Braxton & Tim mentioned the Libet Experiment during their discussion of determinism:

The Wikipedia entry under Benjamin Libet describes the result of his experiment as ‘apparently conscious decisions to act were preceded by an unconscious buildup of electrical activity within the brain’ and ‘As of 2008, the upcoming outcome of a decision could be found in study of the brain activity in the prefrontal and parietal cortex up to 7 seconds before the subject was aware of their decision.’

The argument is thus made that this shows free will is illusory – we aren’t even aware of our ‘decision’ until after the ‘choice’ is already made.

However, if naturalism is not true and we do have souls, then this phenomena is easily explained.

The brain is an organic interface between the immaterial soul and the material body. When the soul makes a free, volitional decision it stimulates the brain in various areas – say, the conscious awareness section and prefrontal & parietal cortex.

Hence, just because the conscious awareness section seems to activate AFTER there is a buildup of electrical activity, does not neccesarily entail that the former is caused by the latter. Correlation does not imply causation. Neither should it be presumed that both are triggered by a purely physical, naturalistic driver originating elsewhere in the brain.

Rather, the non-naturalist can propose that both are the material brain’s reactions to being triggered by the volition of an immaterial soul.

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