformed perspective God has decisions for electing those he elects and reprobating those he reprobates. I also recognize that some Calvinists view the identity of those God elects and reprobates to be a forced weighty arbitrary decision. On their view God has to damn some, and so he does so. However, I’d want to know more about why, on their Reformed view, the decision is a forced one and thus why God can’t save everyone.

But if a Reformed person claims that God could have saved everyone in the divine sovereign freedom but chose not to, then it seems we are left with a decision which is unforced and arbitrary but which is definitely not trivial since it involves eternal damnation. Do these folk accept election as an unforced weighty arbitrary decision? If so, do they care to mount a defense of the view that such decisions are acceptable? We cringe in horror at the man who could have saved his two year old and his infant but opted only to save one: unforced, weighty and arbitrary. So unless the Calvinist believes God’s electing decision is in fact forced it would seem they have a similar dilemma.


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