At around 1:14:17 onwards, Tim Stratton explains that he describes himself as a Compatibilistic Libertarian (as opposed to a Compatibilistic Determinist):

So I parse the difference as follows:

1) Compatibilism operates on the same fundamental basis as Libertarian Free Will in that desires influence our choices.

2) The difference between Compatibilistic Determinism and Compatibilistic Libertarianism is that there is only one real outcome in the former (flowing from the greatest desire), while in the latter there are several possible real options each consistent with the agent’s nature.

3) Hence, while under Compatibilistic Determinism the agent is nominally the one who makes the choice, in practice there is no real choice. Humans are as bound by automated instinct and response to environmental stimuli as nonsentient animals. Naturalistic Materialism might as well be true as far as decisions are concerned since our immaterial souls play no role in agency sourcehood.

NB: This summary has been fisked by Evan Minton and found to be passable.

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