(Snazzy moniker suggestions for this idea welcome!)

If God knows all possibilities including & especially those involving the free decisions of agents…

Is it possible that God could know how a particular agent would respond IF consulted and asked their opinions, preferences and choices about their entire existence as a whole?

As well as extrapolate to how EVERY agent would respond if the opinions, preferences and choices of every other agent is taken into account as well… Criss-crossing and overlapping and interacting in a nigh-infinite web of feedback loops?

And thereby, factoring in the free will responses, opinions, preferences and choices of every agent God will ever create… To make the ultimate decision of the creative decree… Just because God CAN and WANTS to?

If so, this would resolve the dilemma raised for our freedom if God knows (and chooses, under Molinism) the future. God could factor in the choices and greater good of everyone when actualizing the world.

The paths are all laid out and God knows what steps each of us will take in advance… But God ‘asked’ all of us for our input in the matter.And I even have Bible passages as a basis for this concept: In Genesis 1 & 2, God shows His preferences and wants. He gives dominion over His creation that He rightly rules (earth and animals) to humanity, and allows Adam to name the animals God rightly owns (naming = ownership in Ancient thought).

God is fully self sufficient and the ultimate sovereign over everything. But He genuinely wants to care about OUR wants and cares.

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