In this discussion, Michael Brown and Leighton Flowers share the stage to address common prooftexts used by Calvinism (start onwards). Flowers then follows with a rundown of what TULIP teaches (46:40 onwards), Brown next shares his testimony of five years in Calvinism and what made him leave it (1:33:30 onwards), and finally both of them take questions from the audience (2:23:00 onwards).

A point I would like to note is that Michael Brown here espouses the same veiw as Leighton Flowers – that the Gospel is God’s sufficient means to save those who hear and accept it (no Irresistible Grace needed). Both peruse many of the same arguments, critiques and analogies when addressing Calvinism (here and elsewhere).

Yet the latter is often excoriated by James White, but not the former. Instead, James White views Michael Brown as a close friend. In fact, the video is hosted on Michael Brown’s channel, and he is the one who insinuates that Calvinism is a sacred cow during the Q&A (2:45:00 onwards) while Flowers takes pains not to cause offense.


Reference timestamps: 1:46:58, 1:47:57, 1:54:55, 2:00:27, 2:45:10

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