So I’ve been mulling this over about purely Presuppositional Apologetics…

The Bible is the only source and authority right? Argue only from the Bible. Don’t lessen God’s glory with things like logic and evidence. Dont’t appeal to things other than the Bible or else “It’s that source, not the Bible, that is your final authority” (the meme image attached, which sparked this post).

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'If you have to prove the Bible's validity by appealing to a source outside the Bible... ...then it's that source, not the Bible, that is your final authority. Meme by Chris Perone'

But that begs the question, WHICH Bible? KJV, ESV? Their contents are different.

Or extend it to The Message, or The Passion Translation, or even the New World Translation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. What if I’m Roman Catholic and consider the Apocrypha inspired? What about Gnostic and Pseudogryphal works? The Book of Mormon?

Oh, I can’t use those versions or books? Why not? Please argue your case using only the Bible. (WHICH Bible? Containing WHICH books?)

How do we know what the words in the Bible even mean? I had to learn English first, the Bible doesn’t teach me that. How do we know what English words to translate out of the Hebrew and Greek? Are we allowed to refer to contemporary extra-Biblical Greek texts to try and understand a hapax legomenon?

Go back to the original languages? Well the New Testament often cites Old Testament passages from the Septuagint instead of the Masoretic Text – which of those are ‘The Bible’ that we are allowed to have as our final authority?

It seems to me that a whole lot of ‘Source of authority other than the Bible’ underlies the Bible – or else it’s merely a pure presupposition about the Bible they use.

4 Responses to “PRESUP & BIBLE VERSIONS”

  1. br.d Says:

    Yes – and the primary Obfuscated presupposition in Calvinism – is that the Calvinist interpretation of scripture is canon.

    Before he even reaches to open the book – he already has a canon by which he is going to measure scripture. He has made his mind canon.

    So the canon of scripture – then becomes a “lesser” canon – which must be held in submission the “greater” canon – which is his mind.

    That is why the Calvinist will always POSTURE
    By POSTURING himself as on the side of scripture – while POSTURING everyone who disagrees as not.

    That POSTURING is his strategy for obfuscating the fact that he has made himself canon — and lowered scripture to a “lesser” canon in the process.

    Calvinism’s strong suit is not logic. It is the manipulation of language. And when it comes to the manipulation of the language of scripture – Calvinism represents a principality and power.


  2. Jim Says:

    An important question for validating any theology is “Does this work in the real world?”

    Apply it to the world that God made, and sum yourself “Does this work?”

    If it doesn’t, it’s probably bad theology.

    We can know things about God from his creation, so this is fair game.

  3. Jim Says:

    *ask not sum

  4. br.d Says:

    Well said Jim!

    God is not logically incoherent – and anytime man’s theology leads him into an incoherent belief system – the first question he should ask himself is how did he get there.

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