Logical Fallacies Used by Calvinists


Meaning: Taking one or a few examples, and extending them to many or all cases.

Example: Taking the example of God hardening Pharaoh’s heart (Exo 14:4), or God turning the heart of the king (Prov 21:1), and using it to generalize that this happens ALL THE TIME to EVERY PERSON, ergo Exhaustive Divine Determinism.



Meaning: Taking a statement that includes (e.g. Sally likes cake) and wrongly using it to exclude (e.g. Therefore, Sally hates pie).

Example: Jesus lays His lie down for His sheep (John 10:15), therefore Jesus lays His life down for ONLY His sheep (nobody else, hence, Limited Atonement. For a ridiculously extreme example using this same logical fallacy that Calvinists reject, Jesus died for ONLY Paul (Gal 2:20)!



Meaning: Using a word/phrase in one meaning, then using the same word but now with a different meaning.

Example: One meaning of ‘work’ is ‘any sort of action’. A second meaning of work is ‘salvation by your own merit’ which is what Paul uses (Eph 2:9). By conflating these two different usages of the word ‘work’, Calvinists argue that accepting salvation (an action, hence Work Meaning 1) = boasting that you can save yourself (soteriological, hence Work Meaning 2).

Another example, on sovereignty using an attempted meme by a Calvinist.



Meaning: Coming to a conclusion that doesn’t actually flow from the premise.

Example: People are slaves to sin and cannot be freed from sin through their own ability, THEREFORE people cannot even rely on and accept God’s gracious offer to set them free. (????)

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