The first image is a passage from Plato’s Critias detailing the belief of the Greeks about each nation having gods assigned to them – take note of the repetition of ‘allotment’.

Images two & three are from the Old Testament – again, note the usage of ‘allotted’.

In the fourth image, Paul at Mars Hill cites the Greeks’ own worldview to them (as is his common tactic) – and once, more, note the term ‘allotted’. It’s not just the Greek worldview – as the OT passages show, it’s also the Jewish worldview. The various nations each have their own pantheon of ‘gods’ by allotment, and this is determined by the Most High – the one true God that Israel knows as YHWH.

However Paul doesn’t just leave it at that – again as is his favoured tactic, he updates the Greeks on the state of things by proclaiming that the same Most High who set up the system has also decreed its replacement. Now all nations must turn from their petty gods to the one that the Most High has appointed to inherit all authority in heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18).

And as the fifth image shows, that appointed one is God the Most High, Himself… Jesus Immanuel, God With Us. The allotted gods stand judged, and God arises to inherit the earth.

NB: Taken from various sections of this video but mainly 20:40 onwards:

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