If God fine tuned the initial conditions of the universe perfectly in order to support intelligent life, then God necessarily had knowledge of what every possible combination of the values of those factors would result in – even ones that God never actually selected to realize.


03:05 This also entails that god would possess perfect counter factual knowledge not grounded in anything that actually exists or has existed or even that will exist.

05:40 If you believe that this universe by all accounts is finely tuned for life, God either knew that and then knew where not to turn the cosmological constants a hairsbreadth, because who knows what would happen? Either God knows what would happen or God’s not omniscient. And there’s nothing to ground those universes because they’re possible worlds but they’re not actual worlds, so they don’t exist. He knows what would have happened because, given a world, you’re given a sequence of contingent events that follow.


53:40 So here’s a here’s a syllogism. Five steps.

Premise one: If the Grounding Objection passes then God does not possess knowledge of counterfactuals of creaturely freedom (CCFs) logically prior to His creative decree and Molinism is false.

Two: If God does not possess knowledge of CCFs logically prior to His creative decree, then either Exhaustive Divine Determinism is true or Open Theism is true.

Three: If Exhaustive Divine Determinism is true then one is not free to engage in the process of rationality to infer and affirm the best explanation. Rationally affirmed knowledge is impossible.

Therefore / Four: If one affirms that one has rationally inferred that Exhaustive Divine Determinism is the best explanation or that is probably true and they believe that the Grounding Objection passes, then Exhaustive Divine Determinism is false.

Five: Therefore, if one thinks the Grounding Objection passes and shows that Molinism is false, then Open Theism is the only live option left to rationally affirm.

55:00 I just want to say that all the Calvinists out there who are appealing to the Grounding Objection in order to keep your Calvinism, that’s going to blow up in your face. And now you’re going to have to affirm Open Theism, or affirm that you’re irrational, you have no rational basis to believe what you believe.

56:20 Here’s my a simple equation: Theism + The Grounding Objection + Rationality = Open Theism. Since I don’t think Open Theism’s true, I’ve got to either reject Theism, the Grounding objection or rationality. Well guess what, of those three I’m going to affirm Theism and Rationality. You’ve got to!


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